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Uttoxeter Racecourse Hospitality & VIP Tickets

Uttoxeter Racecourse extends a warm welcome to you, inviting you to delve into the thrill and elegance of horse racing through our esteemed hospitality offerings. With our hospitality ticket, bask in the exclusive comfort it provides as you savour the mouthwatering culinary creations prepared by our renowned chefs. Complemented perfectly with a selection of fine wines and refreshing beverages, your taste buds are in for a treat. From your vantage point offering unparalleled views of the racecourse, immerse yourself in the unfolding of exhilarating races, feeling the electric energy and excitement in the air. A committed team of hosts will go above and beyond to ensure flawless service, catering to your every need throughout the day. Escape the ordinary and embrace an unforgettable hospitality experience at Uttoxeter Racecourse, where top-class racing, luxurious surroundings, and unparalleled service come together.

What to expect with a Hospitality Ticket at Uttoxeter Racecourse?

Access to Exclusive Area: Gain entry to a private section of the racecourse exclusively reserved for guests seeking a more tranquil and leisurely atmosphere away from the bustling crowds.

Exceptional Views: Immerse yourself in the excitement of race day with prime spots that offer captivating and up-close views of the exhilarating races as the horses thunder towards the finish line.

Gourmet Delights: Indulge in an exquisite culinary experience curated by top-notch chefs, featuring a selection of delectable dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients and presented with utmost perfection.

Beverage Variety: Quench your thirst with a wide range of fine wines, refreshing beers, and premium spirits available for purchase at dedicated bars. Savour your favourite drink while cheering on your preferred horses.

Impeccable Service: Experience top-quality service throughout the day, as a dedicated hospitality team goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort, and satisfaction, and provide necessary assistance.

Relaxation and Luxury: Take advantage of comfortable seating areas and spacious surroundings, allowing you to unwind and fully enjoy the thrilling races in a luxurious environment.

VIP Treatment: Feel like a VIP with priority access to facilities like private restrooms and designated entrance points. Your hospitality ticket guarantees you receive the utmost care and attention.

Networking Opportunities: The hospitality areas attract like-minded individuals, offering valuable opportunities to connect with fellow racing enthusiasts or potentially forge business contacts in an exclusive and relaxed setting.

Entertainment and Live Coverage: Enhance your race day experience with live music, entertainment, and giant screens broadcasting all the action happening across the racecourse. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and embrace the energy of the event.

Additional Highlights: Beyond the racing, Uttoxeter Racecourse often organizes additional attractions such as fashion shows or live performances to further enhance and diversify your enjoyment.

*Please note that the specific inclusions mentioned above are typical offerings, and it is recommended to confirm the details of the VIP ticket and hospitality package you choose.

*Please note, we’re unable to accept Rewards4Racing points or Gift Vouchers.

About Uttoxeter Racecourse

Uttoxeter Racecourse is a well-established National Hunt track located in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire in the Midlands. Spanning 110 acres of picturesque Staffordshire countryside, the racecourse is situated between Stoke-on-Trent and Derby. Known for its quality racing, Uttoxeter Racecourse also hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year.

Guests visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse can enjoy breathtaking views of the races from various vantage points. The racecourse offers facilities such as private boxes that provide an intimate backdrop for creating cherished memories with guests. There are also facilities available for private hire, making it a versatile venue.

When it comes to dining, Uttoxeter Racecourse offers a range of options. Whether you are looking for restaurants, private suites, or food and drink choices, Uttoxeter Racecourse has a variety of culinary experiences to satisfy your palate.

To ensure convenient access to the racecourse, there are several transportation options available. For those travelling by train, it is recommended to check the East Midlands Trains website or Trainline for trains servicing Uttoxeter Racecourse. Helicopters may also land on the centre course by prior arrangement with the racecourse, and aircraft can use Tatenhill Airfield, located 7 miles from the racecourse.

Uttoxeter Racecourse is also known for hosting special occasions such as Ladies' Day and Gentlemen's Day, where racegoers have the opportunity to dress up and make an extra effort to create a glamorous atmosphere.

*The Uttoxeter race schedule is still subject to confirmation. Register your interest with Seat Unique and stay up to date with the latest Uttoxeter race news!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Please call us on 01889 562561 or email hospitality@uttoxeter-racecourse.co.uk if you have any queries or require further information.