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World Series of Darts VIP & Hospitality Tickets

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World Series of Darts 2024 Dates

  • US Darts Masters - 31st May to 1st June (New York)
  • Nordic Darts Masters - 7th and 8th June (Copenhagen)
  • Poland Darts Masters - 14th and 15th June (PreZero Arena Gliwice)
  • Australian Darts Masters - 9th and 10th August (Wollongong)
  • New Zealand Darts Masters - 16th and 17th August (Hamilton)
  • Jack's World Series of Darts Finals - 13th to 15th September (Amsterdam)

About the World Series of Darts

The World Series of Darts is a series of darts tournaments organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) since 2013. The tournament consists of several events held in various countries around the world, with the number of tournaments ranging from two to seven each year. The format typically involves top-ranked PDC players competing against local qualifiers in a knockout format.

The World Series of Darts provides an opportunity for fans in different countries to witness the best dart players in action, showcasing their skills and competing for prestigious titles. The tournaments take place in various cities, with different venues being selected for each event.

One of the notable aspects of the World Series of Darts is the mix of international and local talent, as top PDC players face off against qualifiers from the host country. This adds an exciting element and gives local players a chance to compete against some of the best in the world.

Each year, the schedule for the World Series of Darts is announced, detailing the dates and locations of the upcoming tournaments. In 2024, for example, the series started with the Bahrain Darts Masters and continued with various events throughout the year.

The World Series of Darts attracts a passionate fan base, with spectators cheering on their favourite players and creating a vibrant atmosphere. It is an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of professional darts on a global scale.


The World Series of Darts has grown in popularity since its inception, attracting large crowds and expanding its reach to new countries each year. The tournaments feature a mix of established PDC players, including the likes of Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, and Gerwyn Price, as well as local players who earn their spots through qualifiers.


The locations for the World Series of Darts are carefully chosen to showcase the sport in different regions around the globe. Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, United States, and China have all hosted events in the past, expanding the reach of darts beyond its traditional stronghold in the United Kingdom.

Tournament Structure

The tournament format typically follows a knockout structure, with players competing in a series of matches to progress through the rounds. The top-ranked PDC players enter the tournament in later rounds, facing off against local qualifiers in front of enthusiastic crowds.

Exhibition Matches

In addition to the main tournaments, the World Series of Darts often includes special exhibition matches and events to entertain fans and provide unique experiences. These can include matches featuring legendary players, interactive fan sessions, and other entertainment elements to enhance the overall experience.

Ranking System

The World Series of Darts has also introduced the concept of "World Series Order of Merit," which establishes a ranking system to determine the players who qualify for future events. Points are awarded to players based on their performance in each tournament, and those with the highest accumulated points secure their places in subsequent World Series tournaments.

Overall, the World Series of Darts offers fans from various countries the opportunity to witness top-level darts action firsthand and provides a platform for local talent to compete against the world's best players. It has become a highly anticipated and entertaining addition to the global darts calendar, showcasing the sport's international appeal and bringing the thrill of professional darts to a global audience.

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