We are so excited to announce that our very own Phillipa Hicks has won the Executive of the Year award at The Ticketing Business Awards!

Since 2016, The Ticketing Business Awards have been honouring outstanding leadership, innovation, and achievement in the field of ticketing across various industries, including sports, performing arts, music, cinema, live entertainment, and visitor attractions. That’s why we couldn't be prouder to announce that Phillipa has won this prestigious award.

As Seat Unique’s Co-founder and Head of Product, Phillipa's extraordinary journey embodies the limitless potential for women in shaping the tech industry. Alongside her talented team, Phillipa's leadership and visionary approach have propelled Seat Unique to the forefront of the industry, driving groundbreaking changes and inspiring future generations.

Being named Executive of the Year showcases Phillipa's incredible achievements and highlights her growing influence as a female leader in a usually male-dominated field. Her passion for technology and her unwavering commitment to excellence have been instrumental in driving Seat Unique's success. Phillipa has shattered stereotypes and paved the way for other women to pursue careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

This recognition comes as no surprise given Phillipa's remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication. She was undoubtedly a standout nominee and her outstanding performance serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders across all industries, not just in tech!

As we celebrate Phillipa’s win, we reflect on the importance of diversity, inclusion, and female representation in the tech industry. Phillipa is not just the Executive of the Year; she is a trailblazer and a testament to the limitless potential of women. We look forward to celebrating her continued success.

Congratulations to all the winners at The Ticketing Business Awards 2024. It's truly inspiring to see the incredible achievements of these ticketing businesses and leaders who are making waves in the industry. If you're curious to know more about these amazing companies, check out The Ticketing Business Awards winners list.

Read Phillipa’s Q&A with The Ticketing Business on leadership, innovation, disruption & the experience economy.

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