Relive the timeless music that solidified Pearl Jam's legendary status as one of the most influential bands of the 90s. From haunting melodies to raw energy, immerse yourself in the best Pearl Jam songs of all time and experience the essence of their iconic sound.

Pearl Jam are pioneers of grunge rock and are considered to be one of the most influential and popular bands of the 90s. They are one of the top-selling bands of all time, having sold over 85 million records since their formation in 1990.

The Seattle-born rockers’ influence, along with the likes of Nirvana, helped bring grunge music to popularity in the 90s. The band's musical stylings inspired other groups such as Puddle of Mudd and The Strokes.

The ‘Last Kiss’ singers have released 11 studio albums including their 5x platinum album ‘Vitalogy’ and their 13x platinum debut album ‘Ten’, one of the best-selling rock albums ever.

With the level of success that the band has achieved, it is very difficult to pick out just five of Pearl Jam's top songs, but we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of their biggest hits.

Keep reading to find out picks for the 5 best Pearl Jam songs of all time, and how you can get VIP tickets to see them live in the UK in 2024.

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5. Better Man

Released as part of the band's 5x platinum 1994 album ‘Vitalogy’, ‘Better Man’ is a beautiful rock ballad written by frontman Eddie Vedder about a girl stuck in a bad relationship.

Although the song wasn’t even released as a single, it shot straight to the top of the charts and remained at number one for eight straight weeks. The track showcased Vedder’s songwriting skills and is hailed by many as one of the band’s best-written songs of all time.  

During the mid-90s, Pearl Jam were at their peak and songs like ‘Better Man’ really cemented their place as one of the decade's top bands, earning it a well-deserved place on this list.

4. Rearviewmirror

‘Rearviewmirror’ was the eighth track on the band's second studio album ‘Vs.’, the fastest-selling album of all time.

The song's ripping guitar chords along with Eddie Vedder's delivery go together perfectly on this fast-paced hit about leaving the past behind.

In 1993 the band were under pressure to follow up on their blockbuster debut album ‘Ten’, and they didn't disappoint. Their ‘Vs.’ album took on a much more aggressive and raw sound, something of which ‘Rearviewmirror’ perfectly embodied.

The album was a huge commercial success and propelled the band to superstardom as grunge music was unexpectedly pushed to the forefront of popular music culture. During this time, ‘Rearviewmirror’ became an anthem that resonated through the ages.

3. Even Flow

The band released ‘Even Flow’ as the second single on their debut album ‘Ten’. The song took a less ballad-like approach to some of their other material and was full of the swagger and attitude that was synonymous with 90s grunge.

The track was a quintessential Pearl Jam hit and showed the band at their very best. The fast-paced tune has been lauded for its fantastic use of heavy guitar riffs and appears on many different lists of the greatest guitar songs of all time.

‘Even Flow’ was the fifth most played song of the 2010s despite being released almost 20 years prior. The hit remains one of the most well-known and beloved Pearl Jam songs of all time, only being beaten out by the two songs above it on this list.

2. Alive

‘Alive’ was Pearl Jam’s breakout single way back in 1991 and is responsible for bringing attention to the band, allowing them to achieve the level of worldwide commercial success that they have.

The song has the massive stadium-ready chorus and epic guitar solo of a classic arena rock song but still encapsulates the emotion and feeling of a power ballad, achieving the perfect blend of grunge and rock.

The song is considered by many to be one of, if not the best Pearl Jam tune of all time. Eddie Vedder's meaningful lyrics and Mike McReady’s absolute shredding on the guitar combined to deliver this musical masterpiece, and set the tone for what was to come from the band.

1. Black

At number one on our list is ‘Black’, the ultimate power ballad from the band's electric debut album ‘Ten’.

This track perfectly embodies everything that Pearl Jam were and are - powerful lyrics sung through Vedder’s clenched vocals, backed by heavy stadium rock guitar riffs and drum beats.

The ‘Ten’ album displays more of a classic rock theme before the band’s transformation into a harder grunge and punk style that gave them prominence in future years and has been likened to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

The song is ranked in the top ten ballads of all time by Rolling Stone and is considered by many to be the best Pearl Jam song ever, and rightly so. The classic rock style, power and emotion of this song combined with the grunge stylings of the band sets it above the rest as the best Pearl Jam song ever.

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