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NCT Dream has revealed their upcoming stop in London as part of their "Dream( )scape" Tour.

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About NCT Dream

NCT Dream is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment. They made their debut in 2016 as the third sub-unit of the larger NCT project. The group was created with the concept of a rotational system where members would graduate once they reached a certain age. However, in 2020, SM Entertainment announced that the graduation system would be abolished, and all members would remain in the group.

In terms of history, NCT Dream gained early success with their debut single "Chewing Gum," which showcased their youthful and vibrant image. Since then, they have released several chart-topping songs and albums, establishing themselves as one of the popular groups in K-pop.

As for their live performances, NCT Dream has been known for their energetic and dynamic stage presence. They have performed at numerous music shows, concerts, and international events, captivating audiences with their strong vocals and synchronized dance performances.

Some of their most popular songs include "We Young," "Go," "Boom," and "Ridin'." Each release showcases their growth and versatility as artists, with diverse musical styles ranging from pop to hip-hop.

In terms of albums, NCT Dream has released several mini-albums, including "The First," "We Young," "We Go Up," and "We Boom," each showcasing their evolving sound and showcasing their talents. They have also contributed to the NCT project through collaborations and songs on the larger NCT albums.

Overall, NCT Dream has garnered immense popularity and success since its debut. With their infectious energy, catchy music, and strong performances, they have established themselves as a leading group in the K-pop industry.

NCT Dream's Most Popular Songs

  1. Chewing Gum
  2. My First and Last
  3. We Young
  4. Go
  5. We Go Up
  6. Boom
  7. Ridin'
  8. Candle Light
  9. Boom
  10. Hot Sauce

NCT Dream's Most Popular Albums

  1. The First
  2. We Young EP
  3. We Go Up EP
  4. We Boom EP
  5. Reload EP
  6. Hot Sauce (studio album)

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