Have you always wondered what a Wimbledon debenture ticket is & how you can get your hands on them? We are here to help, and make sure that you experience Wimbledon’s greatest tennis stars from the best seats in the house!

Last Updated: 02/08/22 at 15:26 pm

After an intense and exciting Wimbledon season in 2022, you may already be anticipating next summer’s competition and wondering how you can secure your place in the action.

However, you may be struggling to wrap your head around exactly what Wimbledon debenture tickets are. That’s why we are here to answer and simplify all of your most asked questions and queries!

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about these highly sought after Wimbledon tickets, and how you can get your hands on debentures for the upcoming 2023 competition.

What are Wimbledon debenture tickets?

Wimbledon Championship tennis match
Image: Wimbledon Championship

Debenture tickets for Wimbledon offer incredible views of the action and are the only form of ticket that can be resold or sold online for the competition.

Issued every five years, debenture seats give you access to every day of the Wimbledon Championship.

However, if you do not want to attend the competition everyday, you can sell your seat to another buyer who will then be able to use it for the day.

How much is a debenture seat at Wimbledon?

Debentures cost around £80,000 each and give you ownership of the seat for 5 years of the Wimbledon Championship.

Are Wimbledon debentures a good investment?

Coins in a jar with a sprouting plant
Image: Money jar growing a plant (Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya)

Many people purchase debenture seats because they are arguably a good investment to make.

Coming in at approximately £80,000 per seat, debentures are not cheap. But in theory, the seat could be sold-on for every day of the Wimbledon championship over a five year period.

Particularly towards the end of the championship, debenture tickets are extremely highly sought after; so, a debenture owner is unlikely to struggle to sell on their seat and could make a profit on their original purchase.

However, due to the high price point, buying a debenture seat is out of budget for many people.

But, don’t worry because you can still experience everything that a debenture seat has to offer without the huge expense of purchasing the seat, with a Wimbledon debenture ticket.

How to become a debenture holder at Wimbledon

The five year series of Centre Court debentures will run till 2025 while Court 1 debentures will finish in 2026.

If you would like to become a debenture holder before then, you will have to transfer a debenture seat from an existing owner via private agreement or through a stockbroker.

What does a Wimbledon debenture ticket include?

Crowd watching a Wimbledon tennis match
Image: Wimbledon tennis and crowd

Wimbledon debenture tickets provide you with unparalleled views of the tennis in either the Centre Court or Court 1.

With a debenture ticket, you will also benefit from access to the array of premium debenture facilities at Wimbledon including outstanding food and beverage venues.

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How much does a Wimbledon debenture ticket cost?

Wimbledon debenture tickets start at £949 per person (+VAT) for the 2023 Championship.

How much are Wimbledon Final tickets?

Wimbledon Final debenture tickets are the most expensive debenture option due to extreme demand for access to the Centre Court on the last day of the ladies and men's competitions.

Ladies’ Final debenture tickets start at £1700 per person (+VAT) while Men's Final debenture tickets start at £4200 per person (+ VAT) for the 2023 championship.

How to buy a Wimbledon debenture ticket

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Image: Seat Unique Trustpilot review by William Tubbs

Seat Unique is delighted to open fan access to Wimbledon debenture tickets for the 2023 competition.

Through our secure online platform, you can secure Wimbledon debenture tickets at any time by selecting the date and location (Centre Court or Court 1) of your ticket. We recommend purchasing sooner rather than later so that you are guaranteed to get your hands on your preferred court location and date.

Buy Wimbledon debentures 2023

Debentures are typically sold in pairs, but if you would like to make a group booking, please contact our team.

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