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See how clubs we're officially working with have adapted their stadium facilities to support the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis.

From football to rugby, sports clubs across the UK have been helping key workers in their local communities during in the COVID-19 pandemic. We're proud to be working with some of the biggest clubs in world, who've adapt their stadiums to provide invaluable support to the NHS.

Here's how Premier League and Rugby Union clubs are utilising their facilities to aid health services across Britain.

Man City's Etihad Stadium partners with the NHS

Manchester City FC has partnered with the NHS and Manchester City Council to open a rest, relaxation and exercise centre at the Etihad Stadium for NHS and social care staff. The stadium has also opened its doors for the training for 350+ nurses.    

In addition to this, the club has organised a ‘click and collect’ shopping service to ensure groceries and household supplies are readily available for staff in need.

A drive-through coronavirus testing facility has been set up at the North End of the campus, making good use of one of the club's car parks.

Man City’s Chief Operating Officer, Omar Berrada said: “As a club, we are acutely conscious of the role we can, and should, play in supporting our city, both day to day, and in times of crisis,

It was abundantly clear from the outset of this pandemic that we would be able to help, but we wanted to understand how we could do so most effectively in order to best support our public services, our fans and the wider Manchester community.

“Having consulted, and worked closely, with our friends and partners from across the city for many weeks now, we feel proud to be playing even a small role within a wider community effort that has once again shown Manchester’s strength of spirit, its resilience and togetherness” (via Man City).

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium installs COVID-19 test centre

Tottenham Hotspur have installed drive-through facilities and a COVID-19 testing centre at their home ground.

The club is also helping to alleviate the pressure on the NHS by hosting North Middlesex Hospital Women's Outpatient Services, to prevent the risk of pregnant women catching the virus.

Chelsea FC provide accommodation for NHS staff

In response to the pandemic, Chelsea FC is providing free accommodation at Stamford Bridge's Millennium Hotel for NHS staff. Club owner, Roman Abramaovich, will be covering the costs of health workers staying in the rooms.

The initiative was introduced by Arbamaovich after Chairman Bruce Buck contacted the NHS. It's purpose is to serve medical staff in London who are working long hours or have lengthy commutes. By providing local accommodation, Chelsea FC can help to maintain the welfare of key workers during this critical period.

Principality Stadium opens Dragon's Heart Hospital

Home of Wales Rugby, the Principality Stadium, has built a 2,000-bed field hospital to 'ease pressure on the NHS'. Cardiff's Dragon's Heart Hospital is the largest temporary hospital in Wales, caring for COVID-19 patients.

Patients will be 'treated in large tent-like structures and the hospitality boxes'. Alongside on-site pharmacies, radiography and laboratories, 750 beds have been placed on the pitch.  

Len Richards, chief executive of the health board, said: "I sincerely hope we don't need to use all of the capacity but it is far better to have developed plans based upon the scientific evidence and modelling of the experts.

This facility will allow us to free up capacity at our other hospital sites so that we can continue to provide services to patients with other health conditions." (ITV).

The field hospital was opened by Prince Charles and is the second biggest in the UK, behind London's Nightingale hospital.

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