Through our partnership, we have helped Northampton Saints expand their customer reach by attracting new audiences to its premium facilities and optimising their hospitality booking process.

To reach their goal of increasing sales and generating positive growth, Northampton Saints formed a strategic partnership with Seat Unique, the leading provider of premium tickets and experience.

Learn more about how our partnership with Northampton Saints has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to improving customer reach and creating a seamless hospitality booking process.

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Unlocking Potential and Elevating Hospitality

In their pursuit of increasing sales and enhancing the fan experience, Northampton Saints recognised the potential for improvement in their business operations. They saw an opportunity to streamline their hospitality booking service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for fans.

Additionally, they sought to optimise their administrative tasks and hospitality operations to better cater to fans seeking premium experiences at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens at any time of the day. By partnering with Seat Unique, Northampton Saints successfully transformed these areas, driving new business, expanding their audience, and achieving remarkable sales growth.

Seat Unique's Solutions

By utilising our cutting-edge technology, Northampton Saints have digitally transformed their hospitality booking process, attracting new buyers, streamlining operations, saving time and money, and driving substantial revenue growth.

Our innovative platform has revolutionised the booking process, attracting a multitude of new buyers to discover and engage with the premium experiences offered by Northampton Saints. With our user-friendly interface and convenient 24/7 online access, fans can easily explore and book their preferred experience anytime and anywhere.

By implementing the Seat Unique platform, Northampton Saints have experienced substantial time and cost savings. Our robust system streamlines various administrative tasks, eliminating manual processes and reducing overheads associated with traditional ticketing systems. This allows the team to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to fans and allocating resources more efficiently.

The transformation facilitated by our technology has proven to be a game-changer for Northampton Saints' revenue streams. Our platform's intuitive features enable fans to compare and select premium packages seamlessly, leading to increased online conversions.

We also provided Northampton Saints with a streamlined onboarding process. Our exceptional account management, customer service, and 24/7 support were instrumental in guiding and assisting Northampton Saints as they navigated the new platform.

Impressive Results: 68% Growth in New Audience Hospitality Bookings Through the Seat Unique Platform and Enhanced Efficiencies

The accessible Seat Unique platform empowers fans to book at their convenience, while our shared commitment and dedication to delivering five-star customer service has contributed significantly to the growth in key business areas for the club.

Since the beginning of the partnership, 68% of online sales through Seat Unique's platform have originated from new audiences, demonstrating Northampton Saints’ ability to attract more fans to premium experiences than ever before.

Moreover, the streamlined processes implemented have reduced administrative hours and improved overall efficiency in Northampton Saints hospitality operations.

James Wooton, Head of Sales and Events at Northampton Saints said: “We have been extremely impressed with the Seat Unique operation. From onboarding to delivery, it has been a seamless process that has added so many additional benefits to the hospitality arm of the business. The account management and customer service is always exceptional with 24/7 support to guide us through this new platform”.

“Reducing our admin time has allowed the team to work smarter and put an increased focus on account management while planning early for the 2024/25 season. Moreover, Seat Unique's ability to attract and engage new buyers has been instrumental in driving an impressive 68% growth in new audiences booking hospitality."

Robin Sherry, CEO and Founder at Seat Unique said: "We are delighted to celebrate the incredible achievements resulting from our partnership with Northampton Saints."

"Our partnership has not only brought remarkable outcomes but has also enabled us to attract a significant number of new fans to cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens. The ability to engage and captivate a broader audience is a testament to our shared vision."

"Looking ahead, we are more inspired than ever to continue making premium offerings and facilities at Northampton Saints more accessible than ever. Together, we remain committed to providing fans with unparalleled access to unforgettable moments, ensuring that Northampton Saints remains a premier destination for those seeking exceptional live event experiences."


Seat Unique has successfully future-proofed Northampton Saints' premium ticket and hospitality sales by opening doors to new customers and expanding their reach. This partnership has attracted a significant number of fans to premium facilities at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens, evolving the Saints Community through strategic marketing support. We have also provided immediate assistance in reaching an engaged audience with new packages and offers.

Our partnership has yielded significant benefits, including increased revenue generation and streamlined hospitality operations. With ongoing support from Seat Unique, Northampton Saints is well-equipped to further develop and thrive in the future. Our partnership has proven instrumental in digitally transforming the visitors' booking experience, leading to a growth in new audiences and revenue.

By leveraging our innovative technology, Northampton Saints has successfully transformed its premium ticketing and hospitality services. This has laid a solid foundation for continued growth and success in the evolving world of premium ticketing. To explore how Seat Unique can benefit your organisation, visit

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