Discover the best Pink songs that will make you feel powerful, emotional, and inspired. We've got you covered with a comprehensive list of the pop-punk princess’ greatest hits over the last two decades.

Image: Pink press shot; photo by Erbu Yildiz

For more than 20 years, Pink (often stylised as P!nk) has been a dominant figure in the music industry. She's consistently topped the charts since 2000 and her career includes many albums, collaborations, and tours, making her one of today's most influential and inspiring artists.

But what truly sets her apart is the intense emotion she pours into her music, making her songs relatable and empowering for people of all ages and backgrounds.

In this blog post, we'll dive into some of Pink's most powerful, emotional and meaningful songs that are sure to leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We'll also take a closer look at Pink's songwriting history to help you understand how she crafts these impactful tracks.

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Does Pink write her own songs?

With nine studio albums spanning over two decades, Pink, fka Alecia Beth Moore, began her songwriting journey as a teenager in Philadelphia, using lyrics as an outlet to cope with her parents' divorce.

Her introspective early writings, though labelled by her mother as "very black and very deep", caught the attention of L.A. Reid, who signed her to LaFace Records before she turned 18. Even at 44, Pink continues to write, using it as a means of processing her emotions and thoughts, finding an escape in her songwriting.

A defining aspect of Pink's music is its personal touch. Every song stems from her own experiences, giving them an authentic and relatable quality.

In 2015, Pink received the prestigious President's Award for outstanding songwriting achievement at BMI's Pop Awards, a testament to her unique ability to convey truth through her music and create a deep connection with listeners who've shared similar life experiences.

An article on The Hit Formula states that the 3-time Grammy Award winner views songwriting as a necessity, an outlet to express her emotions openly, a philosophy she encapsulates by saying, "I'm an open book. I hide nothing. I'm expressive. I'm honest."

When she collaborates with others, they delve into their most intimate emotions and experiences, creating songs that are often intricate and layered with multiple meanings, resonating deeply with her audience.

A recent Billboard article reflects on a revealing 60-minute interview that aired on 23rd October 2023, in which Pink explained why she’s always been open about her life.

She said. “If I’m a mystery to you, how can I expect you to connect with me? And if I’m a person that’s desperate for connection, then why would mystery be interesting to me? I want to know you. I want you to know me.” Again, this reinforces Pink’s belief in the power of honesty and vulnerability to forge connections with her audience.

Despite having penned many of her own hits, it's easy to overlook Pink's songwriting versatility, as she has also co-written for numerous prominent artists, including Adam Lambert, Cher, Hilary Duff, and T.I, showcasing her adaptability as a songwriter.

Pink's most powerful songs and inspirational lyrics

Pink has written numerous powerful songs over the years, but some stand out as particularly impactful.


One of Pink's most empowering songs is ‘Try’, which explores the story of someone who has faced tough times in a relationship but keeps going.

The lyrics encourage you to be silent and never give up, even when life is hard. The song is about moving on from a breakup and finding the strength to move forward. It inspires you to leave the past behind.

What About Us

'What About Us,' the lead single from Pink’s 7th studio album ‘Beautiful Trauma’. While it's not her first political track, this song has become a global anthem for social justice.

In this poignant song, Pink addresses politicians by questioning those in authority who have failed society. Her commitment to political and social issues is rooted in her background as part of a military family. According to Song Facts, she explained, "I'm very political - I'm from a military family... I believe in equality and just generally not being a total douchebag."

Co-written with Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid, Pink expressed her satisfaction with the song, saying, "The world in general is a really scary place full of beautiful people. Humans are resilient and there's a lot of wonderful – like I said in the song – 'billions of beautiful hearts' and there are bad eggs in every group. And they make it really hard for the rest of us."

The song's message calls for unity and positive action during challenging times, urging listeners to come together and make a difference.

Raise Your Glass

Regarded as a party anthem, this self-empowering and uplifting track was actually written with the underdog in mind. Pink sees it as a celebration for those who often feel like outsiders, a tribute to those who don't quite fit into the popular crowd.

The song's purpose is to inspire those who grapple with fitting in and to deliver a clear message to her fans: It's perfectly fine to be yourself, no matter what. This is an uplifting message that resonated with many, as it marked her 10th top 10 single.

As The Glitter and Gold blog notes, the song's lyrics serve as a celebration for the misfits and a heartfelt tribute to Pink's dedicated fan base. She expressed deep gratitude to the millions of fans who had supported her for more than a decade.

Pink's own words provide insight into the song's message, as she shared, "[Lyric] 'Dirty little freaks' is about celebrating the fact that I might not be skinny enough, beautiful, perfect, thin or fat, or whether my skin’s too dark or not dark enough.” She continued: “Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing cooler than a pair of f*cked up teeth or freckles… I like all the dirty little stuff.”

Pink's Most Meaningful Songs

Not all of Pink's songs are explicitly empowering, but they all carry a message that is deeply resonant with listeners.


‘Perfect’ is all about self-worth and self-acceptance. Its lyrics inspire listeners to embrace their unique qualities rather than conform to societal expectations, reinforcing the idea that everyone deserves love and respect.

Initially, the track was featured on Pink’s 2010 Greatest Hits album, and she had originally begun writing it with her husband, Carey Hart, in mind. However, the song's direction shifted due to the way it resonated with her fans.

The lyrics, including the powerful lines "Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever ever feel like you're nothing, you're f***ing perfect to me," offer a motivational lift to her fans, encouraging them to see past their imperfections and recognise themselves as truly "perfect" in every way.

Pink crafted this song with those battling depression, alienation, and associated challenges like self-harm or eating disorders in mind, aiming to provide them with solace and encouragement.

Beam Me Up

Adding another layer of depth to Pink's repertoire is 'Beam Me Up', a hauntingly beautiful song that delves into the themes of grief and loss.

In an article featured on, author Robert T. Muller explains that Pink wrote this song while reflecting on a friend's experience of losing a child, infusing the lyrics with poignant significance.

The song's message emphasizes the resilience and hope that can endure in the face of tragedy, making it profoundly touching.

In an interview with Spotify, Pink opened up about the song's deeply personal nature, stating that it's about "the loss of a loved one… the loss of a child."

She revealed how emotionally charged the process was, sharing that she shed tears while writing the song, making it one of the most challenging tracks she had ever written for an album.

Dear Mr. President

This emotionally charged song delivers a powerful message. Pink, discussing the song with Vulture magazine, shared that she was initially nervous about playing "Dear Mr. President" for her father, who also had strong opinions. He appreciated her right to express herself, valuing the freedom that soldiers defend.

While not naming names, the song is widely believed to be about President George W. Bush, who was in office at the time of its release in 2006. An analysis by Bartleby Research indicates that the song addresses issues like homelessness, gay rights, and abortion, which President Bush was seen as neglecting. Pink's use of anaphora in the song underscores her urgent protest and the need to emphasize her message.

Pink's Saddest Songs and Most Emotional Lyrics

Pink is well-known for her emotional ballads that can move listeners deeply.

Family Portrait

One of her most heart-wrenching songs is ‘Family Portrait’, which delves into the pain and confusion of growing up in a broken home.

The song's lyrics resonate profoundly with children of divorced parents, making it a touching tribute to families facing similar struggles.

Drawing from her personal experiences, this song holds a deeply personal significance for Pink. The lyrics reveal her own family's dysfunction, rooted in her parents' turbulent relationship and subsequent divorce when she was just nine years old.

She originally wrote the lyrics as a poem at that age, but it wasn't until she was 21 that she released the song, featuring it on her second album, 'Mizzunderstood.'

Pink shared with Vulture Magazine, "It healed me, or a part of me, that might never have been healed. And it created an interesting experience with my family when I played it for them for the first time. There were a lot of tears for many days; it was like picking up the rug and getting the dust out. Really just ripping the band-aid off. For the first time as an adult, it was me talking to my parents about what [our life] was like as a kid. I had to apologize to my stepmom for the line ‘I don’t want a stepbrother anyways.’ It was just a real and painful experience that I’m glad we had."

Who Knew

Pink's collection of melancholic tracks includes ‘Who Knew’, which offers a window into the complex emotions that accompany loss.

Planet Radio unveiled that during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this year, Pink opened up about the song's inspiration. Originally, it was written in memory of friends who tragically succumbed to overdose.

The 'Get The Party Started' singer explained, "I lost several friends, unfortunately, to overdose, and the second one was very, very, very close to me, and I loved him very much", reflecting on her friend Sekou, who passed away when they were teenagers.

She continued, "The thing I love about the song now, after all these years, is that I never get tired of performing it, and it's taken on so many different meanings over the years. It was about my grandmother at one point. It was about my dog. I've lost people, so it's always sort of fresh in my heart."

Pink further expressed, "We need music for that though, I need music to help me through my feelings, and I can numb down really easy."

Pink's music has been a source of inspiration and empowerment for millions of fans around the world.

Her songs encourage listeners to embrace their unique qualities, to stand up for social justice, and to never give up on their dreams.

As we've explored in this blog post, Pink's raw and deeply honest approach to songwriting plays a fundamental role in the power and meaning behind her music, which is why so many people feel a personal connection to her songs.

Whether you're going through a difficult time, or you simply need a reminder of your strength and worth, Pink's music is the perfect antidote. With her powerful, meaningful, and sad songs, there is something for everyone. So take some time to check out Pink's music, and get ready to be inspired.