Grammy award-winning artist Doja Cat has announced that she will bring 'The Scarlet Tour' to the UK and Europe in summer 2024! Find out everything you need to know here.

Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is a musical artist who has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique blend of rap, pop, and R&B.

Her rise to fame is a testament to both her undeniable talent and the power of social media in shaping modern stardom.

In a thrilling announcement, Doja Cat revealed that she will be heading to the UK and Europe to bring 'The Scarlet Tour' to arenas next summer.

In this blog post, we explore the latest updates on Doja Cat's concert dates, venues, and potential support acts, ensuring you stay in the loop on this highly anticipated tour.

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How did Doja Cat become famous?

Initially gaining attention for her self-produced tracks on SoundCloud, Doja Cat's breakout moment arrived with her viral hit 'Mooo!' in 2018.

This quirky and catchy song showcased her playful personality and instantly turned heads, gaining millions of views on YouTube and sparking a wave of interest in her artistry.

However, it was her second album, 'Hot Pink', released later in 2019, that solidified her position in the music industry.

The album featured her chart-topping single 'Say So', which not only dominated the music charts but also became a sensation on TikTok, propelling her into mainstream success.

Has Doja Cat ever been on tour?

Doja Cat's first tour was 'The Amala Tour', in support of her debut studio album 'Amala' (2018).

She had plans to embark on her second headlining tour, known as the Hot Pink Tour, to support her second studio album 'Hot Pink' (2019). Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tour had to be postponed and eventually cancelled.

Doja Cat's most recent tour is 'The Scarlet Tour', which is her ongoing second concert tour and debut arena tour. It started on 31st October 2023 and is scheduled to end on 13th December 2023 in America and Canada.

Additionally, she has performed in various concerts and festivals around the world.

What songs is Doja Cat singing on tour in 2024?: 'The Scarlet Tour' setlist

Doja Cat's average tour setlist is as follows:

  1. WYW Freestyle
  2. Demons
  3. Tia Tamera
  4. Shutcho
  5. Agora Hills
  6. Attention
  7. Often
  8. Red Room
  9. Balut
  10. Gun
  11. Ain’t Shit
  12. Woman
  13. Say So
  14. Get Into It (Yuh)
  15. Need to Know
  16. Kiss Me More
  17. Paint the Town Red
  18. Streets
  19. F*ck the Girls (FTG)
  20. 97
  21. Can’t Wait
  22. Get Off
  23. Ouchies

Where will Doja Cat tour in the UK?: dates and locations

Doja Cat will be performing at the following venues on the UK leg of her tour:

Who is supporting Doja Cat on tour?

Doja Cat has been joined by support acts Ice Spice and Doechii on the US and Canada tour dates, but the UK and European supports are yet to be announced.

How to see Doja Cat live and in style?

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