Ever wondered which artists have had the biggest-selling concert tours ever? We take a look at the top five - and with some of them still touring now, find out how you could see them with VIP seats...

Have you ever wondered what the highest-grossing tours of all time are? Then look no further, as we’ve put together a list of the top five.

The profits from these tours were made from ticket sales and the rankings are based on reports from Pollstar and Billboard.

Many will come as no surprise, as these music juggernauts certainly know how to put on a show that fans are clamouring to see.  

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1. Taylor Swift - £810,242,530

Fans are asking ‘Is “The Eras Tour” the highest-grossing tour?’ and they’d be right - because Tay Tay is in first place. And the tour isn’t even finished yet!

Taylor has broken records by creating the first-ever tour to bring in more than $1billion in revenue (that’s £780million).

‘Eras’ has run throughout 2023 and 2024, and when it finally finishes at the end of this year it will have spanned 152 shows across the globe.

The tour comprises 40 songs over 10 acts (or, eras), and has reached critical acclaim worldwide. It has also featured support acts such as Paramore and Sabrina Carpenter.

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2. Elton John - £732,179,101

After deciding that he wanted to retire from touring to spend more time with his kids, Sir Elton John’s ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ was his last ever.

The tour consisted of a humongous 330 dates, and it ran from 2018 until 2023.

The UK portion of the tour culminated in an epic headline set at Glastonbury, which Elton told the BBC was, “No more fitting way to say goodbye to my British fans”.

The legendary singer made over £732million from the tour, which certainly isn’t to be sniffed at.

Containing classic songs such as ‘Bennie and the Jets’, ‘Crocodile Rock’ and ‘I’m Still Standing’, the tour was the highest-grossing tour of all time… until Taylor beat him to it.

Maybe he’ll come back out of retirement to reclaim the crown? We can only hope and wish.

3. Coldplay - £632,301,057

Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World Tour is number three on the list - and the tour is still going.

The tour showcases songs from the band’s ninth album, ‘Music of the Spheres’, as well as their upcoming new album ‘Moon Music’, which is due out later this year.

A feast for the eyes, the tour is everything that Coldplay fans have come to expect when it comes to the band, with a beautiful use of colour, confetti and pyrotechnics throughout.

The tour is due to finish this November, but with an October release date for ‘Moon Music’, fans will be wondering if the band are adding any more UK tour dates any time soon.

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Ed Sheeran - £605,194,368

Ed’s ​​‘÷ Tour’ (otherwise known as the ‘Divide Tour’) ran from 2017 to 2019, off the back of his third album, ‘÷’ (or, ‘Divide’).

With 260 shows and an attendance of 8.9million people, Ed smashed the record books for the highest-grossing tour and the most number of tickets sold for a tour at the time.  

Ed was supported by acts such as James Blunt and Joshua Radin on the tour.

And now the singer has announced new European dates for his ongoing stadium tour ‘Mathematics’ for 2025, reports NME.

As a result, his fans are wondering if he might add some UK dates, after he’s finished in the likes of France, Spain and Denmark. Maybe Ed can tip Taylor off her perch and become the highest-grossing concert of all time in the future?

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U2 - £481,321,325

U2’s 360° Tour took place between 2009 and 2011, on the largest stage ever constructed at the time.

The stage was circular, and allowed the audience to view the band from all directions - with a huge spaceship-like structure called ‘The Claw’ overhead, which beamed out video and sound.

With their unique stage, the band were able to fit in 25% more people into the venues they played at - and raked in over £480million, making it the highest-grossing tour at the time. Not bad!

The band, known for their philanthropic efforts, also beamed in messages from the likes of Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi during their 110 shows across the globe.

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