Ensure you're fully prepared for an unforgettable day at the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix with our comprehensive spectator’s guide. Discover the best tickets and hospitality packages for an exhilarating weekend at this prestigious race. Plus, explore the different Belgian Grand Prix seating options available through Seat Unique and book your place now to make the most of your experience!

The Belgian Grand Prix is a renowned Formula 1 event that offers an unforgettable experience for motorsport enthusiasts. Taking place at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, it is known for its challenging track and scenic surroundings. This race promises an electrifying atmosphere for race fans and luxury seekers alike.

As the greatly anticipated weekend gets closer, our comprehensive guide will help you prepare for a thrilling weekend at the Belgian Grand Prix in 2024. Whether you are a seasoned attendee or a first-time visitor, we have tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your Formula 1 experience.

From the best ticket and seating options to travel advice, explore our guide below to prepare for an unforgettable Belgian Grand Prix experience.

When is the Belgian Grand Prix 2024?

The Belgian Grand Prix is scheduled to take place from Friday 26th July to Sunday 28th July 2024. With the limited availability of tickets, planning ahead and securing your spot is recommended to ensure an unforgettable weekend of elegance and excitement.

What is the Spa-Francorchamps famous for?

The ‘Spa’ is well-known and loved by F1 fans and enthusiasts for several reasons. With its expansive 7.004km length, the Belgian Grand Prix circuit is the longest among F1 tracks.

Its generous space allows for thrilling fast corners and ample opportunities for overtaking. Notably, the circuit is known for its famously unpredictable weather conditions, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the picturesque Ardennes forest.

While the unstable weather conditions contribute to the fun and festive feel of the weekend, it’s important to set up the right plans to enjoy the races in style and comfort. Read on to learn more about the best seats available, the hospitality packages Seat Unique offers, and which might be best for you.

How do you get to Spa-Francorchamps from the UK?

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is in the Ardennes region in eastern Belgium, and fans travelling from the UK have several travel options to reach the rural track.

Getting to Belgium from the UK is relatively straightforward. You can either fly into Brussels Airport or Liège Airport or take the Eurostar from London to Brussels.

Once in Belgium, you could rent a car for the weekend, stay local, and drive to the track and park in the designated yellow, green, red or blue parking areas, for which you need a parking ticket.

Alternatively, a more traffic-friendly option is to stay in cities or towns in the surrounding territory and use the direct shuttle buses, and public transport buses that leave every morning of the races and return every evening.

What is the Belgian F1 2024 schedule?

The full schedule including support races is still due to be released closer to the event, see below for the times of the Formula 1 practice sessions, qualifying sessions and the Grand Prix (all in local time).

Friday 26th July

13:30 - First Practice Session

17:00 - Second Practice Session

Saturday 27th July

12:30 - Third Practice Session

16:00 - Qualifying

Sunday 28th July

15:00 - Grand Prix

IMAGE: F1 Car on Spa Circuit

Where is the best place to sit at the Belgian F1 Grand Prix?

From the Eau Rouge-Raidillon section, offering a challenging and thrilling view of cars accelerating through a steep incline, to the start/finish line grandstands providing a fantastic perspective of the race start and pit activity, there are various prime seating locations at the Belgian Grand Prix to immerse yourself in the action.

As usual with Formula 1 races, there’s the option of general admission tickets. They are a great option for watching the Belgian Grand Prix on a budget, and often have amazing views of the track, but are not the most comfortable option by a long way. This is because the track consists mostly of grassy banks meaning there will be a lengthy walk to find your viewing spot.

Another great option to watch the races from is the Grandstands. Seat Unique offers a varied selection of these premium tickets, each providing excellent views of the exciting twists and turns of the circuit, perfect for a memorable F1 experience.

Have a look at the grandstand options below:

Les Combes

Les Combes grandstand offers an excellent seating location near the exit of the Combes chicane. As one of the most affordable options at Spa, it is an uncovered grandstand that provides a great view of the track.

Seating map for Bronze Arena Out Grandstand
Image: Les Combes Grandstand
Buy Combes Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

Speed Corner

Positioned at the exit of the fast Speed Corner, this grandstand is not covered but is renowned for its fantastic atmosphere. It is one of the largest and most popular grandstands, providing a thrilling view for F1 enthusiasts seeking an electrifying race experience.

Seating map for Speed Corner Grandstand
Image: Speed Corner Grandstand
Buy Speed Corner Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

Silver 3

Situated inside the track at the Pouhan location, it is located a fair distance from the F1 Village and surrounded by a general admissions area, which provides a great atmosphere. It also has a big screen to keep up with the exciting action of the race. This grandstand is also open-air and does not feature any covering.

Seating map for Silver 3 Grandstand
Image: Silver 3 Grandstand
Buy Silver 3 Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

Silver 4

Silver 4 offers an experience with a view over the 180-degree Bruxelles corner, and is situated at one of the highest points on the circus. It is a distance from the F1 Village, and is the only covered grandstand, providing shelter throughout the event.

Seating map for Silver 4 Grandstand
Image: Silver 4 Grandstand
Buy Silver 4 Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

Fan Zone

The Fan Zone is the entertainment hub featuring food and drink stalls, live music and F1 driver interviews. The grandstand is on the edge of the Fan Zone, with incredible views of Eau Rouge and Raidillon. With a good view of the video wall, this covered grandstand allows you to witness all the action and stay comfy throughout the event.

Seating map for Fan Zone Grandstand
Image: Fan Zone Grandstand
Buy Fan Zone Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

VIP Lounge Gold 2

The VIP Lounge Gold 2 is a prime seating area located on the back straight of the circuit, providing a spectacular view of the cars as they accelerate out from the first turn of La Source and race towards the challenging Eau Rouge. Situated in close proximity to the F1 Village, this covered grandstand ensures utmost comfort while enjoying the thrilling Formula 1 action.

Seating map for Gold 2 Grandstand
Image: Gold 2 Grandstand
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Gold 9

Situated on the main straight, Gold 9 sits between the starting line and the thrilling hairpin La Source, meaning you'll be able to see the moment the winner crosses the finish line.

These grandstands provide exceptional views of the Belgian Formula 1 race, each offering a distinct vantage point for the event. However, it's important to note that not all grandstands are covered, so it is advisable to check the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear for varying conditions - which we know to be unreliable!

For those seeking the ultimate combination of prime race viewpoints and a luxurious, stylish experience, the hospitality packages are the way to go during the Belgian Formula 1.

Seating map for Gold 9 Grandstand
Image: Gold 9 Grandstand
Buy Gold 9 Grandstand BIS 3-Day Tickets

Buy Gold 9 Grandstand 3-Day Tickets

Image: Fan Zone at Spa Circuit

Why should you choose hospitality packages?

The Belgian Grand Prix is a much-loved fixture on the racing calendar, and hugely popular. The atmosphere is very festive, and there are plenty of opportunities to get swept up in it. Whether you’re a lifelong F1 fan or are just becoming one, the Spa promises a weekend of exhilarating races and fun.

Hospitality packages provide the most stylish way to enjoy the weekend, hassle-free from weather worries and in ultimate luxury while enjoying the most exciting views of the track. They are the perfect way to go all out and treat yourself and your guests to an amazing Grand Prix experience.

At Seat Unique, we’re delighted to provide access to F1 premium experiences, allowing you to indulge in luxury during the Belgian Grand Prix. These carefully curated packages include access to exclusive areas, VIP treatment, gourmet catering, and stunning views of the race, ensuring you make the most of this prestigious event. Keep reading to find out more!

Belgian Grand Prix Hospitality Options

Gold 6 (3-day package)

Get ready for an exhilarating experience at the Belgian Grand Prix with the Gold 6 grandstand that puts you at the heart of the action. From this prime location, you'll have a front-row seat overlooking the Chicane and pit lane entry, offering an unparalleled view of the thrilling left-hander at Blanchimont and a chance to witness the strategic moves happening in the pit lane.

And, for an even more unforgettable time, don't miss the opportunity to upgrade to exclusive hospitality, adding an extra touch of luxury and excitement to your race weekend.

Seating map for Gold 6 Grandstand
Image: Gold 6 Grandstand
Buy Gold 6 Hospitality

Trackside VIP (2-day or 3-day)

The VIP Trackside package offers exclusive benefits such as reserved seating in the Gold 5 Grandstand with incredible views, guided Paddock access, a championship trophy photo op, and a grid walk.

Guests can also engage with F1 executives, media personalities, and drivers while enjoying an all-day open bar with a wide selection of beverages. Located in the renowned ‘Hotel de l'Eau Rouge’, the package includes breakfast and lunch with seating for up to 150 guests each day, and the flexibility to watch the races either from the table or the Gold 5 grandstand, ensuring an unforgettable and immersive Grand Prix experience.

Seating map for Gold 5 Grandstand
Image: Gold 5 Grandstand
Buy Trackside VIP 2-day Hospitality

Buy Trackside VIP 3-day Hospitality

RX Suite (3-days)

The RX Suite package offers full weekend access to Friday Practice, Saturday Qualifying, and Sunday Race. Located on the top floor of the Rally-Cross grandstand, you'll have an incredible view from the Source bend to the Raidillon climb.

Enjoy a coffee/croissant breakfast and a 3-course buffet lunch, and join the VIP After Party for drinks and nibbles. Get entertained with animation, and a DJ evening, and receive a personalised fan pack in team/driver colours.

Buy RX Suite Hospitality

Paddock Club

Enjoy the ultimate VIP experience at the Belgian Grand Prix with the Paddock Club hospitality package. Witness heart-pumping moments with prime views from above the pit lane and team garages looking over the start/finish line and savour exquisite cuisine and the all-day open bar offering premium beverages.

Take part in the behind-the-scenes Paddock Club Circuit Truck Tour, Paddock Club Entertainment, and a guided F1 Paddock Tour, and mingle with VIPs in the fully equipped Club Lounge.

Buy Paddock Club Hospitality

McLaren F1 Experience (3 Days)

Experience the McLaren Formula 1 VIP package, offering exclusive access to a private suite above the pits with prime views of the start/finish straight, live updates and insights from the team, a flying buffet service, and a complimentary bar serving champagne, cocktails, wine, beer, and soft drinks.

This package also includes a driver appearance, access to the Paddock Club lounge with live entertainment, and a Pit Lane Walk, providing a truly immersive and thrilling Formula 1 experience throughout the weekend.

Buy McLaren F1 Experience Hospitality

What should I wear to the Belgian Grand Prix?

As usual with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, there is no strict dress code for the event, although the premium facilities usually require their guests to wear smart casual clothing. It's a good idea to bring weather-appropriate clothing.

If you're a big F1 fan, Seat Unique has tickets available for Grand Prix around the world. Check out all of our Formula 1 Hospitality Packages and VIP Tickets on our website.