What can you expect from Polo in the Park? Discover our review of this quintessentially British event.

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Come with us as we take a dive into one of the most fabulous events on the British calendar - Polo in the Park.

Whether you’re a polo enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and exciting day out, this event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Read on to discover all of the key information and to uncover what you can expect from Polo in the Park.

What is Polo in the Park?

Polo in the Park
Image: Polo in the Park

Polo in the Park welcomes thrilling polo from world-class professional players who take part in exciting and fast paced matches across the weekend.

The event invites guests to enjoy the exhilarating sport action, socialising and entertainment.

Where is Polo in the Park?

Polo in the Park takes place in London at Hurlingham Park. The stunning outdoor venue brings together the elegance of the sport with the vibrant atmosphere of socialising.

Hurlingham Park provides the perfect setting for a day of sporting action, mingling and indulging in delicious food and drinks in the early British summer sun.

Polo in the Park - What can you expect?

Polo in the Park offers the incredible opportunity to witness some of the globe’s best polo players in action. The exhilarating matches are filled with excitement, and you will even get the chance to step on the field yourself for the divot stomp.

Polo in the Park is not just about the sport - the event attracts a diverse crowd including polo enthusiasts and those simply looking for a sophisticated day out. Therefore, if you attend Polo in the Park you can expect to mingle with fellow attendees, making it a great event for networking and socialising.

If you’re a food and drink lover, Polo in the Park has you covered. From refreshing cocktails to delectable dishes, there is something to satisfy every craving. With hospitality at Polo in the Park, you will enjoy a gourmet meal and host of inclusive drinks that are sure to keep your taste buds tantalised and refreshed throughout the day.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the event also features live music performances and entertainers, ensuring the excitement never stops, both on and off the polo field.

Check out our video to discover what you can expect from a premium Polo in the Park experience with official hospitality.


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Is Polo in the Park suitable for families and children?

 Children enjoying Polo in the Park Day 3
Image: Children enjoying Polo in the Park Day 3 

Polo in the Park is suitable for families and children. However, we would recommend avoiding Day 2 (Party in the Park) if attending with little ones as this day has more of a party atmosphere which may not be suitable for smaller children.

Polo in the Park offers activities and entertainment that are suitable for all ages, allowing parents to enjoy the event while providing a fun and engaging experience for children too.

How can I be at Polo in the Park?

Amy Ahern's Review of Polo in the Park with Seat Unique
Image: Amy Ahern's Review of Polo in the Park with Seat Unique

Polo in the Park will return to Hurlingham Park in 2024 between 7-9 June.

If you would like to be there, why not secure your spot with an official hospitality package?

Enjoy inclusions such as VIP access, pitch side facility with garden, Champagne Lanson reception with canapes, two course lunch with premium wines, complimentary bar, afternoon tea and more!

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