Micky Flanagan is one of Britain’s most popular comedians. His announcement of new tour dates has excited fans nationwide, so to celebrate, we bring you Micky Flanagan’s best jokes and funny moments from across his career.

With headline sets on ‘Live At The Apollo’ and record-setting tours of his own, Micky Flanagan’s brand of comedy has always appealed to the British audience and has sent him to the top of the industry in the UK.

News of the cockney comedian's brand new tour dates for 2024 has once again caused a stir in all the best ways across the nation as fans excitedly look forward to the full list of dates and venues.

In honour of the success of Flanagan’s current tour, we look at his career and pick out five of his best jokes and funny moments for you to enjoy!

The following contains videos that will feature heavy explicit language and crude themes.

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Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow

We have to start with the joke that booted Flanagan into the spotlight - ‘Going “Out Out”’

The joke that essentially brought him to the forefront of the British comedy scene came in 2009 during his set on the show ‘Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow’, hosted by fellow British comedy legend Michael McIntyre.

He may not have been the headlining act that night but he certainly stole the show with his side-splitting seven-and-a-half minute set that included the now iconic ‘Going “Out Out”’ joke.

What makes Micky Flanagan so funny is his relatable humour. He blends personal anecdotes with twists and a humorous take on situations that the average member of the public would also have experienced at some point in their lives.

‘Going “Out Out”’ seemed to resonate more than any other joke, however, as the aftermath of it propelled Flanagan to the forefront of the British comedy scene.

He was unknown beforehand, as he had headlined small comedy shows and festivals and was nominated for various awards, such as Best Newcomer at the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Awards. But the joke certainly propelled him into the career that he has now.

Live At The Apollo

After making various appearances on other TV shows such as ‘Mock The Week’ and during the ‘Royal Variety Performance’ throughout 2010, Flanagan received another big opportunity to showcase his talent when he was given a spot on the popular show ‘Live at the Apollo’.

His 10-minute set was another strong performance from the London local. He entertained the audience from the get-go, showing off his ‘cockney walk’ - being a cockney himself, this warm-up joke already had the crowd hooked and ready for what was to come.

The set was made up of his usual funny anecdotes, speaking about how he was an ‘International Lover in the 1980s’ and raising his son on Thomas the Tank Engine, which is infinitely much funnier than that quick explanation.

Better yet, in the next series, he was back again, this time as the host of the show. This meant that he would warm up the crowd at the start, and then between every act, he would come back out and have a quick five minutes to entertain the audience once more.

That is where his famous ‘Delhi Belly’ joke came from. Speaking on his time in India the year prior, he had the crowd in stitches when he brilliantly retold his experience of suffering the well-known traveller's illness.

Live: The Out Out Tour

Now a popular name on the British comedy circuit, it was time for Micky Flanagan to go out on tour. His first live tour was ‘The Out Out Tour’, the perfect name for his first tour.

The tour took him across the country, and while some of his set was quite specific to the area of London and its certain quirks, cities up and down the nation were lapping it up at every joke.

During his set, of course, he had to call back to his iconic joke, the namesake of the tour, this time expanding upon it, evolving it so that while the audience knew where the joke was going, it was the journey to get there that made it so brilliant.

He called back to experiencing horrendous illness while abroad, this time speaking about his frequent holidays in Spain, and related to his audience once again by describing the typical lead-up and subsequent night out between a couple.

The standout joke we’ve chosen is the peeping joke, all about the common interactions with neighbours, the standard practice when you see them out in the street, and the careful technique of peeping from behind the curtain.

Back In The Game Live

Soon after his first tour, Flanagan was on the road again, this time with his second tour ‘Back In The Game’.

This tour spawned many funny clips that have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views on YouTube, with timeless jokes that still hold up to this day.

From speaking about life with the wife and what women want, to being miserable at 50 and going to the doctors, so much of his set revolved around his life experiences, which were made hilarious by how relatable they are to everybody’s lives.

The tour spoke to people in a way that he had always done before, but was now in full effect, with the comedian executing each joke with perfection.

An’ Another Fing Live

After a short break, taking 2015 off due to pressure and needing time to process, Micky Flanagan returned for what is still to date his latest tour (that will change later in 2023).

The ‘An Another Fing’ tour was a comedic and commercial success, playing to over 600,000 people across the UK and Ireland, breaking box office records up and down the country. It was the biggest comedy event of 2017.

The set that ended up on DVD was from one of his 11 sold-out shows at the London O2 Arena. To put that in perspective, the O2 Arena has a capacity of 20,000. He had people in every seat for 11 shows, amounting to 220,000 people alone at that one venue.

And despite taking some time away, Flanagan was in fine form, bringing new material that had the audience in the palm of his hands from the very first line.

Our pick for his best joke was when he spoke about his experience being on the ‘Graham Norton Show’. Starting by talking about being a celebrity now, he went on to talk about what it was like being on the show - but of course, doing so in his typical hilarious fashion.

How to secure your seat at Micky Flanagan tour dates in 2024

Micky Flanagan has announced the extension to his hugely successful tour titled ‘If We Ever Need It'. Already proving to be just as popular as the first leg of the tour in 2023,  fans have been eagerly awaiting his return since last year’s dates sold out.

The dates and venues for the tour have been announced and they are as such:

  • The Marlowe, Canterbury, Friday 19th April 2024
  • The Hexagon, Reading, Friday 26th April 2024
  • O2 City Hall, Newcastle, Thursday 2nd May 2024
  • Regent Theatre, Ipswich, Thursday 16th May 2024
  • New Theatre, Oxford, Friday 24th May 2024
  • New Theatre, Oxford, Saturday 25th May 2024
  • Pavilions, Plymouth, Friday 31st May 2024
  • Pavilions, Plymouth, Saturday 1st June 2024

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