Exciting news for Sleep Token fans! The band has recently announced their highly anticipated UK tour in 2024. In this blog, we detail everything you need to know about Sleep Tokens upcoming tour.

Last updated: 09/02/24 at 10 am

Sleep Token is a London-based British rock band that came together in 2016. The group is an anonymous, masked collective led by a frontman using the moniker Vessel.

The band has carved their own niche in the music industry, blurring the lines between alternative rock, metal, and electronic music.

Their unique blend of haunting melodies, powerful vocals, and emotive lyrics has garnered them a dedicated following.

Sleep Token's performances are known for their intensity and visceral impact, leaving fans craving for more with each show.

With Sleep Token's tour just around the corner, continue reading to find out all the details and learn how you can secure your spot at 'The Summoning' singers upcoming tour.

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Is Sleep Token going on tour in 2024?

Sleep Token have announced a huge US and UK arena tour in 2024. The highly anticipated tour, titled 'Teeth Of God', is expected to be a resounding success, especially considering the band's previous headline show at Wembley Arena, which sold out in a mere 10 minutes.

Who is opening for Sleep Token?

Sharing the stage with Sleep Token will be Empire State Bastard, a musical group in the extreme metal genre that includes members of Biffy Clyro and renowned drummer Dave Lombardo.

Is Sleep Token releasing a new album?

Many fans are wondering if the announcement of Sleep Token's upcoming tour implies the release of new music by the anonymous quartet.

At the moment, there is no information or mention from Sleep Token about releasing new music. Their most recent studio album, titled 'Take Me Back to Eden', was released on 19 May 2023 through Spinefarm Records. This album, produced by the band's frontman Vessel in collaboration with Carl Bown, marked a departure from their previous producer, George Lever.

How many band members are in Sleep Token?

Sleep Token consists of four members. Since their formation, the band have kept the identities of their members a closely guarded secret. The band members stay anonymous by performing in masks and cloaks.

In an interview with Rich Hobson of Metal Hammer, he explains that the members of Sleep Token "obscure their faces, they don't talk onstage, and they have only ever done one interview".

This enigmatic approach has only added to the intrigue and mystique surrounding the band, making their live performances an experience like no other.

What songs do Sleep Token play on tour?

Sleep Token concerts usually last for around 1 hour to 3 hours however this is dependent on the setlist.

Although the setlist for Sleep Token's 2024 tour is not yet available, we expect that the band will perform a similar setlist from their last performance at Wembley Arena:

  1. Chokehold
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Vore
  4. Dark Signs
  5. Like That
  6. Aqua Regia
  7. Rain
  8. The Summoning
  9. Granite
  10. The Love You Want
  11. Atlantic
  12. Nazareth
  13. Alkaline
  14. Ascensionism
  15. Higher
  16. Take Me Back to Eden
  17. The Offering (Encore)
  18. Blood Sport (Encore)

When and where will Sleep Token perform?

In November 2024, the British masked performers will play five massive shows at arenas across the country including OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Co-op Live in Manchester, Utilita Arena Birmingham, The O2 in London and Utilita Arena in Cardiff.

Here are Sleep Token’s 2024 UK tour dates in full:

How to secure your seat at Sleep Token 2024 UK tour dates

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