Want to attend the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament next summer? There are a few different ways to get your hands on Wimbledon tickets. In this guide, we serve up the pros and cons of each to help you secure your seat!

Last Updated: 13/01/23 at 12:25 pm

London annually plays host to some of the world’s greatest sporting events, with the city boasting Twickenham and Lord’s - venues that are synonymous with football, rugby and cricket.

However, many would argue that Centre Court at Wimbledon is the capital’s most prestigious arena, and tennis fans from around the world flock to SW19 every year, hoping to get grand slam tickets to watch the likes of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

A key fortnight in the sporting calendar, the tournament provides endless on-court drama while presenting a quintessentially British experience, as spectators enjoy jugs of Pimm’s, glasses of Prosecco, and mounds of strawberries and cream.

While you may want to take a seat on Centre Court, not everyone knows how to get tickets for Wimbledon. In fact, the process can often appear complicated, so Seat Unique outlines the pros and cons of the top four ways to ensure you find yourself a seat at the world’s greatest and oldest tennis tournament.

Buy Wimbledon debenture tickets through Seat Unique

Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon tickets that can legally be resold and instantly purchased online.

As well as providing fans with an unparalleled watching experience from the middle tiers of Centre Court and Court No. 1, debentures also enable access to the premium restaurants that the famous tennis club has to offer.

Wimbledon tennis match
Image: Wimbledon tennis

In other words, if you want a guaranteed luxury day out at The Home of Tennis, then you will want to buy your Wimbledon tickets through Seat Unique where we offer safe and secure debenture resale.

Pros: A guaranteed premium seat in the heart of the action with access to Wimbledon's facilities.

Cons: Debentures don't include hospitality extras such as catering or beverages, but don't worry as there is the option to add this onto your ticket!

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Register for the Wimbledon ticket ballot

The most 'on-the-ball' fans can sign up to receive updates from Wimbledon for notifications when any tickets become available in the initial or later ballots.

Pros: Ballot tickets are often the cheapest Wimbledon ticket option available.

Cons: You are not guaranteed to win the ballot, and if you do, you don't get to choose which match or court you will watch from.

Get in the queue for Wimbledon tickets

Are you an early bird? Why not get yourself down to SW19 as the sun rises, and join Wimbledon’s iconic queue for on-the-day returns?

Tickets become available as some spectators find at the last minute that they cannot attend the tennis. Others may leave early, and their seats can be refilled at a knock-down price.

Wimbledon remains one of the UK’s only major sporting events where tickets can still be bought on-location on the day. But with hundreds of hopefuls waiting in the queue, and limited courtside seats available, many fans may ultimately leave empty-handed.

Pros: The Wimbledon queue is a fun and exciting experience with fans setting up camp to be in with a chance of gaining entry to the grounds.

Cons: Only a lucky few will get their hands on tickets through the Wimbledon queue, making it the most risky ticket option.

How hard is it to get Wimbledon tickets?

Wimbledon tickets are notoriously hard to come by, the easiest way to secure them is by purchasing Wimbledon debenture tickets, but they will come at a higher price than the other ways of getting tickets.

Getting ballot tickets will work out cheaper however you need to have registered before the 15th of November, and even then there is only a one in ten chance that you’ll be successful in getting a ticket.

Of course there's always the option of queueing up on the day, but the likelihood of securing tickets that way is very low.

When can I buy Wimbledon tickets for 2023?

Unfortunately for tennis fans the ticket ballot for Wimbledon 2023 was closed in mid November, so if you’re yet to apply then it's too late for you to secure your tickets using the ballot.

However there is some good news, Wimbledon debenture tickets are still available to purchase online. However, the tickets are in high demand so may be a bit more pricey.

How much are Wimbledon 2023 tickets?

Wimbledon VIP debenture tickets for all Centre Court and Court No. 1 matches are available to purchase on our website, and start from £1035 per person. Get yours now for the undisputed highlight of the tennis calendar.

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All set? (and match!)

You should now feel ready to find the packages that you want and know how to get the Wimbledon tickets that you need. Even once you have managed to buy tickets for the tennis, there are still some tough decisions to be made, though!

Strawberries and cream dessert
Image: Strawberries and cream; photo by Susanne Jutzeler, Pexels

Don’t know what to eat? Strawberries and cream (including vegan alternatives) are always a must, but if you’re still struggling to decide on what to wear at Wimbledon, we have you sorted as well.

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Written by Alex Todd, edited by Gemma Parkes and Molly Saxby.