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Seat Unique works with software development agency, Monterail, to create a new and improved website design for customers and partners.

At Seat Unique, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new redesigned website. The new website features a wealth of visual and technical advancements, including: streamlined customer experience and e-commerce payments, implementation of responsive mobile-first design, development and deployment of white label websites for partners, and a sitewide design refresh.

The brand new design allows us to fully exhibit our website and app services for customers and partners. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of software development agency, Monterail. Since April 2019, we have been working with their team of talented web developers and engineers to create an online marketplace for hospitality and VIP tickets to live events. Together, we have built a platform that addresses the industry’s key issues: lack of fan access to VIP experiences, outdated booking systems, and the inability to purchase hospitality tickets via a 24/7 service.    

Following our initial launch, we have been making continuous improvements to our product, inline with the latest tech and UI/UX trends. Our new website design will make VIP tickets and hospitality packages more accessible than ever, placing more emphasis on improved user experiences for our customers and partners.

How Seat Unique’s website redesign benefits customers


At Seat Unique, it’s our mission to bring fans closer to unforgettable live experiences by making VIP treatment accessible to all. That’s why we’ve built an online marketplace for hospitality tickets and premium packages using battle-tested frameworks. Utilising cutting-edge technology has allowed us to create a robust platform, ensuring quick, efficient and secure online purchasing.

UX/UI development:

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. In August 2019, we devised our website redesign project plan with Monterail. UX/UI development was high on the agenda. We believe that software should be user-friendly and coherent, providing customers with a smooth e-commerce experience. To help us decide the vital UX/UI changes that needed to be made, we carried out user testing and data analysis, which played a massive part helping us improve usability.

One of our biggest challenges was deciding how to display package inclusions and event details on one page, so it’s easier for users to see information all in one place. We achieved this by combining two pages into one. Customers can also compare packages in one window, on our fully responsive mobile-first design.  

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We’re working officially with clubs and venues (rightsholders) to open up fan access to hospitality experiences for the most popular live events. We provide rightsholders with software that allows them to manage their own event ticket inventory. This means all tickets and packages available on our website come directly from clubs and venues. As they have full control over their inventory, ticket and package prices are set by clubs and venues themselves. Therefore, fans can rest assured they’re paying the best possible price and entry to an event is 100% guaranteed.

Through our website, we are able to offer a 24/7 online service, meaning tickets and packages are available to buy any time anywhere (*Currently, some events are ‘contact us’ but this will change in the coming months.) We’ve used special technology to allow our site to continue to perform well at peak times and with high-traffic volumes.

We’ve also improved our touch points throughout, making it easier for customers to contact us should they have any queries. For Seat Unique, building trust is crucial; that’s why we’ve included extra information points on our event pages, reassuring customers that we provide an official, trusted and transparent service.

New website design benefits for clubs and venues

The Seat Unique platform also empowers sports teams, venues and rightsholders by giving them greater flexibility and control over their tickets and live experiences. On our platform, rightsholders can manage their hospitality inventory in one user-friendly interface, all of which can be accessed by fans in real-time, 24 hours a day.  

Our new and innovative white label offering has also been incorporated in our website redesign. We can produce bespoke white label sites for clubs, where they can upload packages in as little as two minutes. When our partners link out to their white label site, customers are just 4 clicks away from purchasing their hospitality tickets.

Image: Seat Unique's redesigned event pages;

“We’re extremely excited and immensely proud to announce the launch of our new website. Many months of hard word and dedication has paid off and I believe our product is now stronger than ever. By refining and enhancing our user experience for customers and partners, we can tackle some of the industry’s key issues head on”, Robin Sherry, CEO & Founder at Seat Unique.  

Monterail has played an integral role in bringing our product to life and market first. We are impressed by the team's efficiency, reliability and commitment to our business project. This has meant we've been able to work together effectively to achieve our goals.

The continued success of our partnership is down to a number of factors, including the quality of work, skill and knowledge Monterail's team of experts have to offer, effective and transparent communication, and their genuine enthusiasm. They have become a part of the Seat Unique team and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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