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Janet Jackson VIP Packages & Hospitality - Together Again Tour 2024

Don't miss the highly anticipated European leg of Janet Jackson's 'Together Again Tour', celebrating her 50-year legacy in the entertainment industry and commemorating the 35th anniversary of her iconic album 'Rhymn Nation'. Bringing her electrifying performance to the UK, the tour will stop at Utilita Arena in Birmingham, The O2 in London, OVO Hydro in Glasgow, and Manchester's Co-op Live arena.

Experience the ultimate luxury with Janet Jackson hospitality tickets. Elevate your concert experience with first-class amenities and premium services, while immersing yourself in the unforgettable live performance of the five-time Grammy award winner. Here's what you can expect:

What's included with VIP concert tickets for Janet Jackson's tour dates?

  • VIP entry: Skip the queues and enter the venue through a dedicated VIP entrance, enjoying fast-tracked entry for a hassle-free start to your evening.
  • The best seats in the house: Watch Janet Jackson perform from the best seats in the house, ensuring you don't miss a single moment of this legendary artist's extraordinary performance.
  • Hospitality lounge access: Before and after the concert, enjoy access to a hospitality lounge. Kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming concert.
  • Delicious Food and drink options: Satisfy your cravings with a wide range of delectable food and drink options. Select packages may include inclusive food and drink, enhancing your experience with delightful culinary delights.
  • Luxurious Facilities: Experience sheer luxury with access to premium facilities, including a private bar and dedicated restroom facilities.

*Benefits listed above are based on typical VIP package inclusions. For more information on specific inclusions, please select the concert date and venue you'd like to attend from the list above.

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VIP tickets and packages for Janet Jackson's UK tour dates are on sale now!

Janet Jackson 'Together Again 2024' UK Tour Dates

About Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson was born into the legendary Jackson family, which included her older brothers, such as Michael Jackson. Her early exposure to the entertainment industry significantly influenced her career. She experienced both the highs and lows of fame but always remained determined to carve out her own path in the industry.

Music Success

Jackson's impact on popular music extends beyond her impressive album sales and chart-topping hits. She is recognised for pushing boundaries, addressing social issues, and using her platform to advocate for equality and inclusivity. Her influence on contemporary R&B, pop, and dance music is widely acknowledged.


Throughout her career, Janet Jackson has continuously evolved as an artist, embracing different musical styles and experimenting with various sounds. Her ability to adapt to changing industry trends while staying true to her artistic vision has solidified her status as a musical icon.

Songs and Albums

In addition to her iconic hits, Janet Jackson's discography is marked by critically acclaimed albums that showcase her versatility and artistry. Her albums often reflect her personal experiences and demonstrate her willingness to explore new sonic landscapes.

Live Performances

Janet Jackson's live performances are renowned for their intricate choreography, visually stunning production, and powerful stage presence. She has entertained audiences around the world with electrifying shows that have left a lasting impact on music fans.

Overall, Janet Jackson's enduring legacy in the music industry, coupled with her trailblazing achievements, continues to inspire and resonate with audiences globally.

Janet Jackson's Most Popular Songs

  1. "Rhythm Nation" - This iconic song from Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814" album is known for its socially conscious message and powerful choreography.
  2. "Together Again" - A heartfelt and uplifting song, "Together Again" was a major hit and showcased Jackson's versatility as an artist.
  3. "All for You" - The title track from her 2001 album, "All for You" is a catchy and infectious pop song that resonated with audiences worldwide.
  4. "Nasty" - This empowering anthem from her "Control" album became a defining song of her career and an emblem of female empowerment.
  5. "That's the Way Love Goes" - Known for its seductive and laid-back vibe, this song won a Grammy Award and topped the charts in the 90s.
  6. "Escapade" - With its lively, upbeat tempo, "Escapade" became a chart-topping hit and remains a beloved classic in Janet Jackson's discography.
  7. "Miss You Much" - This song became one of Jackson's signature hits, reaching the top of the charts and showcasing her dynamic vocal abilities.
  8. "When I Think of You" - A fun and infectious pop track, "When I Think of You" highlighted Jackson's ability to deliver catchy, feel-good music.
  9. "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" - This sultry ballad from her "Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814" album cemented her status as a formidable force in the music industry.
  10. "What Have You Done for Me Lately" - A standout track from the "Control" album, this song's assertive lyrics and upbeat melody resonated with audiences and solidified Janet Jackson's status as a pop icon.

Janet Jackson's Most Popular Albums

  1. "Control" - Released in 1986, "Control" is widely regarded as Janet Jackson's breakthrough album. It showcased her transition from a child star to a mature and independent artist.
  2. "Rhythm Nation 1814" - This critically acclaimed album was released in 1989 and featured hits like "Rhythm Nation" and "Miss You Much". It showcased Jackson's socially conscious lyrics and innovative production.
  3. "Janet" - Released in 1993, "Janet" is considered a pivotal album in her career. It explored themes of sexuality and personal growth and spawned hits like "That's the Way Love Goes" and "Again".
  4. "The Velvet Rope" - Released in 1997, "The Velvet Rope" delved into more introspective and personal themes. This experimental album received critical acclaim and is known for its emotional depth and vulnerable lyrics.
  5. "All for You" - Released in 2001, "All for You" showcased Janet Jackson's upbeat and energetic side. It features the title track, which became a chart-topping hit, as well as other popular songs like "Someone to Call My Lover".

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