Fresh from Glastonbury and with a new album on the way, we take a look at the juggernaut British band’s best ever on-stage renditions of their classic songs

The best Coldplay live performances have seen the audience lose themselves in the music of the band's epic sets.

There’s a bit of a Coldplay moment going on at the moment - so in celebration, we’re taking a look at the most-adored moments from their live shows, according to their fans.

With their fifth headline slot at Glastonbury under their belt and a new album scheduled to be released later this year, the band are riding high as one of the most successful British bands of all time.

So, how did we work out which live Coldplay moments were the top-rated by fans? With the help of the ever-trusty Reddit.

We’ve scoured the Coldplay forums and put together a list of some of the favourite fan performances by the band.

Plus, we take a look at the rumours that the band may do a UK tour - and discuss how you could be there with VIP tickets.

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‘Lovers in Japan’, live in Paris, 2009

Fans were bowled over by the band’s performance of ‘Lovers in Japan’ from the Saitama Super Arena in Toyko.

It wouldn’t be a Coldplay concert without a huge amount of effort going into the visuals, and the song is set off perfectly by thousands of beautiful paper butterflies falling from the ceiling as the band plays. We just wish we’d been there.

A Reddit user says: “Right now i'm obsessed with 'Lovers in Japan'… live in Tokyo 2009, the confetti coming out, the final part with Chris using the umbrella and the confetti again, it's awesome.”

‘Clocks’, live in Toronto, 2006

The band’s 2006 concert in Toronto got a huge amount of love on Reddit. Still relatively early on in their career, the band plays mega-hit ‘Clocks’ to a rapturous audience - showing that experiencing music live really is the best way.

“Toronto 2006 is GOATed for sure. Despite Chris’ weird a** moves, everyone’s sound and performance are top notch. Watch the live 2003 show and while it’s pretty good, they all became much better performers by 2006,” says one Reddit user.

‘Yellow’, Glastonbury, 2002

It wouldn’t be a roundup of Coldplay’s greatest live moments without a Glastonbury performance, would it? Taken from their first-ever headline slot back at the festival in 2002, the crowd sing much of this emotional song as a baby-faced Christ Martin plays the piano. It’s very atmospheric indeed.

"An early iconic performance of 'Yellow',” says one Reddit user.

‘Paradise’, live in Paris, 2012

‘Paradise’ got a lot of mentions on Reddit, including this epic performance in Paris, taken from the band’s Mylo Xyloto tour. Surrounded by thousands of lights and psychedelic colours, it’s quite a sight to behold.

“I love 'Paradise' in Paris 2012, the YouTube video for that is just so cool. I get goosebumps every time the bass drops and the Xylobands go off,” says one Reddit user.

‘The Scientist’, Glastonbury, 2011

When the band performed their much-loved hit ‘The Scientist’ at Glasto in 2011, those famous piano chords ring out and there’s a huge cheer.

One Reddit user says, “I think there's a legitimate argument to be made about their Glastonbury 2011 set… their 2011 set flows so well and has some of the best performances of some of their best songs, and godd*** the energy in here is insane.”

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