Struggling to know what to wear to a VIP football experience? Unsure of the rugby hospitality dress code? Our trusty guide outlines dress code dos and don'ts, so you can avoid any fashion faux pas.

Last Updated: 09/01/23 at 11:29

No one enjoys a last-minute wardrobe panic before a big event. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to give you a heads up on what you’ll be expected to wear when attending a sports hospitality event.

So keep reading to find out our advice and ensure that you avoid any embarrassing wardrobe mishaps.

Formal or informal?

Close up men's watch and suit
Image: Suit and watch, (photo by Ruthson Zimmerman)

At venues, the dress code can often change depending on the hospitality suite and its level of formality.

Most venues will inform you on what to wear online, or in any documents you have received regarding the package. If the suite has a strict dress code, for example, jacket and tie, the venue is likely to make it obvious to bookers.

When is it acceptable to dress smart casual?

Close-up Chelsea FC shirt and badge
Image: Chelsea FC shirt

What do you do when there is no sign or information on dress code? Our advice would be to opt for a smart casual outfit.

This means no replica tops, trainers or ripped jeans. A simple smart button-down or polo shirt and chinos or jeans combo for men is perfect. Jeans, smart trousers, a mid-length dress or skirt and a smart blouse are ideal options for women - and don’t forget a warm coat for the winter months.

Don't assume leniency on the dress code

'Stop' road sign
Image: Stop sign (photo by Will Porada)

We don't recommend relying on leniency from the venue staff. This is a dangerous ploy, as Lewis Hamilton famously - and rather embarrassingly - found out at Wimbledon a few years ago.

Staff are permitted to turn you away if you do not fit the dress code and we wouldn't want you to miss out on attending your upcoming event. If there is a dress code, be sure to abide by it to avoid disappointment!

Reflect the style of the event

Guests enjoying Parade Ring hospitality at York Racecourse
Image: Guests enjoying Parade Ring hospitality at York Racecourse

If you are attending the horse racing it is more than likely that you will choose to dress differently than if you were attending a football fixture.

Some events, notably Wimbledon and Royal Ascot's Ladies Day, have a greater focus on fashion and dress codes than others, and you will want to reflect this.

For more fashion-focused events, we recommend dressing to impress, and why not check out what people have worn in previous years and take inspiration in creating your outfit?

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