We round up all the info about rap legend Kendrick Lamar’s latest album and upcoming UK tour.

One of the most influential rappers of all time, Kendrick Lamar, has just announced his 2022 UK tour in the wake of the release of his latest album, Mr Morale & The Big Steppers.

Keep reading to find out more about his newest release, the upcoming tour, and how you can get tickets.

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What is Kendrick Lamar’s new album like?

His first release in five years, Mr Morale & The Big Steppers, was long-awaited by Kendrick fans, and it did not disappoint.

We were teased in the days before the album drop with an addition to Kendrick’s ‘The Heart’ collection.

'The Heart Part 5' followed a journey of grief and pain against American race culture as well as towards the death of rap legend and friend, Nipsey Hussle.

In the music video, Kendrick can be seen morphing into recognisable faces including Kanye West, Will Smith, and OJ Simpson, and taking on the character of Nipsey to express himself through his eyes.

Credited for its quality of lyric and eclecticism, the newest album is reminiscent of Kendrick’s style in To Pimp a Butterfly. The album demonstrates a strong focus on trauma within families and the black community, and sees Kendrick seek therapy through his lyrics.

Mr Morale & The Big Steppers has left fellow rappers, such as Eminem, in awe, and re-establishes Kendrick Lamar as the strongest lyricist and storyteller in the game.

How many tours has Kendrick Lamar done?

Kendrick has completed four tours to date, but has not toured the UK since The Damn Tour in 2017.

When is Kendrick Lamar going on tour?

The Compton rapper will be touring the UK this November with eight dates.

Where is Kendrick Lamar touring in the UK?

Who is supporting Kendrick on tour?

Kendrick will be joined by his cousin and rising rap sensation, Baby Keem, on all tour dates. The show will also be opened by Tanna Leone, who has just released his first album, on some UK dates.

When will tickets be released for Kendrick Lamar’s tour?

Tickets will go on sale on 20/5/22 at 10am on Seat Unique.

How can I get tickets to Kendrick Lamar’s tour?

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