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Alice Cooper Hospitality Packages & VIP Tickets - Too Close For Comfort UK Tour 2024

Alice Cooper has announced the details of his upcoming UK headline tour. The legendary Godfather of Shock Rock will be joined by his talented live band, including Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Henrikson, Glen Sobel, and Nita Strauss. The six-date tour will kick off in Glasgow, before heading over to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds then concluding with two nights in London. Support acts will include Primal Scream (excluding London) and Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols (London only), as well as The Meffs on all dates.

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By securing VIP tickets to an Alice Cooper concert, you'll not only witness a legendary performance from one of the most influential rock icons of all time but also indulge in an unforgettable VIP experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Get ready to rock out in style and create moments you'll cherish forever!

What do you get with Alice Cooper VIP tickets?

If you or someone you know is an Alice Cooper fan, why not indulge yourself or a loved one in an unforgettable concert experience with official Alice Cooper VIP packages and tickets? Here are the perks you can look forward to benefiting from:

If you or someone you know is an Alice Cooper fan, why not treat yourself or a loved one to an unforgettable concert experience with official Alice Cooper VIP tickets and hospitality packages? Here's what perks you can look forward to enjoying:

  • VIP Lounge Access: Take advantage of pre and post-show access to dedicated VIP areas or lounges*.
  • Priority Entry: Arrive at the venue hassle-free through VIP entrances or priority access lanes*.
  • Drink and Dining Options: Some hospitality packages may include delectable food and beverage options*.
  • Access to Private Bars: Enjoy the benefit of accessing private bars or exclusive cocktail lounges*.
  • Premium Padded Seats: Watch Alice Cooper's performance from the best seats in the house*.
  • First-star Facilities: Benefit from access to premium amenities such as restrooms, cloakrooms, and concierge services, offering convenience and comfort throughout the event*.

Please note that the mentioned inclusions are typical offerings for VIP concert packages. For detailed information about what is included in specific Alice Cooper VIP ticket and hospitality packages, please select the concert date and venue you'd like to attend from the list above.

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Alice Cooper 2024 UK Tour Dates

14th October 2024 - OVO Hydro, Glasgow

16th October 2024 - Utilita Arena, Birmingham

17th October 2024 - AO Arena, Manchester

18th October 2024 - first direct arena, Leeds

20th October 2024 - Eventim Apollo, London

21st October 2024 - Eventim Apollo, London

About Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, is an American rock singer and songwriter. He was born on February 4, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan. Cooper has had a career that spans over sixty years and is known for his influential contributions to rock music. He gained fame for his ghoulish and theatrical stage performances, earning him the title "Godfather of Shock Rock".

Cooper formed his first band while in high school and went on to achieve great success with his solo career. Some of his notable works include albums like "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell," "Killer," "Love It to Death," "School's Out," and "Welcome to My Nightmare".

In 2011, Cooper and the surviving members of his original band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where they performed together for the first time in many years.

Cooper continues to be an influential figure in the rock music scene and has left a lasting impact on the genre.

Stage Persona

Alice Cooper is known for his distinctive stage persona, which combines elements of horror, macabre theatrics, and shock value. His performances often include props like fake blood, guillotines, snakes, and electric chairs, creating a dark and theatrical experience for his audience.

Early Career

Cooper's first successful band was called "Alice Cooper," which consisted of Vincent Furnier (Alice Cooper), Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith. They gained popularity in the early 1970s with hits like "School's Out" and "I'm Eighteen."

Solo Career

After the original Alice Cooper band disbanded in 1975, Cooper continued his career as a solo artist. He released several successful albums, experimented with different musical styles, and achieved hits like "Welcome to My Nightmare," "Poison," and "No More Mr. Nice Guy."


Alice Cooper has been a significant influence on many artists and genres. His blend of hard rock and theatrics paved the way for later shock rock performers such as Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Cooper's impact on rock music and his ability to create a captivating stage show has made him an iconic figure in the genre.


Outside of his music career, Alice Cooper is involved in various philanthropic efforts. He is a strong advocate for charities, particularly those focused on helping underprivileged children. Cooper also co-founded Solid Rock, a non-profit organization that provides support and opportunities for young people through music, arts, and education.

Alice Cooper's Most Popular Songs

1. "School's Out" - This iconic song, released in 1972, is one of Alice Cooper's most well-known and beloved tracks.

2. "Poison" - Released in 1989, this song became a major hit for Alice Cooper and remains one of his most popular songs.

3. "I'm Eighteen" - A classic rock anthem, this song was released in 1970 and is often regarded as one of Alice Cooper's signature songs.

4. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" - This song, released in 1973, is another fan favourite and has become a staple in Alice Cooper's live performances.

5. "Billion Dollar Babies" - Released in 1973, this song is known for its catchy melody and memorable chorus.

6. "Under My Wheels" - This energetic track, released in 1971, is a popular choice among Alice Cooper fans.

7. "Welcome to My Nightmare" - The title track of his 1975 album, this song has become a classic in Alice Cooper's discography.

8. "Feed My Frankenstein" - This song, released in 1991, gained popularity due to its inclusion in the movie "Wayne's World".

9. "Hey Stoopid" - The title track of his 1991 album, this song is often performed live and has remained a favourite among fans.

10. "Elected" - Released in 1972, this song has a catchy chorus and remains a popular Alice Cooper track.

Alice Cooper's Most Popular Albums

1. "Welcome to My Nightmare" - Released in 1975, this album is often considered one of Alice Cooper's best and most popular.

2. "Billion Dollar Babies" - This album, released in 1973, was a commercial success and remains one of Alice Cooper's most beloved records.

3. "Killer" - Released in 1971, this album is regarded as one of Alice Cooper's finest works and has garnered a significant following over the years.

4. "School's Out" - This album, released in 1972, includes the hit title track and remains one of Alice Cooper's most iconic releases.

5. "Love It to Death" - Released in 1971, this album helped establish Alice Cooper's sound and contains fan favourites like "I'm Eighteen".

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