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What do Jacob Collier VIP Tickets & Hospitality Packages include?

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate Jacob Collier experience with VIP tickets. By securing these tickets, you're in for an evening of VIP entertainment and exceptional hospitality. And here's what you can anticipate:

Premium amenities: You will have access to VIP areas or lounges furnished with comfortable seating, luxurious facilities, and stylish decor. These spaces are crafted to provide a serene and enjoyable environment away from the bustling crowds.

Exclusive entry points: You will arrive at the venue through VIP entrances or priority access lanes, allowing you to bypass long queues and swiftly enter the event.*

Food and beverages: Some packages are inclusive of food and drink meaning you can indulge in a variety of options, ranging from buffet-style meals, and gourmet catering, to specially crafted menus prepared by acclaimed chefs. Furthermore, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages may also be included. If you choose a package that is not inclusive of food or drink, you will have the option to purchase snacks and beverages from your lounge.*

Premium viewing areas: Savour your front-row experience with access to prime viewing areas such as VIP sections near the stage or elevated platforms that guarantee a clear line of sight. No more worries about arriving early or securing a crowded spot – your view will be exceptional.*

Premium facilities: Enjoy the convenience of exclusive restrooms, cloakrooms, and concierge services that cater specifically to VIP ticket holders.*

*Please note that these offerings reflect typical VIP concert packages; specific inclusions may vary depending on the package chosen. Please select the Nickelback concert date you'd like to attend above for specific inclusions.

When do Jacob Collier VIP tickets and packages go on sale?

VIP tickets and packages for Jacob Collier's AO Arena Manchester and London concert dates are on sale now.

How much are VIP tickets for Jacob Collier's UK tour dates?

Prices for Jacob Collier VIP packages and tickets start from £145 per person. Please be aware that Seat Unique operates as a live marketplace, where premium ticket and hospitality package prices may vary based on supply and demand. Prices can also differ by venue and package type.

Are the Jacob Collier VIP tickets and hospitality packages on your website legitimate?

The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We take the authenticity of our tickets and packages very seriously. That's why we only provide access to official Jacob Collier VIP packages and tickets, ensuring that your purchase is always safe and secure.

We have established partnerships and agreements with clubs, venues and rightsholders, which means your entry to Jacob Collier's UK tour dates is 100% guaranteed.

About Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is a British musician who has gained acclaim for his exceptional talent and innovative approach to music. He was born on 2nd August 1994 and grew up in North London. Jacob comes from a musical family, with his mother, Suzie Collier, being a violinist, conductor, and professor at the Royal Academy of Music's Junior Academy.

Collier has made a name for himself as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including Grammy Awards. In fact, he is the first British artist to have received a Grammy Award for each of his first four albums. His album "Djesse Vol. 3" was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Critics and audiences alike have recognized Collier as an exceptionally gifted artist. He has been praised for his mastery of various musical genres, his unique vocal harmonies, and his incorporation of intricate arrangements and improvisation in his music. Collier's playful and innovative approach to creating music sets him apart as an exceptional talent in the industry.

Jacob Collier's contributions to the music world have made him one of the most celebrated young artists of modern times. His talent and accomplishments have earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. By pushing musical boundaries and continuously exploring new creative avenues, Jacob Collier has established himself as a visionary and influential musician.

Most Popular Songs

1 'Hideaway'

2 'You And I'

3 'Moon River'

4 'Fascinating Rhythm'

5 'Hajanga'

6 'Make Me Cry'

7 'All Night Long'

8 'With The Love In My Heart"

9 'Saviour'

10 'Djesse'

Most Popular Albums

1 'Djesse Vol. 2'

2 'Djesse Vol. 1'

3 'Djesse Vol. 3'

4 'In My Room'

5 'Djesse Vol. 4'

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jacob Collier use autotune?

Collier personally adjusts specific vocal contributions, but he does it manually and emphasizes that he never utilises Auto-Tune or even Logic's Flex Pitch.

How many voices are in Moon River by Jacob Collier?

The music video contains a total of one hundred and forty-four vocals for the moon song (along with the singers' small heads, arranged like a constellation), which features prominent singers such as Chris Martin, Charlie Puth, David Crosby, Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, and several others.

What technology does Jacob Collier use?

Jacob Collier utilises Dolby Atmos technology to bring his songs to life and create immersive audio experiences with new dimensions. This technology helps enhance the audio quality and adds depth to his music.

How many octaves does Jacob Collier have?

Jacob Collier possesses an impressive vocal range spanning four octaves, which is a notable attribute of his singing. He frequently showcases his mastery of complex melodies and harmonies by venturing into the upper register of his vocal range.

What style is Jacob Collier?

Collier's musical style incorporates a fusion of various genres, including jazz, acappella, groove, folk, electronic music, classical music, gospel, soul, and improvisation. Notably, his compositions often showcase a bold and innovative approach to reharmonisation, pushing the boundaries of harmonic exploration.

Is Jacob Collier a tenor?

Rather than seeking collaborations with other musicians, Collier took on multiple roles himself, singing the lead, bass, baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano vocals. He skillfully layered these vocals together, creating harmonies by harmonising with himself.

How many instruments can Jacob Collier play?

Jacob Collier is a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, piano, double bass, bass guitar, drums, percussion, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, harpejji and meldocia.

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