Michael McIntyre is one of the biggest and most popular comedians on the planet and is well known for his observational and lighthearted comedy style. Find out our picks for the funny man's best jokes and funniest moments.

Last Updated: 20/02/23 at 10 am

Michael McIntyre is one of the UK's most beloved comedians, known for his witty observations on everyday life and family dynamics.

McIntyre's mainstream breakthrough came with his 2008 'Live and Laughing' tour of the UK, where his high-energy delivery and relatable material won over audiences.

Since then, McIntyre has become a household name in the UK, selling out arenas and releasing several comedy specials on DVD and streaming platforms.

He has won numerous awards, including the British Comedy Award for Best Live Stand-up in 2009 and the National Television Award for Best Entertainment Programme in 2011.

McIntyre's comedy style is based on his ability to find humour in the mundane, often drawing on his own experiences as a father and husband. His animated delivery and physicality on stage add to the entertainment value, as he acts out his jokes with exaggerated expressions and movements.

Keep reading to find out our picks for his best jokes and funniest moments, as well as how you can secure VIP tickets to his upcoming 2023 shows.

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Moving To The Countryside

Michael McIntyre hilariously recounts his experience of moving his family from the hustle and bustle of London to a quiet village in the countryside.

McIntyre humorously details the unexpected challenges that come with rural living, from the lack of streetlights to the strange and amusing animal sounds.

Through his trademark observational humour, McIntyre highlights the stark contrast between life in the city and life in the countryside. He pokes fun at the quirks of rural living, such as the village fete and the local pub.

This hilarious account of one man's journey from the city to the countryside, and the unexpected adventures that came along with it had the audience in stitches at the Royal Variety.

The Dentist Story

Michael McIntyre's ‘Dentist Story’ is a classic joke featured in his stand-up comedy routine that never fails to bring audiences to tears of laughter. In the routine, McIntyre describes his fear and dread of going to the dentist - a relatable experience for many people.

With his wit and physical humour, McIntyre hilariously details his experience of sitting in the dentist's chair, from the discomfort of the bib to the terror of the drill. He exaggerates his reactions and facial expressions to the absurdity of the situation, making it impossible not to laugh.

The story is a prime example of his ability to take everyday experiences and turn them into comedy gold. His observations on the quirks and anxieties of everyday life resonate with audiences of all ages.

How To Tell The Time In Scotland

Michael McIntyre's ‘How to tell the time in Scotland’ joke has become a fan favourite. In the joke, McIntyre humorously explains the unique Scottish accent and how it can affect one's ability to tell time.

With his animated facial expressions and spot-on impressions of Scottish accents, McIntyre takes the audience on a side-splitting journey of how to tell the time in Scotland.

He exaggerates the Scottish accent to great comedic effect, making it seem like an entirely different language, and the joke is another prime example of his ability to take a simple observation and turn it into a comedy masterpiece.

Leaving The House

Michael McIntyre’s monologue about trying to leave the house humorously recounts the challenges of getting out of the house in the morning when you have young kids.

Through his witty anecdotes, McIntyre highlights the struggles and quirks of parenting, from the constant negotiation with children to the seemingly never-ending list of tasks to be completed, including packing snacks and drinks and finding missing shoes and coats.

He captures the chaos and comedy of family life with sharp wit and infectious energy, making audiences laugh and nod their heads in agreement.

The Master Switch

Michael McIntyre's ‘The Master Switch’ is a hilarious account of his experience in a foreign hotel room trying to figure out which switch controls which lights.

His observational comedy style perfectly captures the everyday frustrations of trying to navigate this everyday situation, making the material relatable and enjoyable for audiences worldwide.

With his over-exaggerated and enthusiastic movement and impressions, McIntyre hilariously details the confusion and irritation of attempting to locate the elusive ‘master switch’ in a hotel room.

His vivid storytelling and impeccable timing bring the situation to life and leave audiences in stitches.

My Name Is Five Spice!

In his ‘My Name Is Five Spice’ anecdote, McIntyre delivers his hilarious take on the everyday task of seasoning your food.

McIntyre takes on the mundane yet relatable experience of seasoning your meal with salt and pepper and turns it into a side-splitting comedy routine.

McIntyre flamboyantly imitates the different spices in the average person's kitchen that never get used, using a range of different accents and demeanours he jokes about how many spices don't get used in people's kitchens.

The classic bit from McIntyre's ‘Hello Wembley’ stand-up routine is beloved by fans for its simple yet hilariously effective comedic style.

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