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André Rieu ist der umsatzstärkste klassische Künstler in der Logescore-Geschichte von Billboard. Er ist der klassische Act mit den meistbesuchten Konzerten und übertrifft häufig die beliebtesten Pop- und Rockstars der Welt. Der Geigenvirtuose hat klassische Musik Millionen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt zugänglich gemacht. Er ist berühmt dafür, den Walzer zu einer „internationalen Sensation“ zu machen.

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About André Rieu

André Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor best known for creating the Johann Strauss Orchestra and popularising classical and waltz music through worldwide concert tours. He was born André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu on 1st October 1949, in Maastricht, Netherlands. Rieu's father, Andries Antonie Rieu, was the conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. He showed musical promise from a young age and began playing the violin at the age of five.

Rieu has achieved great success with his orchestra, turning classical and waltz music into a global phenomenon. His concerts are known for their vibrant and festive atmosphere, often featuring beautiful performances of well-known waltzes and classical pieces. He is not only a talented musician but also an entrepreneur, leading his own orchestra of young musicians.

Rieu has received numerous awards for his contributions to music and has an extensive discography and filmography that showcase his talent and passion for classical music. He continues to tour and perform around the world, bringing joy and a love for music to audiences everywhere.

Most Popular Songs

1 - The Blue Danube

2 - The Second Waltz

3 - Boléro

4 - The Beautiful Blue Danube

5 - Radetzky March

6 - Zorba's Dance (Sirtaki)

7 - The Merry Widow

8 - The White Horse Inn

9 - The Gypsy Princess Medley

10 - Emperor Waltz

Most Popular Albums

1 'Jewels of Romance' - This album features a collection of romantic tunes, including tracks like 'Indian Love Call', 'Morning Has Broken', and 'Dance of the Blessed Spirits'.

2 'And The Waltz Goes On' - This album includes the performance of the Sir Anthony Hopkins-penned waltz, which achieved success in the UK and featured Hopkins himself attending Rieu's performance.

3 'Home for the Holidays' - Released in 2012, this album reached the top half of the Billboard 200 chart, showcasing Rieu's holiday-themed music.

4 'Music of the Night' - Released in 2013, this album reached the Top Five in the UK and featured a collection of enchanting and classical tracks.

5 'Magic of the Violin' - Released in 2015, this album highlights Rieu's violin skills and features both popular and classical compositions.

Most Popular Performances

1 'The Second Waltz' - André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performed the beautiful and lively 'The Second Waltz' in several concerts. This performance showcases Rieu's charismatic stage presence and the stunning talent of his orchestra.

2 'The Blue Danube' - André Rieu's interpretation of Johann Strauss II's classic waltz, 'The Blue Danube', is one of his most renowned performances. It is often accompanied by a grand dance routine on the stage and captivates audiences with its charm and elegance.

3 'Love in Venice' - In this concert, André Rieu takes his audience on a musical journey through Venice, performing well-loved melodies like 'O sole mio' and 'Volare'. The concert features stunning scenery, captivating costumes, and heartwarming performances.

4 'André Rieu Live at the Royal Albert Hall' - This concert showcases André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performing in the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. It is a grand and unforgettable performance that includes a mix of classical music, pop melodies, and captivating visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is André Rieu performing next?

André Rieu is performing at Leeds, Birmingham and London in 2024.

How can I buy tickets for André Rieu concerts?

Tickets for André Rieu concerts can be purchased with us at Seat Unique. Please choose the date and package of the event you would like to go to and proceed to the checkout. However, if you would rather speak to our customer service team, please email us at

How long is an André Rieu concert?

André Rieu concerts typically last between 2.5 to 3 hours, including an intermission.

Can I bring my camera or record the concert?

The use of cameras, professional recording equipment, and other recording devices is usually prohibited during André Rieu concerts. It is best to check the concert venue's policy on cameras and recording devices before attending the event.

What is the dress code for an André Rieu concert?

There is no specific dress code for André Rieu concerts. Attendees usually come dressed in smart casual or formal attire, but it ultimately depends on personal preference.

Are André Rieu concerts suitable for children?

André Rieu concerts are family-friendly, and children are welcome to attend. The lively and captivating performances often appeal to audiences of all ages.

Do André Rieu concerts have assigned seating?

Yes, André Rieu concerts usually have assigned seating.

Can I bring outside food and drinks to an André Rieu concert?

Outside food and drinks are usually not permitted at André Rieu concerts. However, most concert venues have concessions or food stands where refreshments can be purchased.

How old is André Rieu?

André Rieu was born on October 1st, 1949, which makes him currently 74 years old.

How much is André Rieu worth?

André Rieu is estimated to have a net worth of around $40 million. As a successful violinist and conductor, Rieu has built a career spanning several decades, has created the Johann Strauss Orchestra, and has achieved worldwide success with his concerts and recordings.

How much are André Rieu tickets?

André Rieu VIP and hospitality tickets start from £120. However, please be aware prices can vary.

What is André Rieu's Nationality?

André Rieu's nationality is Dutch. He was born in Maastricht, Netherlands, and he is a Dutch violinist and conductor.

Why is André Rieu so popular?

First and foremost, his music brings classical and waltz genres to a wider audience, making them accessible and enjoyable for people around the world. His performances often combine elements of classical music with a touch of showmanship, creating a unique and entertaining experience for the audience.

Furthermore, Rieu's ability to connect with his audience has played a significant role in his popularity. He has a charismatic stage presence and a warm interaction with the audience, making them feel involved and creating a memorable experience.

Rieu's commitment to creating a joyful and festive atmosphere during his concerts is another factor in his popularity. His performances often feature lavish stage sets, beautiful costumes, and even dancing. This vibrant and visually appealing spectacle adds to the overall entertainment value and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

In addition to his music and performances, Rieu's dedication to sharing his passion for classical music is evident. He has created the Johann Strauss Orchestra, with whom he collaborates and performs, showcasing the talents of his orchestra members and promoting a sense of unity and cooperation among musicians.

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