Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees KISS have an epic catalogue of smash hits under their belt, with the band celebrating 50 years of rocking in 2023. Here are our picks for the 5 best songs by KISS to see live.

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Glam Metal pioneers KISS have a ridiculous amount of blockbuster hit songs to choose from when deciding their setlist for live shows. The band are celebrating their 50-year anniversary this year and have released 24 studio albums in that time.

The ‘God of Thunder’ singers have 14 platinum albums and are well known for their on-stage theatrics. If you’re heading to a KISS concert, you can expect to see Gene Simmons and co spitting blood and breathing fire as well as witnessing smoking guitars, levitating drum sets, shooting rockets, floating stages and lots of pyrotechnics.

The average time for a KISS show is between two and three hours, making it one of the longest sets around. With the unbelievable show that the band puts on, you can expect their songs to sound even better live.

Keep reading to find out our top 5 live versions of KISS songs, and how you can see the band perform them from the best seats in the house with official KISS VIP concert tickets.

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I Was Made For Lovin’ You

As soon as Gene Simmons' bass riff kicks in at the start of this song, and Paul Stanley comes sailing across the arena on his trademark zip line, the crowd goes absolutely wild.

The song was a departure from most of KISS’s early music releases, easing up on the heavy guitars and opting for a more melodic influence instead.

The change in style for the song was mainly down to the popularity of the disco style in the late 1970s. When writing this song, the band was in conflict with their producers who wanted them to shift to a more commercial sound.

Years after the song's release Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss have all expressed their dislike for the song.    

Whatever the circumstances of the song’s conception and release, the blockbuster hit has become a staple of the band’s live performances, with Paul Stanley’s incredible vocals captivating audiences around the world.

I Love It Loud

Performed live by the ‘Demon’ himself, Gene Simmons, and usually accompanied by a hard-hitting, blood-spitting heavy metal bass solo, ‘I Love It Loud' is a visually stunning heavy metal masterpiece that has the ability to get you headbanging along no matter what your music taste.

The song derives from the band’s 1982 album ‘Creatures of The Night’ and has been played over 1,500 times across almost every one of the band’s tours.

The album was one of the heavier projects produced by the band and ‘I Love It Loud’ really sets the tone for the whole record with its thundering drums, blistering guitars and rallying vocals.

The combination of primitive drum throbs, Gene Simmons’ fierce vocals, and the band's war cry whip the crowd into a frenzy as they make a pledge to hard rock screaming out the lyrics to this absolute anthem.

Detroit Rock City

Next up on this list is an absolute classic rock staple, produced by Paul Stanley in homage to the Detroit music scene and in tribute to a young fan who lost his life on the way to a KISS concert.

It is one of the leading singles from the band's 1976 platinum album ‘Destroyer’. This was KISS’s first album under renowned music producer Bob Ezrin, who really took their sound and style to the next level after the success of their previous album ‘Alive!’.

The song is definitely one of the band’s more complex pieces. Hearing it live is a real treat for the ears, as the Spaceman and the Starchild’s guitars come together in a beautiful symphony of shredding.

Love Gun

‘Love Gun’ has been described by the Starchild himself as being ‘Quintessential KISS’ and one of the 5 signature KISS songs.

The song is inspired by ‘How Many More Times’ from Led Zeppelin's 1969 debut album ‘Led Zeppelin’ and is sure to get the blood pumping with powerful guitar riffs and high energy levels throughout.

The song has been played on every single KISS tour and is always a smash hit with the audience, as they rock out to Paul Stanley’s unbelievable vocal range and Gene Simmons and Peter Criss’ perfect harmonies on the chorus, along with the usual KISS rock and roll stylings.

Rock and Roll All Nite

An absolute must-see for any fan of KISS, and a song that has become synonymous with the band across the last 47 years, ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ is the true embodiment of everything that rock and roll stands for.

The titanic hit was the 5th single from the band's 1975 album ‘Dressed To Kill’. Upon its release, the song took the world by storm and has recently been named the 16th greatest rock song of all time by VH1.

The track has served as the band's closing concert song since 1976 and gives the crowd one more electric celebration of rock music before sending them on their way. The pounding drums and ferocious roar of the guitars make for a hit that sends the crowd wild.

KISS definitely put on one of the most fantastic, awe-inspiring shows around. With almost three hours of unbelievable stage theatrics, visual effects, costumes and hard-hitting musical masterpieces, it's definitely not a show to be missed.

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