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May252025Sunday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 1 - Centre Court (1st Round)Sunday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May252025Sunday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 1 - Centre Court (1st Round)Sunday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May262025Monday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 2 - Centre Court (1st Round)Monday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May262025Monday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 2 - Centre Court (1st Round)Monday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May272025Tuesday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 3 - Centre Court (1st Round)Tuesday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May272025Tuesday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 3 - Centre Court (1st Round)Tuesday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May282025Wednesday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 4 - Centre Court (2nd Round)Wednesday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May282025Wednesday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 4 - Centre Court (2nd Round)Wednesday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May292025Thursday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 5 - Centre Court (2nd Round)Thursday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May292025Thursday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 5 - Centre Court (2nd Round)Thursday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May302025Friday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 6 - Centre Court (3rd Round)Friday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May302025Friday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 6 - Centre Court (3rd Round)Friday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May312025Saturday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 7 - Centre Court (3rd Round)Saturday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
May312025Saturday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 7 - Centre Court (3rd Round)Saturday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun012025Sunday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 8 - Centre Court (4th Round)Sunday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun012025Sunday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 8 - Centre Court (4th Round)Sunday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun022025Monday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 9 - Centre Court (4th Round)Monday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun022025Monday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 9 - Centre Court (4th Round)Monday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun032025Tuesday11:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 10 - Centre Court (Quarter Final)Tuesday 11:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun032025Tuesday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 10 - Centre Court (Quarter Final)Tuesday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun042025Wednesday11:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 11 - Centre Court (Quarter-Finals)Wednesday 11:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun042025Wednesday20:15French Open Roland-Garros Night 11 - Centre Court (Quarter-Finals)Wednesday 20:15Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun052025Thursday12:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 13 - Centre Court (Mixed Doubles Final)Thursday 12:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun052025Thursday15:00French Open Roland-Garros Day 12 - Centre Court (Ladies' Semi-Finals)Thursday 15:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun062025Friday11:00French Open Roland-Garros Wheelchair Semi-FinalsFriday 11:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun062025Friday14:30French Open Roland-Garros Men's Semi-FinalsFriday 14:30Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun072025Saturday15:00French Open Roland-Garros Men's Doubles FinalSaturday 15:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun072025Saturday15:00French Open Roland-Garros Ladies' FinalSaturday 15:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun082025Sunday11:30French Open Roland-Garros Ladies' Doubles FinalSunday 11:30Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France
Jun082025Sunday15:00French Open Roland-Garros Men's FinalSunday 15:00Stade Roland-GarrosParis, France

Roland-Garros VIP & Hospitality Tickets

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French Open Roland-Garros 2025 Schedule

1st Round (Ladies' & Gentlemen's Singles):

  • 25th May
  • 26th May
  • 27th May

2nd Round (Ladies' & Gentlemen's Singles):

  • 28th May
  • 29th May

3rd Round (Ladies' & Gentlemen's Singles):

  • 30th May
  • 31st May

4th Round (Ladies' & Gentlemen's Singles):

  • 1st June
  • 2nd June


  • 3rd June (Ladies' or Gentlemen's Singles)
  • 4th June (Ladies' or Gentlemen's Singles)


  • 5th June - Women's
  • 6th June - Men's


  • 7th June - Women's
  • 8th June - Men's

About the French Open Roland-Garros

The Roland-Garros French Open is a prestigious tennis tournament held annually in Paris, France. It is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments and is played on clay courts. The tournament takes place at the Stade Roland Garros and features singles and doubles competitions for both men and women.

The French Open is known for its unique red clay surface, which significantly influences the playing style and strategy of the players. The clay surface is slower and produces higher bounces compared to other surfaces, requiring players to adapt their game accordingly.

Roland-Garros is one of the most highly anticipated events on the tennis calendar, attracting top players from around the world. It has seen legendary players like Rafael Nadal, who has won the tournament a record-breaking 13 times in the men's singles category. In the women's singles category, notable champions include Serena Williams, Simona Halep, and Garbiñe Muguruza.

The tournament typically takes place over two weeks, starting in late May and ending in early June. It includes exciting matches, intense rivalries, and memorable moments that captivate tennis fans worldwide.


The tournament was first held in 1891 and was known as the Championnats Internationaux de France. It was initially reserved for male tennis players and women's events were added in 1897. The name was changed to Roland-Garros French Open in 1928 to honour the aviator Roland Garros, a French national hero.

Court Surfaces

The French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay courts. The clay surface at Roland-Garros is made up of crushed brick and is known as "terre battue" in French. The slow surface and high bounce provide a unique challenge for players.

Tournament Format

The tournament consists of men's and women's singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and junior events. Matches are played in a best-of-five sets format for men and best-of-three sets for women. The tournament follows a knockout format with players advancing through rounds until they reach the finals.

Prize Money

The French Open offers substantial prize money, and the amount increases each year. In recent years, the total prize money pool has been over 40 million euros, with the winners of the men's and women's singles receiving a significant portion of the prize money.

Notable Records

Rafael Nadal holds the record for the most men's singles titles, having won the French Open 13 times as of 2021. Chris Evert holds the record for the most women's singles titles, with 7 victories. Swede Bjorn Borg is renowned for achieving six French Open titles in just eight years.

Other Events

The French Open is not just about tennis matches. It also hosts various off-court events and traditions, including musical performances, exhibitions, and a prestigious player-draw ceremony attended by celebrities and tennis legends.

The Roland-Garros French Open remains a significant highlight in the tennis calendar, offering thrilling matches, intense competition, and a glimpse into the rich history of the sport.

Previous Winners

Men's Singles:

2024: Carlos Alcaraz

2023: Novak Djokovic

2022: Rafael Nadal

2021: Novak Djokovic

2020: Rafael Nadal

2019: Rafael Nadal

2018: Rafael Nadal

2017: Rafael Nadal

2016: Novak Djokovic

2015: Stan Wawrinka

2014: Rafael Nadal

2013: Rafael Nadal

2012: Rafael Nadal

Women's Singles:

2024: Iga Swiatek

2023: Iga Swiatek

2022: Iga Swiatek

2021: Barbora Krejcikova

2020: Iga Swiatek

2019: Ashleigh Barty

2018: Simona Halep

2017: Jelena Ostapenko

2016: Garbiñe Muguruza

2015: Serena Williams

2014: Maria Sharapova

2013: Serena Williams

2012: Maria Sharapova

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