What is good service in the hospitality industry?

Fine dining? Excellent customer service? The best seats in the house? Backstage passes? We explain the importance of quality in the hospitality industry.

Image: Unsplash; Alev Takil

When you have paid a lot of money for hospitality, you want to know it’s going to be worth every penny. With standard event tickets, your experience is mostly in hands of the performer or team. However, with hospitality packages your experience is also in the hands of the venue owners, the hospitality staff, the catering team, bar staff and so on.

Sports clubs and music venues who provide a premium hospitality service will oversee every detail of your day from start to finish. After all, they are professionals who are responsible for ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

What can you expect from a hospitality package?

There are many different varieties of hospitality. For instance, Man City have around twenty different hospitality packages, so a lot depends on what exactly you are looking for. These range from a relaxed bar with a free drink or two, to being wined and dined in the executive suites.

If we look at hospitality objectively in sport or music, good service should mean that you given an upgraded experience on what you would get from your average ticket. This means that you are treated to a real VIP experiences with zero queues, seats with unbeatable views, access to private bars, complimentary drinks, two-four-course meals, and perhaps even a backstage pass.

You can expect to be well looked after from start to finish, enjoy some exquisite food and drink and have an incredible view of the action. Clearly, if you feel that your package has not lived up to your expectations or quite frankly doesn’t include what it said on the tin, then you have the right to be upset.

What advice do we have?

It is important that you read the small print, as some clubs or venues packages are adjusted slightly for certain occasions. For example, Watford FC’s gallery suite offers a complimentary bar for all category A* and A matches but not for category B matches. All it takes is a thoughtful read of the packages and these adjustments are clear for all to see.

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