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Dude Perfect VIP Tour Tickets & Hospitality Packages - UK Tour 2024

Welcome to the ultimate luxury experience for Dude Perfect's upcoming Panda-Monium World Tour hitting the UK in 2024! Don't miss your chance to secure official Dude Perfect VIP tickets and hospitality packages for an unforgettable time with Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and the Cotton twins, Coby and Cory.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dude Perfect where laugh-out-loud antics and crazy trick-shot battles will unfold on stage in a city near you - Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, London, and Birmingham from 13th - 19th September.

What's included with Dude Perfect VIP Tickets & Hospitality Packages?

Premium seats: Enjoy prime views of Dude Perfect's performance from the best seats in the house.

VIP lounge access: Relax and socialise with friends, family, clients or colleagues both and after the show in dedicated VIP lounges.

Complimentary food, drinks and/or snacks: Indulge in delectable gourmet bites, along with fine wines, spirits, and soft drinks.

*Please be aware that the benefits listed above are based on typical package inclusions. For specific information, please select the concert date you'd like to attend from the list above.

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Dude Perfect UK Tour Dates 2024

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About Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a popular sports entertainment group known for their trick shots, comedy sketches, and stunts. The group consists of five members: Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and twins Coby and Cory Cotton.

Dude Perfect was formed in 2009 when five friends from Texas A&M University began making videos together, showcasing their unique skills and blending elements of sports and entertainment. They gained initial fame with their basketball trick-shot videos, which went viral on YouTube. Since then, they have expanded their content to include various sports and challenges.

The group's success can be attributed to its entertaining and family-friendly content, which resonates with a wide audience. They have amassed a massive following on YouTube, with over 60 million subscribers and billions of views on their videos. Their humorous and skilful approach to creating content has propelled them to become one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Aside from their online presence, Dude Perfect has also achieved success in other areas. They have published books, hosted television shows, and partnered with major brands for collaborations and endorsements. Their influence extends beyond the digital space, reaching fans through live shows and events.

Dude Perfect has embarked on several tours, where they bring their unique blend of sports, comedy, and entertainment to live audiences. They perform a variety of stunts, tricks, and challenges on stage, creating an immersive and interactive experience for their fans. Their upcoming tour, "That's Happy 2022 Summer Tour," is set to take place in various cities and promises to deliver a new and exciting show. Fans can find tour dates and purchase tickets on their official website.

In conclusion, Dude Perfect is a sports entertainment group known for its trick shots, comedy sketches, and stunts. They gained fame through their viral YouTube videos and have achieved success both online and offline. With their upcoming tour, they continue to entertain and engage with their dedicated fanbase.

Guinness World Records

Dude Perfect holds several Guinness World Records for their incredible trick shots. Some of these records include the longest basketball shot (533 feet), the longest blindfolded basketball shot (63.6 feet), and the highest basketball shot (533 feet).

Television Shows

In addition to their YouTube channel, Dude Perfect has hosted multiple television shows. They had their own series called "The Dude Perfect Show," which aired on CMT and Nickelodeon. The show followed the group as they embarked on various challenges and adventures.

Celebrity Collaborations

Over the years, Dude Perfect has collaborated with numerous celebrities and athletes in their videos. Some notable collaborations include appearances by NBA superstars such as Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and Paul George. They have also featured actors like Zac Efron and Paul Rudd.


Dude Perfect has a range of merchandise available for fans, including clothing, accessories, and sports equipment. Their merchandise line features their iconic logo and catchphrases. Fans can purchase their merchandise through their official website.


The group is known for their charitable efforts as well. They regularly donate to various causes and participate in fundraising events. In 2021, they launched the "Dude Perfect World Tour for Compassion," partnering with Compassion International to support children in need.

Business Ventures

Besides YouTube and its live shows, Dude Perfect has expanded its brand through entrepreneurial ventures. They have launched their own mobile game called "Dude Perfect 2" and have collaborated with toy manufacturers on creating sports-themed products.

Dude Perfect continues to entertain and inspire millions of viewers worldwide with its unique blend of sports, humour, and creativity. Whether it's through their jaw-dropping trick shots or engaging live shows, they have become a household name in the world of sports entertainment.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Please call us on +44 (0)208 706 0164 or email enquiries@seatunique.com if you have any queries or require further information.