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Bullet for my Valentine VIP & Hospitality Tickets - The Poisoned Ascendancy Tour 2025

Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium will be embarking on an incredible arena tour in 2025! The tour, named "The Poisoned Ascendancy", is a celebration of their classic albums 'The Poison' and 'Ascendancy', both of which will be reaching milestone anniversaries next year.

Starting on January 26th at the Utilita Arena in Cardiff, the tour will visit Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham before concluding at The O2 in London on February 1st.

Experience the exhilarating energy of Bullet for My Valentine like never before with an official hospitality ticket package. Enjoy access to the premium hospitality area, where you will be treated to complimentary drinks and savoury appetizers before the show. From there, relax in premium seating with unbeatable views of the stage to witness the band's electrifying performance. These Bullet For My Valentine hospitality packages offer the perfect setting to entertain clients, impress a date, or simply indulge in a VIP concert experience. Don't miss this opportunity to rock with one of the most iconic heavy metal bands of our generation and indulge in luxurious hospitality at the same time!

Hospitality packages and VIP tickets for Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium's 2025 arena tour are on sale now!

Bullet for my Valentine UK Tour Dates

30th January 2025 - Co-op Live, Manchester

31st January 2025 - Utilita Arena, Birmingham

1st February 2025 - The O2 Arena

About Bullet for my Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine, often abbreviated as BFMV, is a Welsh heavy metal band that was formed in 1998 in Bridgend. The band is composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jason Bowld (drums), and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Over their 23-year career, Bullet for My Valentine has become known for their ability to blend anthemic melodies with heavy metal riffs, creating a unique sound. They have released several successful albums, including "The Poison" (2005), "Scream Aim Fire" (2008), and "Gravity" (2018). The band has also gone through lineup changes over the years, but their commitment to reinvention and exploration of their musical style has remained constant.

Bullet for My Valentine's music has been influenced by various subgenres of heavy metal, including thrash metal, metalcore, and melodic metal. They are known for their dynamic live performances, often showcasing their technical skills and energetic stage presence.

Throughout their career, Bullet for My Valentine has gained a dedicated fan base and achieved commercial success with their chart-topping albums and singles. They have toured extensively, both as headliners and as support for other prominent bands in the heavy metal genre.

Overall, Bullet for My Valentine has made a significant impact on the heavy metal scene with their distinctive sound and a commitment to pushing boundaries within the genre.

Bullet for my Valentine's Most Popular Songs

  1. Tears Don't Fall: This song is often considered one of their best and most iconic songs.
  2. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me): This emotional track is also a fan favourite.
  3. Your Betrayal: This song showcases the band's heavy and energetic sound.
  4. Waking the Demon: Known for its powerful riffs and intense vocals.
  5. Scream Aim Fire: This song features catchy melodies and a memorable chorus.
  6. Hand of Blood: A fast-paced and aggressive song that gained the band early recognition.
  7. Hearts Burst into Fire: This melodic track showcases the band's ability to create emotionally charged music.
  8. Raising Hell: A high-energy song with aggressive guitar riffs and powerful vocals.
  9. No Way Out: This song combines melodic elements with heavy instrumentals.
  10. Fever: The title track of their album "Fever," is known for its catchy hooks and heavy guitar work.

Bullet for my Valentine's Most Popular Albums

  1. "The Poison" (2005): This was the band's debut album and is often considered a classic in the metalcore genre. The album features hits such as "Tears Don't Fall" and "All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)."
  2. "Scream Aim Fire" (2008): This album saw Bullet for My Valentine further refine their sound, incorporating elements of thrash metal and melodic metal. The album features hits such as "Scream Aim Fire" and "Waking the Demon."
  3. "Fever" (2010): This album features more clean vocals and a more melodic sound than the previous albums. It features hits such as "Your Betrayal" and "Fever."
  4. "Venom" (2015): This album features a more aggressive sound and darker themes, with hits such as "No Way Out" and "You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)."
  5. "Gravity" (2018): This album showcased a more experimental sound for the band, incorporating electronic elements and featuring guest vocalists. Hits from this album include "Over It" and "Piece of Me."
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