The fabulous Las Vegas Grand Prix will be making its return to the F1 calendar. With the bright lights of Sin City ready to illuminate F1 once more, we take a look at what to expect from the Las Vegas F1 track.

Last Updated: 08/01/24 at 16:09

Liberty Media’s efforts to expand Formula 1 to the growing American audience added a third race in the United States to the annual F1 calendar.

After 41 years since its last attempt, Formula One successfully held the Las Vegas Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen winning the inaugural race despite a penalty for an opening lap incident. Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez engaged in an entertaining battle for second place, with Leclerc eventually securing it on the final lap.

The event faced controversy and scheduling issues, prompting calls from teams and drivers, including Red Bull's Christian Horner, to change the timing of the Las Vegas Grand Prix next year due to the demanding late-night schedule and the challenge of a 12-hour time zone shift with the final race in Abu Dhabi.

Here’s everything that we know about the Las Vegas F1 track and the 2024 race, including the date and layout, what we could possibly expect from it, and how you can get premium tickets to the race.

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F1 in Las Vegas: the past before the future

2023 wasn’t the first time that Formula 1 has hosted a Las Vegas Grand Prix. In the 1981 and 1982 seasons, F1 went racing in Vegas - but not in the way that did in last year’s reprise.

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix, as it was named, was not received so well by fans, mainly for the fact that the circuit was in the car park of the Caesars Palace hotel.

Granted, it was wide enough for overtaking and it did have its run-off areas. But a Formula 1 race in a car park did not sit too well with everyone.

There was also the fact that the circuit was run anti-clockwise, which put a huge amount of strain on the drivers’ necks, and the temperature was enough to cause heat exhaustion for the 1981 World Champion, who had won the championship at this race.

The Caesars Palace GP only lasted two seasons due to the very unsatisfactory crowd size, as well as being a huge loss for the hotel.

Formula 1 returned in 2024 with a much better-planned race which was a hit with locals, travelling fans, pundits & drivers.

Las Vegas F1 track: What is it like?

The Las Vegas Grand Prix joined the Austin Grand Prix and the Miami Grand Prix as the three races in the US.

The Las Vegas F1 track layout will run down the iconic Las Vegas strip, meaning the cars will go racing past many of Sin City’s famous hotels and casinos, such as the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the Venetian.

It features 17 turns, three straights, a single chicane, and a high-speed cornering sequence. The race itself will be run over 50 laps.

The track design has altered slightly since it was first announced, with an alteration to the section around the new MSG Sphere Arena that has changed from one sweeping left-hand corner into a trickier left-right twisty section which will test the drivers, while also expanding the number of corners from 14 to 17.

The official length is 3.8 miles (6.12km) and the top speed is expected to go up to around 212mph (342 km/h).

It should be said that not all fans are entirely on board with the race, with many saying the layout is ‘boring’ but the first race was anything but.

Certainly, the fact that it will be a street race raised fears that it could be like the Monaco Grand Prix, where overtaking on track is nearly impossible thus leading to a slow and tedious race.

However, also just like in Monaco - or maybe more the Singapore Grand Prix since that is also a street race at night - the appeal lies in the spectacle.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be filled with glitz and glamour, as is everything there. The neon signs will illuminate the circuit and the vibrant colours all around, in particular from the cars, will make this a surely unmissable event.

Fans may have to get used to the race regardless, as the original three-year deal will seemingly be extended after a unanimous vote in favour of the use of the public roads by Formula 1 and the Las Vegas Grand Prix company until 2032.

2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix Date & Prediction

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be the 22nd round of the season, making it the third-to-last race of the year. The race will be held on 21st-23rd November.

Reigning World Champions Red Bull will look to dominate once again. However, given the timing of the Las Vegas GP, towards the end of the season, all teams could likely be in the hunt for points in the constructors championship.

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen won this race last year so will be in a prime position to win again this season.

However, if Red Bull do get caught from the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and now Aston Martin, the Flying Dutchman will not have an easy time on his hands.

If the Red Bull does find themselves very much still at the front come the Las Vegas GP, it should be a stright-forward victory for Verstappen, and maybe another 1-2 for the team with Sergio Perez on the second step.

However, if they do start getting caught by those around them, best believe that all-time great's Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes and Fernando Alonso for Aston Martin will challenge Verstappen heavily for the win.

We also predict that the race itself will either be a straight-forward run with minimal overtakes and action and the drivers take it easy under the lights, or it will be complete carnage with every driver wanting the glory.

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