Image: Taylor Swift, Reputation album cover, Unsplash; Raphael Lovaski

After months of dropping cryptic clues, Taylor Swift has announced the name and release date of her seventh album. We look into the fan theories that were correctly predicted. Plus, we reveal everything we know so far about TS7.

Not many artists have played the enigmatic pop star role quite as well as Taylor Swift. The Queen of pop has been dropping hints right, left and centre about her seventh studio album. Since early 2019, Swifties have been scratching their heads trying to decode Tay Tay’s cryptic Instagram posts and enigmatic interview answers for information.

We look into the theories surrounding Taylor’s new album and summarise everything we know so far about ‘Lover’.

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What is Taylor Swift’s new album going to be called?

Taylor knows that Swifties pay immense attention to detail. So when the Grammy award-winning singer dropped the video for ‘ME!’, she made sure it was laced with subliminal clues pointing towards TS7’s title. After admitting this to The Independent, it became apparent that meaning could be found in everything and anything in Taylor’s world.

In the vibrant video for ‘ME!’, the word ‘Lover’ is shown pink neon sign, a clear signal that Taylor’s new album name was confirmed months before the official announcement was made.Eagle-eyed Swifties spotted this, predicting it would be the name of a new single or used on Taylor’s new mech-fans may have been ever-so-slightly off, but we’ll give them points for suggesting it was the name of a single.

When will Taylor Swift’s new album be released?

If you’ve been following Taylor’s Instagram account, you’ll know she posted a ‘rare’ image of palm trees and stars back in February 2019. This led to fans coming up with The Palm Tree Theory-a theory which suggested the number of palm trees in the image related to her seventh album, while the number of stars was a nod to the release date being 26th April.

After confirming the ‘Lover’ release date is in fact, 23rd August, she confessed, “August is the eighth month of the year. 23, 2 + 3, you just add it all together, 8 + 2 + 3 equals... I’m obnoxious.” Unfortunately, fans didn’t anticipate a date adding up to Tay Tay’s favourite number, 13. At 18 tracks, ‘Lover’ will be her longest album yet-there’s another theory behind this, but we will save this for another time.

What will Taylor Swift’s new album sound like?

The Palm Tree Theory fever had fans speculating over ‘Lover’s’ musical style. Some Swifties believe the palm trees are located in the middle of the image to symbolise the crossover between Taylor’s country past and pop present. While this may be one of the weaker theories,we can’t deny that Taylor’s latest musical direction sits firmly in pop.

In a live chat with fans, T-Swizzle revealed the themes behind album seven. “...this album intone is very romantic—and not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something because I think that the idea of being romantic, it doesn’t have to be a happy song. I think you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through conflict or dealing with things in your life. I think it just looks at these things with a very romantic gaze”, she admitted.

Fans worked out TS7 had been in progress since December 2017

Back in 2017, in an Instagram birthday post to Taylor, Selena Gomez included the word ‘ME!’written in the same format as the official single name from ‘Lover’ - spooky coincidence? Probably not. Although Swifties were unaware at the time, one fan cleverly picked up on the clue after the single’s release, and took to Twitter to show off his detective skills.

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