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Sleep Token VIP & Hospitality Tickets - 2024 UK Tour

Sleep Token have announced a 2024 tour, which includes both North American and UK arena dates. Following their successful year in 2023, where they gained popularity on TikTok and released their acclaimed third studio album, 'Take Me Back To Eden', Sleep Token will embark on an extensive tour.

The North American tour will feature headline shows across the continent in early 2024. The band will also be embarking on a UK arena tour, building on their previous success in Europe and North America. From mid to late November, Sleep Token will visit some of the UK's biggest arenas including Glasgow's OVO Hydro Arena, Manchester's Co-op Live, Utiltia Arena Birmingham, The O2 in London, and Utiltia Arena Cardiff.

Fans can expect an enigmatic and captivating performance from Sleep Token, known for their unique blend of alternative metal music.

What to expect with a VIP ticket at a Sleep Token concert

  • Fast-tracked entry to venue*
  • Access to a VIP lounge area for pre and post-show mingling*
  • Complimentary drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options*
  • Gourmet catering is curated for a delightful dining experience*
  • Premium reserved seating with prime views of the stage*
  • Exceptional staff service and attention throughout the event*

*Benefits listed above are based on typical VIP concert packages. For specific package inclusions, please select the concert date you'd like to attend above. Please note that inclusions may vary by venue and package type.

Whether you're looking to see Sleep Token at Manchester's Co-op Live, Birmingham Utilita Arena or The O2 Arena we've got you covered.

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Sleep Token UK Tour Dates

Glasgow OVO Hydro, 25th Nov 2024
Manchester Co-op Live, 26th Nov 2024
Birmingham Utilita Arena, 28th Nov 2024
London The O2, 29th Nov 2024
Cardiff Utilita Arena, 30th Nov 2024

About Sleep Token

Sleep Token is a British rock band from London that was formed in 2016. The group is known for their anonymous and masked collective with a frontman called Vessel. Sleep Token has been described as blending different genres, including alternative metal, post-rock/metal, progressive metal, and indie rock/pop. They have gained popularity for their unique blend of alternative, progressive, and ambient music.

Sleep Token has released albums and songs that have garnered attention, including tracks like 'The Summoning' and 'Alkaline'. Their mysterious singer, Vessel, and their captivating lore have added to the intrigue and allure of the band.

Concept and Identity

The concept behind Sleep Token revolves around the anonymity of its members and the focus on the character known as Vessel, who serves as the frontman and the embodiment of the band's ethos. The band members use pseudonyms and wear masks to maintain their mysterious image.

Musical Style

Sleep Token's music is characterized by its atmospheric and ethereal soundscapes, combining elements of alternative rock, progressive metal, and post-rock/metal. Their songs often feature haunting melodies, intricate instrumentation, and emotionally charged lyrics.

The Worship Circle

Sleep Token has created its mythology known as 'The Worship Circle'. This story unfolds through their music, artwork, and live performances. The band's music is tied to this narrative, exploring themes of faith, love, loss, and human experiences.

Releases & Success

Sleep Token released their debut EP, 'Two', in 2016, followed by their critically acclaimed album, 'Sundowning', in 2019. The band has gained a dedicated fan base and received positive reviews for their unique sound and captivating performances.

Live Performances

Sleep Token is known for its immersive and intense live shows. Their performances often incorporate atmospheric lighting, elaborate staging, and Vessel's commanding stage presence, creating a memorable experience for their fans.

Growing Fan Community

Sleep Token has gained a dedicated and passionate fan community, known as 'The Sleepers'. Fans connect through social media platforms, forums, and fan events to discuss the band's music, theories, and experiences at concerts.

Future Plans

While specific details may vary, Sleep Token has announced plans for live tours and the release of new music in the future. As a fan, staying connected with the band's official website and social media channels will provide the latest updates.

Sleep Token's unique blend of music styles, intriguing mythology, and intriguing live performances contribute to their rising popularity and devoted fan base. Their music is often described as a journey that invokes deep emotions and introspection.

Sleep Token's Most Popular Songs

1. 'The Night Does Not Belong To God'

2. 'Take Aim'

3. 'The Offering'

4. 'Thread The Needle'

5. 'Higher'

6. 'Levitate'

7. 'Sugar'

8. 'Jaws'

9. 'Gods'

10. 'Nazareth'

Sleep Token's Most Popular Albums

1. 'Sundowning' (2019): This is Sleep Token's debut studio album, which received positive reviews for its atmospheric soundscapes and emotional intensity. It features tracks like 'The Night Does Not Belong To God' and 'Higher'.

2. 'Two' (2016): This EP serves as Sleep Token's first official release. It includes tracks like 'Thread The Needle' and 'Jericho'.

3. 'Jaws' (2017): Another EP from Sleep Token, 'Jaws' showcases the band's fusion of heavy and progressive elements. It features tracks like 'Gods' and 'Nazareth'.

4. 'Levitate' (2019): This EP explores themes of personal growth and overcoming adversity. It includes the tracks 'Take Aim' and 'Sugar'.

5. "This Place Will Become Your Tomb" (2021): Sleep Token's second full-length album further solidified their unique sound and storytelling approach. It features tracks like 'The Offering' and 'Alkaline'.

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