The Who are one of the greatest rock bands of all time and are well known for their energetic and electrifying live concerts. Find out what to expect at The Who's live show and how you can be at their upcoming performances.

British rock band The Who were formed in London in 1964 and are considered to be one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time. For more information on the illustrious history of The Who, check out our blog.

The band gained fame for their energetic live performances and hit songs such as 'My Generation', 'Baba O'Riley', and 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

Throughout their career, The Who have been known for their dynamic and high-energy live shows. Townshend is famous for his windmill-style guitar playing, and Daltrey's powerful vocals often include his signature 'mic-swinging' move.

In addition to their musical talents, The Who's live shows often include elaborate stage setups and theatrical elements. Townshend's rock operas, such as 'Tommy' and 'Quadrophenia', were often performed in their entirety during concerts.

The band has also been known to destroy their instruments at the end of shows, cementing their reputation as one of the most explosive and unpredictable live acts in rock music history.

Today, the band still performs live, now with Roger Daltrey, the voice of The Who, and Pete Townshend as the remaining original members. Fans can expect to hear classic hits, as well as some new material, and an energetic and dynamic performance.

The band continues to draw large crowds and maintain a strong fanbase, and a Who concert is considered a must-see for any rock music enthusiast.

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at what to expect at a The Who live concert, as well as how you can secure VIP tickets to all of their 2023 UK shows.

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Upcoming The Who Tour Dates and Venues

Coming off the back of their 2022/2023 ‘The Who Hits Back!’ North American and European tour, the Who have now officially announced a string of huge UK shows as part of their 2023 UK tour.

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The full list of The Who tour dates are as follows:

For all the info on The Who's upcoming 2023 tour, take a look at our blog.

The Who's History and Impact on Music

The mod culture icons are one of the biggest and most popular bands ever to come out of the UK. They have played at some of the biggest musical events in history and have sold over 100 million records worldwide.  

The Who's original lineup consisted of lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon. Check out our blog for more info on The Who's band members.

Moon died in 1978, and Entwistle died in 2002, leaving Daltrey and Townshend as the only original members still active in the band.

Rock and roll’s wild man Keith Moon is still widely considered to be one of the greatest rock drummers in history, and his legacy inspires generations of new drummers to this day.

The ‘Pinball Wizard’ rockers have had a significant impact and influence on the music industry throughout their careers. Their influence can be seen in the music of many bands including The Clash, The Jam, and The Police.

Pete Townshend's rock operas such as ‘Tommy’ and ‘Quadrophenia’ were ground-breaking, and have shaped the concept album genre.

The band's use of power chords and complex time signatures in songs like ‘My Generation’ have been a major impact on punk rock and alternative rock.

The Who have a huge catalogue of iconic albums to their name,  including ‘My Generation’ (1965), ‘Tommy’ (1969), ‘Who's Next’ (1971) and ‘Quadrophenia’ (1973). For our top 3 The Who albums, check out our blog.

The band have also released a number of blockbuster hit songs, such as ‘My Generation’, ‘Baba O'Riley’, ‘Won't Get Fooled Again’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and ‘Pinball Wizard’. Check out our top picks for The Who's 10 greatest songs.

These albums and songs are considered classics and have been hugely influential in shaping rock music.

What to Expect at a The Who Live Concert

At The Who’s live concert, fans can expect a raw, passionate, and energetic performance, as the band power through classic hits such as ‘My Generation’, ‘Baba O'Riley’ and ‘Won't Get Fooled Again’.

Pete Townshend's aggressive shredding on the guitar with his trademark windmill style and Roger Daltrey's powerful vocals and signature ‘mic-swinging’ move will be highlights of the show.

Some of the band's ground-breaking rock operas, such as ‘Tommy’ and ‘Quadrophenia’, may also be performed in their entirety.

The Who always create a high-energy, lively, and raucous atmosphere at their live shows. The crowd always emanates enthusiasm and excitement to be there as they jubilantly sing and dance along with the band's classics.

The band’s stage setup is known to be elaborate, featuring fantastic light shows, large screens, and an ever-changing backdrop. They often include unique stage productions and theatrical elements such as costumes and special effects to enhance the performance.

The rock pioneers use dynamic lighting and sound effects to create an immersive concert experience. These elements, combined with the band's energetic performances, make for a visually and musically spectacular show.

Check out our blog to take an in-depth look at The Who's live legacy and greatest ever performances.

How to Watch The Who From the Best Seats in the House

If you’re looking to have the best concert experience possible, and watch The Who perform at their live concerts from the best seats in the house, then a VIP ticket or hospitality package is the best option for you.

With a premium ticket or hospitality package you are guaranteed to watch The Who rock out from premium seats with an unmatched view of the show, taking your concert experience to exhilarating new levels.

The package will also include a number of fantastic luxury perks, such as*:

  • Premium front-row seating with VIP backstage access.
  • VIP entry and exit from the venue.
  • Complimentary autographed merchandise.
  • Selection of delicious multiple-course freshly cooked meals.
  • Access to private VIP lounges both pre and post-show.
  • Access to VIP toilet facilities.
  • Crowd-free merchandise shopping and complementary lanyards.
  • An open bar serving a range of premium beverages.
  • A welcome host and dedicated wait staff.
  • Private parking and golf cart transfer to the venue.

*Package inclusions will differ depending on venue and choice of package

How Can I Secure My Seat To See The Who Perform Live?

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Image: The Who on-stage
Image: The Who on-stage

Avoid the crowds with crowd-free merchandise shopping and complementary lanyards. An open bar serving a range of premium beverages is included, along with a welcome host and dedicated wait staff to attend to your needs.

Private parking and golf cart transfer to the venue are also included, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable arrival and departure. Immerse yourself in the world of The Who and enjoy a truly unforgettable concert experience with our amazing hospitality package.

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