With a huge fan base and 20 years since the release of their debut album, The Killers have an impressive hit catalogue under their belt. We take a deep dive into The Killers’ greatest hits of all time.

When it comes to timeless rock anthems, few bands have made as big of an impact as The Killers.

With their captivating lyrics and infectious melodies, this Las Vegas-based rock band has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

We explore 10 of The Killers’ biggest hit songs that have become iconic hits in music history, following the announcement of their much-anticipated 2024 UK tour.

Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to their music, their discography will leave you craving for more.

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Smile Like You Mean It

At number 10 on our list, we have ‘Smile Like You Mean It’.  This song features catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and an infectious chorus that has resonated with fans around the world.

It is often praised for its nostalgic and bittersweet tone and its themes of societal pressures and the quest for authenticity. ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ has remained a staple in The Killers' live performances

9. Caution

‘Caution’ is a captivating song by The Killers that showcases their signature sound and lyrical storytelling.

‘Caution’ was released in 2020 as the lead single from their album 'Imploding the Mirage', and features a guitar solo by former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

The song combines energetic rock elements with electronic influences.

8. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

Our number 9 pick is The Killers’ ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’. This gritty track tells a compelling and mysterious story, leaving listeners captivated from start to finish. It's a true testament to The Killers' lyrical prowess.

It is also a part of the Killers' alleged “Murder Trilogy”, three songs detailing the murder of a girl named Jenny.

While this track is chronologically the first to be released, it’s the third part of the narrative, following ‘Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf’ (the preparations of the killer-to-be) and ‘Midnight Show’ (the murder itself).

7. Runaways

‘Runaways’ was released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, 'Battle Born', in 2012.

This song showcases The Killers' ability to create instant classics. Its anthemic sound and heartfelt lyrics make it a standout in their discography.

This song quickly gained popularity, reaching the top 10 charts in various countries and even making an impact on the US Alternative Songs Chart.

It tells the story of a young couple navigating life in an arid desert town, as they strive to find love, joy, and humanity amidst their challenging circumstances.

6. Read My Mind

At number 6 we’ve got ‘Read My Mind’. This is a synth-heavy instrumentation and explores themes of love, nostalgia, and self-discovery.

Its catchy chorus and memorable melody have made it a fan-favourite and popular live performance choice for the band.

In an interview with Chicago radio station Q101, lead vocalist Brandon Flowers called 'Read My Mind' the best song he had ever written.

5. Human

This synth-infused track showcases The Killers' ability to evolve their sound while maintaining their signature style.

It was released as the first single from their third studio album Day & Age (2008) and over a decade later it's still one of the most popular tracks during their live set.
The chorus line "Are we human, or are we dancer?" in the song sparked confusion and debate due to its grammar. This led to widespread online discussions, with disagreements over whether the lyric was "dancer," "dancers," or even "denser."

The band's official website clarified that Brandon Flowers sings "Are we human, or are we dancer?" The lyric was inspired by a remark from Hunter S. Thompson, who criticised America for "raising a generation of dancers, afraid to take one step out of line."

4. When We Were Young

The Killers released 'When You Were Young' in 2006 as the lead single from their second studio album, 'Sam's Town'.

This powerful song, with its memorable guitar riffs and Brandon Flowers' unique vocals, established The Killers as rock legends.

It is a nostalgic and emotional masterpiece that has become one of their most successful singles. 'When You Were Young' reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became their first number one on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart.

3. All These Things I’ve Done

Known for its triumphant chorus, this song's uplifting message resonates with fans worldwide.

The song is a concert staple for the band, having been played live the third-most frequently of all songs. It was written by frontman Brandon Flowers and features gospel choir The Sweet Inspirations.

2. Somebody Told Me

In 2nd place is the global phenomenon that is ‘Somebody Told Me’.  Released in 2004 this is the second single by The Killers. The song is featured on the group's debut album 'Hot Fuss'.

This upbeat track showcases The Killers' knack for crafting catchy hooks. From the moment the chorus kicks in, it becomes impossible to resist joining in and singing along.

‘Somebody Told Me’ showcases the band's ability to create memorable and infectious melodies that have resonated with listeners worldwide.

1. Mr. Brightside

In 1st place is the song that put the band on the map, ‘Mr. Brightside’.

Released in 2003, ‘Mr. Brightside’ is an anthem of love, jealousy, and obsession that has become a staple in their live performances.

Its impact is undeniable, boasting over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone. 'Mr. Brightside' stands tall as one of The Killers' most beloved and heavily streamed tracks, maintaining its popularity even years after its initial release.

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