In 2020, The Ageas Bowl recognised the need to modernise their visitors booking experience and begin the transition to online hospitality sales, aiming to attract new audiences to its premium facilities.

To achieve this ambitious goal, The Ageas Bowl formed a strategic partnership with Seat Unique, the trusted premium ticketing marketplace for live events.

This case study showcases the impressive results of their partnership, which encompassed a remarkable transformation of the fan booking experience and a significant increase in ticket upgrades.

Through their dedication to providing safe, secure, and seamless booking processes, along with their commitment to delivering five-star customer service, The Ageas Bowl and Seat Unique have empowered fans to effortlessly upgrade their matchday experiences.


The Ageas Bowl faced a significant challenge in bringing their hospitality bookings online. Over 80% of their sales were conducted offline and were only available during traditional office hours, thus hindering their ability to cater to fans 24/7 seeking premium experiences at The Ageas Bowl.

The stadium recognised the need to overcome these challenges and improve the fan booking experience. The goal was to simplify the booking process, establish a user-friendly and secure digital platform, and improve access to premium tickets and hospitality packages for fans.

Seat Unique's Solution:

Seat Unique stepped in as The Ageas Bowl's partner, their first in cricket, providing innovative technology to digitally transform the stadium’s booking process.

They developed a robust platform that allowed fans to book premium experiences anytime and anywhere through a 24/7 online platform.

The Seat Unique platform also gives fans the convenience of easily comparing different packages in a side-by-side view, making it easier than ever to find the perfect option for their preferences.

Furthermore, the platform's user-friendly interface allows fans to browse and book tickets seamlessly across various devices. In just four clicks, fans can secure their desired package, streamlining the booking process and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Impressive Results:

The collaboration between Hampshire Cricket and Seat Unique yielded remarkable outcomes. The introduction of the Seat Unique platform saw a 24% increase in upgrades from general admission to premium tickets.

Moreover, since the partnership's inception, 69% of online sales through Seat Unique's platform have originated from new audiences, demonstrating The Ageas Bowl’s ability to attract more fans to premium experiences than ever before.

Seat Unique's accessible platform, which empowers fans to book at their own convenience, and their commitment to delivering five-star customer service, has helped drive both these increases in key business areas for the stadium.


Tom James, Head of Sales and Commercial Partnership at Hampshire Cricket praised the partnership's impact, stating, "Since our 2020 partnership, we've sold more hospitality to more fans than ever before." The collaboration not only helped grow and evolve our business, but also provided valuable insights into fan preferences, as Tom explained, "We've learned more about our fans… we’ve seen what people want to purchase and when, and that’s helped shape our thinking about our future offering."

Future Plans:

Buoyed by the success of the partnership, The Ageas Bowl is now embarking on the planning and development of future hospitality facilities and redevelopments to their existing premium offerings.

Tom states: “As we look to the future, we feel more informed than ever to make sure we are creating premium offerings and facilities that our current and future visitors want.”

“Seat Unique’s technology and first-class approach to fan experiences have allowed us to evolve our offering over time and this will continue to develop in the future.”

The partnership with Seat Unique has played a vital role in providing The Ageas Bowl with the necessary tools and support to enhance the fan’s booking experience and in turn drive audience growth and increased sales across their premium offerings.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, Robin Sherry, CEO and Founder of Seat Unique, said: "We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements resulting from our partnership with The Ageas Bowl.”

“Our partnership has not only brought about remarkable outcomes but has also enabled us to attract a significant number of new fans to the stadium. The ability to engage and captivate a broader audience is a testament to our shared vision.”

“Looking ahead, we are more inspired than ever to continue making premium offerings and facilities at The Ageas Bowl more accessible than ever. Together, we remain committed to providing fans with unparalleled access to unforgettable moments, ensuring that The Ageas Bowl remains a premier destination for those seeking exceptional live event experiences."


Seat Unique's partnership with The Ageas Bowl has proven instrumental in digitally transforming their visitors booking experience.

By leveraging Seat Unique's innovative technology, The Ageas Bowl have successfully transitioned its premium ticketing and hospitality services online, leading to a growth in new audiences and upgrades to premium experiences.

With Seat Unique's assistance, The Ageas Bowl has laid a solid foundation for continued growth and success in the evolving world of premium ticketing. To explore how Seat Unique can benefit your organisation, visit

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