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Six Nations Rugby VIP & Hospitality Tickets

Experience the thrilling intensity and electric atmosphere of the Six Nations Championship with our exclusive tickets. Immerse yourself in the world of top-level international rugby as you witness the clash of the titans on the prestigious tournament stage.

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Hurry and grab your tickets to witness the pinnacle of rugby excellence, where history is made, champions are crowned, and sporting magic illuminates the stadiums. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of Europe's most prestigious rugby tournament.

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About the Six Nations Rugby

The Six Nations Championship, also known as the Guinness Six Nations for sponsorship reasons, is an annual international men's rugby union competition. It involves the national teams of six European countries: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. The tournament has a rich history, dating back to its origins as the Home Nations Championship in 1883 and later evolving into the Five Nations Championship.

The Six Nations Championship is highly competitive, with each team playing five matches against the other participants. The matches are held across different stadiums in the participating countries, creating a vibrant and passionate atmosphere for both players and spectators. The tournament showcases top-level rugby, characterized by intense physicality, skillful play, and tactical battles.

The championship has become a prestigious event in international rugby, attracting a global audience and generating excitement and anticipation among fans. Each nation brings its unique rugby traditions, passionate supporters, and storied rivalries to the tournament, creating a captivating spectacle of sport. The Six Nations Championship not only showcases the highest level of rugby excellence but also celebrates the rich cultural heritage and pride of the participating countries.


The tournament follows a round-robin format, where each team plays the other five teams once, resulting in a total of 15 matches over the course of five weekends.

Points System

Teams are awarded points based on their performance in each match. A win earns 4 points, a draw earns 2 points, and a loss earns 0 points. Bonus points are also awarded for scoring four or more tries in a match or losing by a margin of 7 or fewer points.


The Six Nations Championship trophy is a prestigious prize that is awarded to the team that finishes at the top of the standings. The trophy is made of sterling silver and stands about 75 cm tall, weighing an impressive 3.5 kg.


The tournament features several historic rivalries between the participating nations. Notable matchups include the Calcutta Cup between England and Scotland, the Millennium Trophy between Ireland and England, and Le Crunch between England and France. These encounters often generate immense excitement and fierce competition.

Historic Moments

The Six Nations Championship has witnessed numerous memorable moments over the years. From thrilling comebacks and last-minute victories to captivating displays of skill and teamwork, the tournament has provided fans with countless unforgettable experiences.

Women's Championship

Alongside the men's competition, a Women's Six Nations Championship takes place. It features the women's national teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, following a similar format to the men's tournament. The Women's Six Nations has gained increasing popularity and recognition in recent years.

Most Successful Teams

Overall, England is the most successful team in the "Home Nations", "Five Nations" and "Six Nations" Championships winning 29 times. Wales have won 28 and France (18), Ireland (15), Scotland (14) and Italy (0) have several wins between them.

England have won the most Grand Slams with 13, and Wales (12) and France (10) close behind.

England have won the Triple Crown 26 times compared to Wales (22), Ireland (13) and Scotland (10) falling behind.

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