From rugby hospitality packages to football hospitality tickets, we explain everything you need to know about premium access to live sports events.

Last updated: 26/06/23 at 16:35pm

Are you feeling overwhelmed about buying sports hospitality for the first time? The lack of clarity surrounding package inclusions, stadium accessibility, and pricing can make it quite a daunting task.

We understand that before making a purchase, fans want the assurance of an unforgettable matchday experience – and for all the right reasons.

That's where our reliable guide comes in. It's here to provide you with all the essential information about sports hospitality, ensuring that you make the perfect choice and elevate your event experience

So, let's dive in and make sure you select the ideal package for you.

What is sports hospitality?

Sports hospitality brings people together in a luxury setting, to witness the biggest events and matches of the season.

Gone are the days when premium matchday experiences were solely reserved for corporates. Today, sports hospitality opens its doors wide to friends and family, ready to create cherished memories and celebrate special occasions with a touch of VIP magic.

Whether you're commemorating a milestone or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, this is your opportunity to cheer on your favourite team in style.

Prepare to be immersed in a luxurious setting that brings people together to witness the most thrilling events and matches of the season.

In addition to access to premium suites and lounges, hospitality guests are treated to exceptional perks such as fine dining experiences, complimentary drinks and refreshments, match day programs, meet and greets with sports legends, and much more.

Are sports hospitality tickets worth it?

You might wonder if sports hospitality tickets are worth the investment. The answer depends on your preferences and budget.

Sports hospitality packages offer a range of benefits and perks that enhance your overall matchday experience. These can include access to suites and lounges, premium seating, fine dining experiences, complimentary drinks and refreshments, meet and greets with sports legends, and more.

If you value luxury, comfort, and the opportunity to enjoy a VIP experience while watching your favourite team in action, then sports hospitality tickets can be worth it. It allows you to indulge in an elevated atmosphere, enjoy luxury amenities, and create unforgettable memories.

Ultimately, the decision of whether sports hospitality tickets are worth it depends on your personal preferences, the significance of the event, and your willingness to invest in a premium matchday experience.

How much are sports hospitality packages?

Most clubs and venues have different lounges and suites to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Hospitality packages at lower-end price points usually provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with premium seats, a limited number of complimentary drinks and freshly cooked food.

These packages are perfect for family and friends to enjoy a VIP boost to their day and typically range from £99-£360 pp.

High-end hospitality packages come with additional luxury benefits such as padded match day seats, complimentary drinks including champagne, 3-5-course fine dining, views into the players tunnel, meet and greets, and much more.

These packages are ideal for entertaining clients, or for those looking to splash out on a momentous occasion. High-end packages generally range from £360-£1,000 per person +VAT.

At Seat Unique, you can view hospitality packages side-by-side for simple comparisons between available options.

Finding Child-Friendly Hospitality Suites

Man City Family Day CFA Academy
Image: Man City Family Day CFA Academy

There are many child-friendly hospitality suites out there that are guaranteed to please the whole family.

We advise checking with the venue directly to find out whether children are allowed into the suite you are looking at to avoid disappointment.

For example, The Mancunian at Man City is known to be family-friendly, organising special seasonal events such as Easter egg hunts to keep the young ones entertained on match days.

However, it's recommended that you double-check with the venue to ensure they have the appropriate facilities to accommodate your family.

If you are seeking inspiration, check out our top 3 recommendations for child-friendly hospitality suites in the UK!

Dress Code for Sports Hospitality

Close-up watch and suit
Image: Suit and watch (photo by Ruthson Zimmerman)

Popular misconceptions about hospitality will have you believe that the code for stadium suites and lounges is extremely strict and smart.

While high-end corporate hospitality packages often require suits, more relaxed suites ask guests to follow a laid-back, smart casual dress code.
You can decide which vibe you would rather go for, and explore hospitality options based on this. Do remember that it is best to check the hospitality dress code with the venue beforehand to be sure.

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