Calling all Travis Scott fans! The 'goosebumps' rapper may be bringing his highly anticipated 'Utopia' tour to the UK in 2024. Rumours are swirling and excitement is building as we eagerly await his live return. Discover all the latest details about this potential tour right here.

Since the release of his debut album 'Rodeo' in 2015, Travis Scott has been taking the music industry by storm.

With his unique blend of hip-hop, trap, and rap influences, Scott has built a massive following that spans across the globe.

His performances are known for their high-octane energy, mind-blowing visuals, and surprise guest appearances, making his shows an unforgettable experience.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Travis Scott to bring his electrifying stage presence and larger-than-life production to the UK. Keep reading as we discuss the possibility of a Travis Scott UK tour.

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Is Travis Scott touring in 2024?

Travis Scott is currently on 'The Circus Maximus Tour', also branded and promoted as 'Utopia Tour Presents Circus Maximus'. The rapper is currently touring across America and Canada and has 18 upcoming concerts.

This has left fans speculating as to whether Travis will be bringing the tour across the pond in 2024.

Scott has teased upcoming shows on his Instagram page, leaving fans ecstatic with his announcement: "Utopia Tour starts soon. US and European dates are soon to be announced. I miss the road, yallll."

Unfortunately, Travis Scott has not confirmed a UK tour as of yet, but due the popularity and success of his current tour, there is a strong indication that Travis will be adding UK tour dates.

We will keep this blog updated if and when news of a tour is announced.

Is Travis Scott releasing new music?

Travis Scott has recently released his fourth studio album, titled 'Utopia', which has been a huge success among Cactus Jack fans.

When did Travis Scott last tour?

Travis Scott's last tour was 'Astroworld Festival' which was cut short due to a tragic accident at his Houston concert.

During the festival's Houston leg in November 2021, a stampede broke out, leading to the death of ten people and several injuries.

The tragedy weighed heavily on Travis Scott, and he announced a hiatus from performing for several months.

How long is the average Travis Scott concert?

Travis Scott's sets on the tour have lasted around 90 minutes. He performs around 25 songs each night, based on averages across the tour.

For reference, during the Circus Maximus show at Moda Center in Portland on 12th November, he took to the stage at 9.30 pm and played until 11 pm.

What songs does Travis play at Utopia Tour?

The average setlist for Travis Scotts' Utopia Tour:

  • Aye
  • sdp interlude
  • Praise God
  • Upper Echelon
  • lose
  • Mamacita
  • I KNOW?
  • 90210
  • FE!N


  • Antidote
  • goosebumps

When and where will Travis Scott tour in the UK

Travis Scott has not announced any specific UK tour dates yet, but it is highly likely that he will be visiting the UK next summer.

Our prediction is that he will be performing at various arenas in cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

How to see live Travis Scott in the UK?

While we don't have an official confirmation just yet, it's worth noting that the UK has always been a significant destination for global artists, and Travis Scott's popularity in the country is undeniable.

With the demand from his dedicated UK fanbase and the size of the venues he usually performs in, it's safe to say that a UK tour would be a fitting and logical next step for Travis Scott.

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