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Hurlingham Tennis Classic Hospitality & VIP Tickets

Enjoy the ultimate tennis experience with official VIP tickets and packages for the Hurlingham Tennis Classic 2024. You can expect to enjoy a truly luxurious and memorable evening of world-class entertainment and hospitality.

Here's what you can expect from VIP tickets for the Hurlingham Tennis Classic 2024:

Premium amenities: You can access dedicated VIP areas or lounges with comfortable seating, luxury facilities, and stylish decor. These areas are designed to provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere away from the main crowds.

Exclusive entry points: Exclusive separate entrances or priority access lanes, allow you to bypass long queues and enter the event more quickly.

Food and beverages: Hospitality ticket packages sometimes include food and drink services, or food and drink packages are available at an additional charge. These can range from buffet-style meals, gourmet catering, or specialised menus prepared by renowned chefs. Additionally, a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages may be available.

Private bars: Access to private bars or lounges is typically available. These bars often offer a wide selection of premium spirits, wines, and cocktails for purchase.

Premium viewing areas: You'll have access to prime seats and viewing areas such as VIP sections close to the court or elevated platforms offering a clear line of sight.

*For specific VIP ticket and hospitality package inclusions, please select the event date you'd like to attend from the list above.

Experience the pinnacle of tennis excellence at the illustrious Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic, hosted at the Hurlingham Club in the heart of London. From the 25th to 29th June, prepare to be captivated by an unparalleled display of skill and athleticism as world-class tennis titans grace the court during the Hurlingham Tennis Classic tournament.

Over the course of its 26-year history, the event has featured a star-studded lineup of tennis greats, including the likes of Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Pete Sampras, Dominic Thiem, and Maria Sharapova, alongside a multitude of other ATP stars. Their participation has added to the tournament's allure and cemented its status as a premier showcase of top-tier tennis talent.

Seat Unique is thrilled to offer fans like you the opportunity to enjoy the Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic in true VIP style with official Tennis Classic hospitality packages. Indulge in various exceptional experiences, including the Champions Club and Twilight Tennis packages. Why settle for anything less when you can celebrate four days of exhilarating tennis with the utmost luxury?

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Tennis Classic and get up close and personal as you watch these extraordinary players prepare for Wimbledon. Treat yourself to an unforgettable hospitality experience at the Hurlingham Tennis Classic!

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About Hurlingham Tennis Classic

The Hurlingham Tennis Classic is a prestigious tennis event usually held annually at The Hurlingham Club, a private members' club located in London. This event has been graced by top tennis professionals, legends, and prominent figures. The Hurlingham Tennis Classic is part of the event that attracts attention and spectators. According to the event schedule, the next Hurlingham Tennis Classic is set to take place in June 2024.

Previous Winners

Previous winners of the Hurlingham Tennis Classic include Novak Djokovic, Carlos Moyá, Rafael Nadal, Marat Safin, James Blake, Richard Gasquet, and Tomáš Berdych. These players, along with several other renowned tennis figures, have participated in the event and achieved victory in different editions. The tournament has a strong lineup of exceptional players who have left their mark on the competition's history.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is The Hurlingham Tennis Classic usually held?

The Hurlingham Tennis Classic is typically held in June or July at the Hurlingham Club in London, United Kingdom.

What is the format of The Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

The tournament often follows an exhibition format with singles and doubles matches, providing practice and preparation for players heading into Wimbledon.

Who are some of the notable players that have participated in The Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

The tournament has attracted top players such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams in the past.

Is The Hurlingham Tennis Classic open to the public?

Yes, The Hurlingham Tennis Classic is generally open to the public, although there may be ticketing requirements and restrictions based on the event's specific guidelines.

Do participants in The Hurlingham Tennis Classic earn ranking points?

The Hurlingham Tennis Classic is considered an exhibition event, and it does not offer official ATP or WTA ranking points.

Are there parking facilities available for spectators attending The Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

Information about parking facilities for the event can usually be found on the official event website or by contacting the organizers directly.

Can spectators bring cameras to The Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

The policy regarding cameras and other recording devices may vary from event to event, so it is recommended to check the official guidelines or contact the organizers for specific information.

Is there food and beverage available at The Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

The Hurlingham Club usually offers various dining options and refreshments during the event.

What do you wear to the Hurlingham Tennis Classic?

For the Hurlingham tennis tournament, it's best to opt for smart casual or semi-formal attire. For men, this includes polo shirts, tailored trousers, and optional blazers. Women can opt for summer dresses, or stylish blouses paired with skirts or trousers, keeping the overall look polished and sophisticated.