Discover your ultimate guide to the best Dutch Grand Prix seating options, from grandstands to premium seats. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the Dutch Grand Prix 2024 weekend at Circuit Zandvoort. Start planning now by exploring the track, familiarising yourself with the dress code, and discovering more about this thrilling event.

The Dutch Grand Prix is an exciting event for motorsport enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience at Circuit Zandvoort. The track’s challenging corners and stunning seaside location make it a must-see event on the Formula 1 calendar.

Whether you’re looking for grandstand options or seeking a premium experience, Seat Unique has a range of options available to suit the needs and preferences of every race fan to enjoy a luxurious experience during the Dutch Grand Prix.

Here's everything you need to know about this year's Dutch Grand Prix including circuit information, dates, seating areas, and how you can experience the weekend in style.

When is the 2024 Dutch Grand Prix?

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Dutch Grand Prix, scheduled to take place from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th August. It is recommended to plan ahead and secure your spot at an unforgettable weekend of elegance and excitement at Circuit Zandvoort.

Where is Zandvoort?

Zandvoort is a municipality in the province of North Holland, Netherlands. Known for its beautiful coastline, it is a major beach resort bordered by coastal dunes. The Circuit Zandvoort is just north of Zandvoort.

What is the Dutch F1 track known for?

The 4.259 km track is located in the picturesque dunes north of Zandvoort, known for its "old school" feel and undulating terrain.

Formed from a mix of new and existing roads, the track’s unique backdrop amongst sand dunes and the nearby seaside town is immediately recognisable.

Its character is further shaped by the ever-changing weather conditions, which circuit designer Jarno Zafelli described to Racer as the rollercoaster track’s unpredictable fourth dimension.

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Where is the best place to watch the Dutch Grand Prix?

From the Gold Main Grandstand overlooking the start and finish line, to the exciting Tarzan corner with its hairpin turn, there are several prime seating locations at the Dutch Grand Prix to immerse yourself in the action.

Similarly to the Belgian Grand Prix, the Dutch GP is known for its variable weather. The combination of the weather with the grassy surrounding dunes, where general admission is placed with no foldable chairs permitted, make that ticket option a potential mud-bath. While this could be a fun way to pass the weekend, you are not guaranteed the best views of the circuit or a comfortable seating arrangement.

For those wanting to ensure themselves a comfortable and reserved seat, there are numerous grandstands to choose from, all offering great views of the unique track and corners. With prices starting from £495 per ticket, read on to see which Grandstands Seat Unique has premium ticket options for at the Dutch Grand Prix 2024.

Dutch Grand Prix Grandstands

Bronze Arena Out

These Grandstands are located on the straight between turns 12 and 13, standing at the entrance to 13. From here, you'll witness the intense moments as the cars build up speed for the final corners.

Seating map for Bronze Arena Out Grandstand
Image: Bronze Arena Out Grandstand

This is a great option for those wanting to be a part of the unbeatable and electric Zandvoort atmosphere that Arena Out is known for - plus, it has a dedicated screen opposite.

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Silver Arena-In

The Arena-In Grandstands are on the inside of the track, with a great view of the braking zone for the slow chicane at the arena section. Spectators here will be at the heart of the action, able to make the most of the drivers slowing down and overtaking as they enter the technical challenge.

Seating map for Silver Arena In Grandstand
Image: Silver Arena-In Grandstand
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Bronze Hairpin

The Hairpin Grandstands are located at turn 10. Here fans can witness the cars navigate through fast corners, gracefully slowing down to conquer the hairpin.

Because of the slow pace, these grandstands offer the perfect vantage point for fans who want an up-close look at the action.

Seating map for Hairpin Grandstands
Image: Hairpin Grandstands
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The Eastside grandstands are along the DRS zone in the final sector going towards the arena. Of the three, the Gold has the best view of the chicane and the arena, with the Silver slightly further up towards the straight.

Both stands have great views of the cars going from high speeds then slowing down to enter the chicane, and the exhilarating atmosphere of the arena section.

Seating map for Eastside Grandstands
Image: Eastside Grandstands
Buy Silver II Eastide 2A (3-day) tickets

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Please note that none of these grandstands are covered, so it is strongly advised to dress for the weather and prepare for the elements - no umbrellas are allowed in the stands, so ideally a waterproof option!

For F1 fans who are looking for the best seats, but also want to experience the ultimate Grand Prix weekend with all the extras involved, hospitality packages are the optimal choice.

Read ahead to find out what hospitality packages are available through Seat Unique for the Dutch Grand Prix 2024, and don’t miss out on your chance to get the best seats in the house, VIP treatment and luxury!

Dutch Grand Prix 2024 Premium Seating Options and hospitality

Silver - Arena-In 2 Package

This full weekend package includes Friday Practice, Saturday Qualifying, and Sunday Race access. Positioned in a prime location within the Arena-In 2 stand, you'll have a great view of the video wall, allowing you to catch all the thrilling action and exciting replays from around the circuit.

With food and drinks available for purchase from the concourse, get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding atmosphere of the Dutch Grand Prix.

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Champions Club 3-days Hospitality

With the Champions Club 3-Day hospitality package, fans will gain exclusive access to the circuit and prime viewing of the track from various vantage points. This package includes an all-day open bar service offering champagne, fine wines, beers, and more, as well as a gourmet luncheon.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to go on a grid walk, have guided paddock access, meet an F1 media personality or driver, and partake in an F1 executive Q&A. This exceptional package also offers access to the hospitality lounge, equipped with TV screens, a bar, and a lounge area for mingling.

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McLaren F1 Experience Hospitality

Become part of the McLaren F1 team at the Dutch Grand Prix with the exclusive McLaren F1 Experience hospitality package. Enjoy prime views from the private suite above the Formula 1 pit, behind-the-scenes access, and daily driver appearances.

Indulge in a flying buffet and complimentary bar throughout each day. Stay updated with live team updates and LED screens showcasing on-track action. Don't miss this chance to be part of the McLaren team's journey at the Dutch Grand Prix.

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What is the dress code for the Dutch Grand Prix?

There isn’t a strict dress code for the Grand Prix, but the hospitality areas generally require their guests to wear smart casual clothing. If you are in an uncovered grandstand it is advised to consider weather-appropriate clothing, and the colour orange is a fan favourite!

How much are Dutch Grand Prix 2024 tickets?

Dutch Grand Prix 2024 premium tickets from Seat Unique start at £495 per ticket, and hospitality packages start at £695 per person.

If you're a big F1 fan, Seat Unique has tickets available for Grand Prix fixtures around the world. Check out all of our Formula 1 Hospitality Packages and VIP Tickets on our website.