The Grand Final is the end prize after what is sure to be a hotly contested season. Find the Netball Super League fixtures for the 2023 campaign here.

The English Netball Super League 2023 campaign got underway this past weekend, with 20 rounds of the regular season leading up to the Finals.

With the new season finally here, we thought it best to bring the facts of the coming season to you.

Find out all about the Netball Super League, including fixtures, history, teams involved, Grand Final tickets and general information.

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Netball Super League General Overview & Teams

The Netball Super League was formed in 2005, taking over as the new top-level English netball competition from the short-lived Super Cup.

Since then, there have been 16 full seasons of the Super League, with only the 2020 season missing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the 16 seasons, the league has seen six different champions. Team Bath is the most successful team in league history, winning five titles.

The reigning and defending champions are Manchester Thunder, who won their fourth title last season in a perfect year that saw them go unbeaten.

10 teams will be competing in the 2023 season. It was originally meant to be 11, however unfortunately the Wasps Netball team was removed after the holding company for the team was placed in insolvency in October 2022.

The 10 teams who will be competing are:

  • Celtic Dragons
  • Leeds Rhinos
  • London Pulse
  • Loughborough Lightning
  • Manchester Thunder
  • Saracens Mavericks
  • Severn Stars
  • Strathclyde Sirens
  • Surrey Storm
  • Team Bath

Netball Super League Format

The Netball Super League season consists of 20 rounds in the regular season, with each team playing each other twice, once at home and once away.

Once the regular season is complete, the top four teams will go through to the playoffs.

The playoffs consist of the Semi-finals and the Grand Final. In the Semi-finals, the team in first will play the team in second, while the team in second will play third.

2021 NSL Champions Loughborough Lightning celebrate
Image: 2021 NSL Champions Loughborough Lightning

For the Grand Final, there are again two games played as they determine the final order of the season and the Grand Winner.

In terms of points for the regular season, it works the same as in football, only without any draws. Teams will get three points for a win and zero for a loss.

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, extra time will be played. Extra time comprises two seven-minute halves. Should a winner still not be declared, play will continue until a team goes two points ahead, at which point, they are then declared the winner.

At the end of the season, if any teams are level on points, they will be ranked first by goal difference, then goals scored if the GD is still level.

Netball Super League Fixtures

Round 2

17th February - London Pulse vs Team Bath

18th February - Saracens Mavericks vs Leeds Rhinos

18th February - Surrey Storm vs Manchester Thunder

18th February - Loughborough Lightning vs Celtic Dragons

18th February - Severn Stars vs Strathclyde Sirens

Round 3

19th February - Leeds Rhinos vs Surrey Storm

20th February - London Pulse vs Severn Stars

20th February - Celtic Dragons vs Team Bath Netball

20th February - Strathclyde Sirens vs Loughborough Lightning

Round 4

24th February - Celtic Dragons vs Severn Stars

24th February - Loughborough Lightning vs Saracens Mavericks

24th February - Team Bath vs Strathclyde Sirens

25th February - London Pulse vs Manchester Thunder

25th February - Surrey Storm vs Saracens Mavericks

Round 5

3rd March - Manchester Thunder vs Loughborough Lightning

4th March - Saracens Mavericks vs Celtic Dragons

4th March - Strathclyde Sirens vs Leeds Rhinos

4th March - London Pulse vs Surrey Storm

4th March - Severn Stars vs Team Bath

Round 6

10th March - Team Bath vs Surrey Storm

12th March - Leeds Rhinos vs Manchester Thunder

13th March - London Pulse vs Strathclyde Sirens

Round 7

17th March - Manchester Thunder vs Team Bath

17th March - Strathclyde Sirens vs Saracens Mavericks

18th March - Severn Stars vs Manchester Thunder

19th March - Loughborough Lightning vs Leeds Rhinos

20th March - Surrey Storm vs Celtic Dragons

Round 8

24th March - Leeds Rhinos vs Severn Stars

24th March - Team Bath vs Saracens Mavericks

25th March - Loughborough Lightning vs Surrey Storm

26th March - London Pulse vs Celtic Dragons

Round 9

26th March - Saracens Mavericks vs Manchester Thunder

26th March - Severn Stars vs Surrey Storm

27th March - Loughborough Lightning vs London Pulse

27th March - Celtic Dragons vs Strathclyde Sirens

Round 10

31st March - Team Bath vs Leeds Rhinos

1st April - Manchester Thunder vs Strathclyde Sirens

2nd April - Leeds Rhinos vs Celtic Dragons

2nd April - Severn Stars vs Loughborough Lightning

3rd April - Saracens Mavericks vs London Pulse

Round 11

7th April - Celtic Dragons vs Manchester Thunder

8th April - Team Bath vs Severn Stars

8th April - London Pulse vs Leeds Rhinos

10th April - Strathclyde Sirens vs Surrey Storm

Round 12

14th April - Team Bath vs London Pulse

14th April - Strathclyde Sirens vs Severn Stars

14th April - Manchester Thunder vs Surrey Storm

16th April - Leeds Rhinos vs Saracens Mavericks

17th April - Celtic Dragons vs Loughborough Lightning

Round 13

21st April - Severn Stars vs London Pulse

21st April - Team Bath vs Celtic Dragons

22nd April - Saracens Mavericks vs Surrey Storm

23rd April - Loughborough Lightning vs Strathclyde Sirens

24th April - Surrey Storm vs Leeds Rhinos

Round 14

28th April - Celtic Dragons vs Saracens Mavericks

28th April - Leeds Rhinos vs Strathclyde Sirens

29th April - Loughborough Lightning vs Manchester Thunder

29th April - Surrey Storm vs London Pulse

Round 15

30th April - Severn Stars vs Celtic Dragons

1st May - Saracens Mavericks vs Loughborough Lightning

1st May - Manchester Thunder vs London Pulse

1st May - Strathclyde Sirens vs Team Bath

Players battle for the ball
Image: Players battle for the ball

Round 16

6th May - Saracens Mavericks vs Strathclyde Sirens

6th May - Surrey Storm vs Team Bath

6th May - Loughborough Lightning vs Severn Stars

7th May - Manchester Thunder vs Leeds Rhinos

Round 17

12th May - Leeds Rhinos vs Loughborough Lightning

12th May - Celtic Dragons vs Surrey Storm

12th May - Team Bath vs Manchester Thunder

13th May - Strathclyde Sirens vs London Pulse

13th May - Severn Stars vs Saracens Mavericks

Round 18

19th May - Manchester Thunder vs Severn Stars

19th May - Celtic Dragons vs London Pulse

19th May - Surrey Storm vs Loughborough Lightning

20th May - Leeds Rhinos vs Team Bath

22nd May - Saracens Mavericks vs Team Bath

Round 19

26th May - Strathclyde Sirens vs Celtic Dragons

27th May - Manchester Thunder vs Saracens Mavericks

27th May - London Pulse vs Loughborough Lightning

27th May - Severn Stars vs Leeds Rhinos

Round 20

Surrey Storm vs Severn Stars (Was rearranged and played on 13th February)

2nd June - Celtic Dragons vs Leeds Rhinos

2nd June - Loughborough Lightning vs Team Bath

3rd June - Strathclyde Sirens vs Manchester Thunder

5th June - London Pulse vs Saracens Mavericks

Netball Super League Grand Final

The Semi-finals will be played on 9th June, while the third place game and Grand Final will be played on 11th June.

The Semi-finals will be played at the home of the higher placed team from the matchup (1st vs 4th will see it played at the home of the team in 1st).

As for the Grand Final, both that game and the third-place game will take place at the Copper Box Arena in London, with the third-place game played first.

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