Last year, the Conor Benn vs. Chris Eubank Jr fight was cancelled due to Benn's failed doping tests. Both boxers have since returned to the ring, with Eubank Jr winning his rematch against Liam Smith. Now, they may finally face each other. Here's everything you need to know.

Boxing fans have been eagerly anticipating the highly-anticipated 'Born Rivals' showdown between Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn. Originally scheduled for 8th October 2022 at The O2 Arena in London, the fight hit a roadblock when Benn failed a doping test. However, there may still be a glimmer of hope for this epic match-up.

What makes this fight so special? It's not just about two skilled fighters going head-to-head. Eubank Jr and Benn have a lot riding on this bout as they follow in the footsteps of their boxing legend fathers, Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn. Needless to say, the excitement surrounding this potential rematch is palpable.

Eubank Jr impressed fans with his recent victory against Liam Smith, showcasing his skills in the ring. Meanwhile, Benn is close to being cleared to return to action in the UK.

With these latest updates, rumours are swirling that we may finally see this long-awaited fight in the near future.

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When is Benn vs Eubank?

Last month, Eddie Hearn confirmed a deal for Benn and Eubank Jr to fight in the Middle East in December 2023, according to Mail Sport. This is a contingency plan in case Benn is denied permission to fight in Britain. The outcome of the appeal against the National Anti-Doping Panel's decision in July will determine Benn's future.

BBC Sport revealed that British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua could feature on the bill if the fight goes ahead this December, with a proposed fight against American heavyweight Deontay Wilder which is not yet confirmed.

Hearn said: "We also have a rather large heavyweight called Anthony Joshua who's saying: 'Look, if I'm not fighting Deontay Wilder in January, I would quite like to fight in December as well.' So we're trying to work it all out but quite frankly I think it's very unlikely that we don't have a show on 23 December."

"Is it going to feature all of them, is it going to feature one of them? I don't know, but there's a huge desire from both camps of Benn/Eubank to make that fight for 23 December."

However, in more recent developments, Hearn stated in an interview with Boxing News that the fight could happen on 27th January or 3rd February 2024 with UK locations in mind.

Where could the fight take place?

Hearn has previously stated that Cardiff's Principality Stadium is his preferred location for the fight. He told Boxing News that Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London is also in the running.

"If it's Jan 27th it will be the Millenium Stadium [Principality Stadium]. If it's February 3rd it could be Spurs but they're the two dates that are in play." Hearn went on to say that the fight could be announced "as soon as next week."

With less than 4 weeks remaining until December 2023, Hearn will have to adapt to ensure the match proceeds smoothly without opposition from the Board. If Hearn's hopes are overruled, it's likely that the contest will take place in Abu Dhabi.

What weight is Benn vs Eubank Jr?

The Mirror reports that the original match between Benn and Eubank Jr was set at a catchweight of 157lb. Eubank Jr faced difficulties in meeting this weight requirement but successfully did so even though the fight was cancelled.

Both fighters have now verbally agreed to compete at 160lb, placing the bout in a weight class two divisions above Benn's usual category.

Benn v Eubank Jr undercard: what was the complete list of fights for the postponed matchup?

Had the fight taken place last year, fans would have been treated to a lineup of captivating matches on the undercard of the main event.

  • Chris Eubank Jr vs. Conor Benn (catchweight)
  • Mary Romero vs. Ellie Scotney (junior featherweight)
  • Galal Yafai vs. Gohan Rodriguez (flyweight)
  • Harlem Eubank vs. David Martin (junior welterweights)
  • Lyndon Arthur vs. TBA (light heavyweight)
  • Felix Cash vs. Connor Coyle (middleweight)
  • Matty Harris vs. Chris Healey (heavyweight)
  • Shannon Courtenay vs. Gemma Ruegg (bantamweight)
  • Chloe Watson vs. Nancy Franco (flyweight)


Without a confirmed date or location for the rescheduled Benn vs Eubank Jr fight, information on a new undercard is not available.

Who is favourite to win the Benn v Eubank Jr fight?

The current odds on Sky Bet reveal an electrifying showdown, with Eubank Jr emerging as the favoured contender at 4/5. A draw stands at 14/1 and Benn enters the ring with odds of 1/1.

Benn vs Eubank Jr purse: how much is the prize money?

According to a report from Sporting News, it was revealed that both Eubank Jr. and Benn had the potential to earn approximately £3.5 million for their 2022 fight. These earnings, however, didn't include any pay-per-view bonuses.

Interestingly, there was a financial incentive for both fighters to adhere to the catchweight requirement. For every pound they exceed the specified weight limit, they could have faced a hefty fine of around $80,000.

The prize money for the rescheduled fight and not yet been confirmed

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