Discover the top spots for watching Chesterton's Polo. Get tips on how to secure the perfect viewing location for the best experience, so that you don't miss out on the excitement!

Chestertons Polo in the Park brings together some of the world's best polo players to London’s Hurlingham Park for a three-day tournament in a stunning outdoor setting.

The event is named after the famous English writer, G.K. Chesterton, who was a lover of polo and played the sport himself.

Watching Chestertons Polo in the Park is an experience like no other, and finding the perfect viewing spot is crucial to fully appreciating the game. Spectators can choose from various options, including the grandstand, VIP areas, and pitch-side areas.

Each area offers a unique perspective of the game, and it is worth exploring them all to find the perfect spot.

Keep reading to find out the different ways of watching the action and which one is best suited for you, as well as how you can get VIP tickets to watch the event.

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Grandstand Seating

Grandstand seating at Chestertons Polo in the Park offers a unique perspective on the exciting and fast-paced game of polo. Located above the side-lines, the grandstand seating provides a panoramic view of the entire playing field, allowing spectators to watch the action unfold from a bird's eye view.

From grandstand seating, spectators can witness the incredible athleticism and skill of both the players and their horses. They can also see the strategic moves and tactics employed by each team as they compete to score goals and ultimately win the match.

A birds eye view of Chestertons Polo in The Park.
Image: A bird's eye view of Chestertons Polo in The Park.

Additionally, grandstand seating offers a perfect vantage point to enjoy the various entertainment and activities that take place throughout the event, and the seating is designed to maximise comfort and convenience for its guests.

The seats offer ample legroom, ensuring that spectators can sit back and relax while they enjoy the excitement of the game. Furthermore, the grandstand is covered, providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

Overall, the grandstand seating at Chestertons Polo in the Park is an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable and elevated viewing experience and offers a unique and unforgettable way to enjoy one of the most exciting events on the sporting calendar.

Garden Club

The Garden Club viewing area at Chestertons Polo in the Park is one of the most serene and peaceful places to watch the tournament. It is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon while sipping champagne and socialising with friends.

The Garden Club is situated right behind the goal, offering an impressive and up-close view of the field, allowing guests to watch the game in style and comfort. The area is beautifully decorated with colourful flowers and greenery, providing a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

Garden Club viewing area.
Image: Garden Club viewing area.

As well as the beautiful décor and fantastic views of the pitch, the Garden Club also offers a private entrance and dedicated concierge service, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all guests.

This unique area is perfect for those who want to indulge in luxury and relaxation while watching the iconic polo tournament, and with its panoramic views of the field and fantastic location right behind the goal, the Garden Club provides a memorable experience for all guests.

The Garden Club is only available on day one of the events, and ticket prices start from £385 per person +VAT. Book your Garden Club VIP tickets now from Seat Unique.

Patron Pitch Side Seating

One of the most coveted viewing experiences at Chestertons Polo in The Park is the pitch side seating, which offers an exclusive and immersive view of the polo matches.

The pitch-side seating is designed to give spectators the ultimate front-row seat to all the action on the field. The seating area is located in the Pitch Side Pavilion, right on the edge of the playing field, providing an up-close and personal experience of the game.

Pitch side seating.
Image: Pitch-side seating.

Spectators can feel the thundering hooves of the polo horses as they charge down the field and witness the skill and precision of the players as they strike the ball. The seating is also covered, providing shade from the sun or shelter from the rain.

Pitch-side seating also offers a range of luxury amenities. Guests can enjoy a private bar and catering service, as well as access to exclusive VIP areas.

The pitch-side seating at Chestertons Polo in the Park is an unparalleled way to experience the excitement and glamour of this iconic event. Whether you're a seasoned polo fan or just looking for a unique and unforgettable day out, pitch-side seating is the perfect way to take your polo experience to the next level.

Pitchside Suite Tables

Pitch-side suites at Chestertons Polo in the Park offer an unparalleled VIP experience for guests. Also located in the Pitch Side Pavilion, right on the edge of the playing field, the pitch side suites provide a luxurious and exclusive space for guests to enjoy the polo matches in style.

Each pitch-side suite is beautifully decorated and equipped with high-end amenities, including private bars, comfortable seating, catering services and access to the Pavilion Garden.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the pitch side suites is the unbeatable view they offer of the polo matches. From the comfort of their private suite table, guests can witness the exhilarating action of the game up close and personal.

The Pitch Side Suite Tables.
Image: The Pitch Side Suite Tables.

They can feel the energy and excitement of the crowd as they cheer on their favourite teams, and be right in the middle of the action as the players and ponies charge past.

The pitch-side suites at Chestertons Polo in the Park provide an unrivalled VIP experience for guests who want to enjoy the excitement of the polo matches in style and comfort. Whether you're entertaining clients or treating yourself to a day of luxury, the pitch side suites are the perfect way to experience this iconic event.

How Can I Watch Chestertons Polo in The Park in Style?

These are some of the most fantastic ways to watch Chestertons Polo In The Park. Each offers its own unique viewing experience, along with other added benefits that are sure to make for an unforgettable day out at polo's premier event of the year.

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Polo in the Park tickets for all three days of this extraordinary event are on sale now and start from £225 per person +VAT*. Get yours now and enjoy the world's biggest polo party.

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