In light of the funk rock renegades announcing more dates on their ‘Global Stadium Tour’, we look at some of the greatest ever RHCP live performances, and why they are an absolute must-see show.

As one of the most popular and successful bands of all time, and with a record 14 number-one singles under their belt, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have an unbelievable range of smash hits to choose from when performing live.

The band are well known for their love of anarchy, and their performances reflect that attitude throughout. When you attend a live Red Hot Chili Peppers show, expect nudity, profanity, visually stunning lighting displays and a whole lot of energy.

After almost 40 years of touring, the ‘Dani California’ singers still put on one hell of a show, with their latest tour performances being labelled as ‘Jaw Dropping’, ‘Impressive’ and ‘Extravagant’ by attendees at the New York City Theatre.

Keep reading to find out our picks for the greatest ever Red Hot Chili Peppers performances, and how you can secure VIP tickets for their latest tour.

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5. Pinkpop 2006

The Chili Peppers played the Pinkpop Festival three times between 1988 and 2006, but it's the final 2006 performance that really stands out.

After the release of their blockbuster number one album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ in 2006, the ‘Wet Sand’ singers hit the road on their ‘Stadium Arcadium World Tour’, playing 132 shows across the globe.

The band were at the peak of their popularity at this point and lead guitarist John Frusciante was probably at the best he's ever been, absolutely shredding on the axe with his trademark loose and funky solos.

The band played all of their biggest hits up to that point, with Kiedis and co whipping the crowd into a frenzy with bangers like ‘Can't Stop’, ‘Dani California’ and ‘Californication’.

The ‘Stadium Arcadium World Tour’ was Red Hot Chili Peppers at the height of their success, and the Pinkpop Festival 2006 performance was the standout performance on the whole tour, earning it a place at number 5 on our list.

4. Rock AM Ring 04

Two years prior to the concert in our number five spot, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a monster gig at Germany's Rock AM Ring 2004. The show came as a part of the bands ‘Roll On Red Tour’.

The explosive performance really showcased what the band is capable of when they are all in perfect harmony with one another.

Frusciante and Flea were electric on the guitar and bass, Chad Smith absolutely smashed it on the drums, and Kiedis had the audience in the palm of his hand, exuding all the charisma and energy of a frontman at the peak of his powers.

The band's show at Rock AM Ring was the performance of a band that had a great love for their music, and for each other and it really set the tone for the huge success that the band went on to have in the years after.

3. Woodstock 99

(18+) Not Suitable for viewers under 18

At number three on our list we have the Chili Peppers headline performance at the infamous Woodstock 99.

This set is the band at their archaic best, featuring a completely naked Flea on bass and an ill timed performance of Jimi Hendrix’ song ‘Fire’, that subsequently egged on a full scale riot.

The show came just a month after the bands best selling record ‘Californication’ and the ‘Longest Wave’ singers were riding high, with Rolling Stone reporter Rob Sheffield stating “It was really a beautiful Chili Peppers set”.

The band had swagger, energy and attitude in abundance and the show just embodied everything that was great about the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their early days.

The performance was vintage Red Hot Chili Peppers, earning it a deserved third place on our list.

2. Fuji Rock 2006

In at number two on our list we have the band's incredible performance at Fuji Rock Festival 2006.

The Chili Peppers absolutely blew the Japanese crowd away with their energy, unbelievable guitar solos and thundering drums.

The show was the Chili Peppers really strutting their stuff after re-adding John Frusciante to the line-up, as they put on one of their best sets of all time and made it look absolutely effortless.

The ‘Breaking The Girl’ singers blasted out hits such as ‘Tell Me Baby’ and ‘Give It Away’ as the crowd went absolutely wild.

The performance really stands above almost all of the band's other shows, only being beaten out by our number one pick.

1. Slane Castle 2003

At number one on our list we have the band's huge gig at Slane Castle, the undisputed king of all Red Hot Chili Peppers performances.

The ‘Sir Psycho Sexy’ rockers played to a monster 80 thousand strong crowd and absolutely tore the house down with one of the most impressive performances that we've ever seen.

Every single song was absolutely nailed on vocals by Anthony Kiedis and Frusciante and Flea produced a perfect funk symphony on the guitars, as the Irish crowd bore witness to the band at the very peak of their power.

The band were absolutely untouchable at this point in their careers and this show is the epitome of just how good they really were.

This performance was quintessential Red Hot Chili Peppers and many consider it to be one of the greatest live performances of all time by any band, which is testament to just how good the Chili Peppers performance was.

Why the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a must see live show

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are unlike most other band’s out there, their blend of hard rock, funk rock and psychedelic sounds make for a truly special musical experience.

When performing live the Chili Peppers stage antics could be likened to that of a punk band, with bassist Flea having a love for performing naked and all members of the band jumping around and headbanging along to their tunes.

The band's unique musical style mixed with natural charisma, high electric performances and insane stage visuals makes for an unmissable live show that is full of energy and massive tunes.

The band has been reinvigorated by the return of John Frusciante after a 12 year hiatus, the LA Rockers are back at their brilliant best with a hit double album release and successful world tour in 2022.

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