The wait is over as Adele announces her highly-anticipated residency in Munich this summer, marking her long-awaited live return to Europe. With whispers of a potential world tour, come join us on a nostalgic journey through the standout performances of Adele's illustrious career.

It's been a moment many of us have eagerly awaited - Adele's live return on this side of the Atlantic. Brace yourselves, because that moment has finally arrived.

With her recently announced residency in Munich this summer, Adele is poised to once again conquer the hearts of her beloved fans.

As rumours of a potential world tour swirl in the air, let's embark on a joyous journey down memory lane, reliving the greatest moments from Adele's remarkable live performances that have earned her a place in music history.

So, grab a cup of tea, find a cosy spot, and join us as we dive into the world of Adele's live performances.

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Someone Like You at the BRIT Awards 2011

In a mesmerising and heartfelt performance, Adele captivated the entire nation when she debuted 'Someone Like You' at the prestigious 2011 BRIT Awards.

As the lead single from her acclaimed second album '21', this powerful ballad became a defining moment in her career, propelling her to meteoric fame.

Following this unforgettable appearance, Adele's music swiftly conquered the global charts, solidifying her status as a true megastar.

Set Fire to the Rain at the Royal Albert Hall 2011

Universally hailed as one of her finest performances to date, Adele's unforgettable 2011 concert at London's renowned Royal Albert Hall was immortalised and made available on DVD for fans to relish.

This remarkable show, now etched in music history, earned the esteemed honor of being included in a list of the Royal Albert Hall's most iconic moments by none other than The Standard, a testament to the indelible impression Adele left on the prestigious venue and its audience that night.

Daydreamer on Later... with Jools Holland 2007

In a performance that would shape her future, Adele made her debut on live television back in 2007, appearing on Later... with Jools Holland.

This early performance showcases Adele's undeniable talent from a young age as she performs a stripped-down version of 'Daydreamer' from her debut album '19'.

Joined by the renowned Jools Holland, this special moment sets the stage for Adele's incredible journey, laying the foundation for the immense success she would go on to achieve.

Hello at the Grammys 2017

Adele's appearance at the 2017 Grammy Awards held immense significance, especially after a mishap with the microphone had impacted her vocal performance at the previous year's ceremony.

However, the resilient songstress made a triumphant return, showcasing her heightened power and grace through a stellar performance. Her incredible talent shone brightly, leading to her winning an impressive five awards for her third studio album '25' and its lead single, 'Hello'.

With this triumph, the Tottenham-born megastar added yet another feather to her cap, now boasting a staggering total of 15 Grammy Awards to her name.

Chasing Pavements on Saturday Night Live 2008

Adele's breakthrough in America happened during her debut appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 18th October 2008. This pivotal performance showcased her immense talent and marked a turning point in her career.

On that memorable night, Adele captivated the SNL audience with soulful renditions of 'Chasing Pavements' and 'Cold Shoulder'. Her heartfelt lyrics and raw emotion left an indelible impression on viewers, solidifying her rising status as an artist.

This SNL appearance ignited Adele's career in the US, propelling her into the hearts of American audiences and opening doors to international success. It was a ground-breaking moment that set the stage for her star-studded journey to come.

Hometown Glory at Glastonbury 2016

Adele's Glastonbury headline set in 2016 was not only iconic but also represented a personal triumph for the renowned singer. Taking the stage at the Pyramid Stage, she described it as the "highlight of [her] career" even though it was her "biggest musical fear."

During this momentous performance, Adele treated the crowd to an array of her biggest hits, including a poignant rendition of 'Hometown Glory', a song she penned at just 16 years old.

Reflecting on her journey, she paused to express her awe, saying, "I was 16 when I wrote this. Never would I ever think I'd be doing it here like this."

Skyfall at One Night Only 2021

In the One Night Only Show, Adele showcased her highly anticipated new material after a six-year hiatus. During her candid conversation with Oprah Winfrey, she delves deep into the inspiration behind her latest album, shares personal stories, and opens up about life post-divorce and motherhood.

Among the standout moments of the show is Adele's mesmerising performance of 'Skyfall', the Oscar-winning Bond theme. The atmosphere during this rendition is nothing short of dramatic, sending shivers down the spines of the audience.

As Adele effortlessly hits every note with her powerful vocals, the song takes on a whole new level of emotional intensity.

When We Were Young at the BRIT Awards 2016

The 2016 BRIT Awards will forever be etched in our memory, thanks to Adele's show-stopping performance. Not only did she win four awards that night, including Best British Female Solo Artist and Best Album, but it was her soulful rendition of 'When We Were Young' that stole the spotlight.

With each note she sang, the audience was transported to a place of pure nostalgia, reliving memories that tugged at their heartstrings. Adele's powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery evoked emotions that resonated with everyone fortunate enough to witness her performance.

Make You Feel My Love Live on Letterman 2011

When Adele took the stage on Live on Letterman, it was pure magic. Her stunning cover of Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love' showcased her incredible talent and undeniable stage presence.

With raw authenticity and soulful vocals, Adele left the audience in awe. This unforgettable performance solidified her status as a brilliant artist and a true force in the music industry.

Rolling in the Deep at the BRIT Awards 2012

In 2011, 'Rolling in the Deep' dominated the charts, becoming the most popular record of the year. And when Adele took the stage at the Brits in 2012, she transformed this hit into a powerful anthem.

Her voice, an awe-inspiring force, effortlessly shifted between soft and commanding. Not only did Adele's performance leave a lasting impression, but it also earned her recognition. That night, she proudly accepted two awards - Best British Album and British Female - affirming her status as a musical powerhouse.

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