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About the Darts European Championship

The Darts European Championship is a prestigious darts tournament that showcases the best talent from across Europe. With a rich history and a highly competitive field, the championship has become a staple event in the professional darts calendar. Notable players from various European countries have left their mark on the tournament, battling for the coveted title. The last edition of the championship showcased intense competition, with thrilling matches and incredible displays of skill. Fans can expect an exhilarating experience, both in-person and through televised broadcasts, as they witness the pinnacle of European darts.


Westfalenhalle, located in Dortmund, is a superb venue for the Darts European Championship due to its outstanding qualities that enhance the experience for both players and spectators. With its spacious and well-designed layout, the venue provides ample space for the darts stage, ensuring optimal viewing angles for spectators from every seat. The energetic and passionate atmosphere created by the enthusiastic crowds adds to the thrill of the matches, as fans feel closely connected to the action on stage.


The tournament follows a knockout format, where the top 32 players of the European Tour Order Merit battle head-to-head in matches that consist of sets and legs. The specific format may vary slightly from year to year, but it typically involves best-of-legs matches and progresses through several rounds, culminating in the crowning of a champion. The format ensures intense competition and highlights the players' consistency and skill throughout the tournament.

Prize Money

The Darts European Championship offers a prize pool of £500,000 demonstrating the prestige and significance of the competition. Not only does the prize money provide financial motivation for the players, but it also adds an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the tournament.

Fan Experience

Attending the Darts European Championship provides fans with an unparalleled experience of excitement and passion. The vibrant atmosphere created by the enthusiastic crowds adds to the thrill of the matches. Fans can join in on the electric energy, cheering on their favourite players and witnessing intense rivalries unfold on the stage. Whether in-person or watching from home, fans can expect a captivating experience as they witness the drama, skill, and adrenaline of professional darts at its finest.

Previous Winners

2013: Adrian Lewis

2014: Michael van Gerwen

2015: Michael van Gerwen

2016: Michael van Gerwen

2017: Michael van Gerwen

2018: James Wade

2019: Rob Cross

2020: Peter Wright

2021: Rob Cross

2022: Ross Smith

2023: Peter Wright

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