Do you want to have an amazing Tottenham experience without breaking the bank? We tell you what makes the Travel Club the best value matchday option for Spurs fans & how you can get your hands on tickets!

We know that many Spurs fans struggle to get their hands on tickets to the hottest fixtures, while most think that hospitality packages are too out of reach.

We are here to bust these myths and tell you why the Travel Club means that you can access the best matches, and take your experience to the next level without facing extreme costs.

Keep reading to discover what makes the Travel Club so irresistible, and how you can secure your Premier League place with hospitality tickets via Seat Unique now!

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Can you buy Tottenham tickets without being a member?

View from the half way line at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Image: Travel Club half way line seat view

To gain priority access and secure official Spurs home tickets to the most popular before they sell out, fans must purchase a Club membership.  

But, a Club membership does not necessarily mean that you will get your hands on the tickets that you really want.

Often buyers are left disappointed when they cannot secure their preferred seats, or are limited in the number of seats that they can purchase alongside each other.

However, there is another way that you can secure your place in the action…

Hospitality tickets and packages are an amazing way to guarantee your place at Tottenham Hotspur fixtures.

Premium tickets open fan access to excellently positioned seats located next to each other, while also including luxury hospitality perks.

If you are curious about premium Spurs tickets, keep reading to find out why we think that the Travel Club is the best value Tottenham hospitality option for fans seeking an unforgettable matchday experience.

What makes the Travel Club so good?

Experience the best views

The Travel Club offers Spurs fans access to the top three pitch views on offer at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

With a Travel Club ticket, you will experience the fixture from the comfort of your premium padded seat and take in unrivalled views from a choice of long side, halfway line, or corner position seating.

From your VIP seat you will soak up the incredible matchday atmosphere and experience the very best of the game from the heart of the action!

(Positioned behind the away fans, the Travel Club is suitable for home and away visitors).

Indulge in luxury perks

With a Tottenham Hotspur Travel Club ticket you will benefit from fast-tracked entry before indulging in an array of luxury perks in the beautiful stadium lounge.

Soak up the electric pre-match atmosphere as you have all your needs met with inclusions such as a stunning grazing menu buffet, private bar access, and complimentary drinks.

Get access to the hottest Spurs matches

The Travel Club means that you can secure your place at the most anticipated fixtures without purchasing a Club membership or risking unofficial sellers.

Seat Unique opens fan access to Tottenham home fixtures against big rivals including matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham via our trusted platform with official Travel Club hospitality tickets.

So, you can guarantee your seat at the most anticipated fixtures of the season and rest assured that you are purchasing legitimate tickets.

Meet Spurs legends

Danny Rose and Harry Kane playing football
Image: Harry Kane and Danny Rose

If you are a Tottenham Hotspur aficionado then this Travel Club inclusion is guaranteed to excite you!

In the Travel Club lounge you will have the unique opportunity to bump shoulders with ex-Spurs players, and may even get the chance to chat to them about their time playing for the team.

This opportunity makes the Travel Club perfect for special occasions and is guaranteed to make your loved one’s birthday or celebration one to remember!

How much do Travel Club tickets cost at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

Travel Club hospitality tickets for upcoming Premier League fixtures at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium start at £299 per person (+VAT).

Is the Travel Club worth the money?

To get your hands on Tottenham Hotspur tickets to the most sought-after fixtures, you will face the costs of a Club membership and ticket, as well as added extras on the day including food and drinks.

On the other hand, with Travel Club hospitality, ticket inclusions leave extra costs at a minimum as you benefit from catering, and drink options while experiencing the very best views from your premium seat.

We think that this is the best value for money experience at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, so why not check out our available packages now and secure your memorable day watching Spurs?

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