Seat Unique Co-founder and Head of Product, Phillipa Hicks, speaks to The Ticketing Business about leadership and disrupting the premium ticketing industry.

Seat Unique is pioneering a revolution in the ticketing and hospitality industry. By seamlessly blending technology and addressing the key challenges of accessing tickets, we provide access to unforgettable experiences for fans and unrivalled revenue opportunities for rightsholders.

At the core of our business is our Co-founder and Head of Product, Phillipa Hicks. Phillipa is a trailblazing force in the world of product, recognised as a prominent rising star in the industry. Phillipa's leadership and innovation have propelled her into the spotlight, where she stands as a distinguished female leader making waves in the tech space.

With her innovative approach and commitment to driving change, Phillipa is a shining example of the growing group of women shaping the future of technology and redefining the industry. Her journey is not just about breaking barriers, but also creating pathways for the next generation of female product leaders to follow.

The Ticketing Business spoke to her about her journey in creating one of the most exciting products in the experience economy space.

Tell us about your role within Seat Unique

"With the experience economy booming and customers seeking exceptional online experiences, my role is pivotal in creating a cutting-edge product that caters to these demands."

"It's about delivering unforgettable moments to our users, unlocking revenue opportunities for our partners, and ultimately driving the success of Seat Unique."

So quite a significant role then! What would you say the common misconceptions about your role are?

"Where do I start? One common misconception is that my role is solely about adding more features to a product. Although feature development is crucial, it goes beyond that. It involves strategic decision-making, market research, and the prioritisation of initiatives to ensure that we deliver real value to both our users and the company."

"It's also important to dispel the myth that my role is static -  my job isn’t over once a product is developed. The tech landscape is constantly evolving, and as Head of Product, I continually assess market dynamics, user feedback, and emerging technologies to adapt and evolve our product accordingly."

"While technology is a significant part of my role, it's not the sole focus. Some may think it's all about the technical aspects, but I also consider user experience, market trends, and overall business strategy to create a well-rounded product."

Can you share your leadership style and approach to leading one of the largest tech organisations in the space?

"My leadership style is deeply rooted in collaboration and empowerment. In an organisation like ours, fostering a culture of inclusivity and innovation is paramount. I believe in creating an environment where every team member feels valued, motivated, and inspired to contribute their best ideas."

"I recognise that we have a talented and diverse team, each with their unique strengths and perspectives. My role is to facilitate and support them in leveraging those strengths. I provide the necessary guidance and resources while encouraging autonomy and creativity."

Sam Warburton, Phillipa Hicks and George North
Image (L-R): Sam Warburton, Phillipa Hicks and George North

"In a rapidly evolving industry, adaptability is key. I feel that I lead by example, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. I love that we work in a fast-paced environment, and I encourage my team to do the same. Problem-solving is at the core of my approach; I enjoy finding solutions and continuously pushing boundaries."

"Ultimately, my leadership style is focused on creating a supportive and dynamic environment where everyone's contributions are valued and our collective efforts drive Seat Unique’s success in the ever-competitive tech landscape."

Your team is 25 strong and based across a number of countries, how have you applied your leadership approach to international teams?

"Managing teams across the globe is an exciting and rewarding challenge. My approach is built on the principles of communication, collaboration, and adaptability."

"We leverage technology to bridge geographical gaps and create a cohesive global team. It's about harnessing the collective power of our global talent pool to drive Seat Unique's success on a global scale."

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