After 16 years of feuding, rumours are circulating that the Gallagher brothers could be getting the band back together in 2024. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far.

Britpop icons Oasis, took the world by storm in the 90s and 2000s. Their music and attitude captured the spirit of 90s Britain, defining an era of anthemic rock and roll. Their success challenged the dominance of grunge and paved the way for the Britpop movement.

The band are known for their classic Britpop anthems and unique sound, due to the supreme songwriting skills of guitarist and singer, Noel Gallagher, and the pure star power of his brother and lead vocalist, Liam. However, Oasis disbanded in 2009 due to ongoing tensions between the two brothers.

Rumours of a possible Oasis reunion have been circulating for what seems like an age. The band's popularity is arguably as big as ever and fans eagerly anticipate a reunion tour.

In 2024, the rumours have grown exponentially, with hints emerging at a possible return to the stage for one of the biggest band reunions of all time. Although nothing has been officially announced yet, fans are beginning to get their hopes up.

If Oasis were to reunite in 2024, it would be a momentous occasion for fans all over the world. It would be a chance to relive the band's classic hits and experience their electrifying live performances once again.

Keep reading to discover everything we know so far, and stay tuned for updates on a possible Oasis reunion.

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Oasis, the band that defined a generation

Oasis burst onto the scene in 1994 and were destined for greatness straight away with their attitude, charisma and relatability.

The band is known for their anthemic rock songs, inspired by bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Noel Gallagher’s unmatched songwriting prowess and Liam’s iconic raspy voice shot them to global superstardom as one of the most influential bands of their time.

The ‘Supersonic’ singers' popularity peaked in 1996 when they played their legendary performances at Knebworth Park in front of 250,000 people. Over 2 million people applied for tickets, meaning they could have sold out 16 nights at the iconic venue.  

Oasis have won numerous awards throughout their career, including multiple Brit Awards and NME Awards. Their second album, 'What's the Story Morning Glory?', is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time and earned the band numerous accolades.

Despite the band's breakup in 2009, Oasis remains one of the most influential and beloved bands in British rock history, and their music continues to inspire new generations of fans.

Liam & Noel: What have they been up to since the split?

Since the split from Oasis, Liam and Noel have gone on to have successful solo careers, selling over 1.9 million combined albums worldwide.

After the departure of Noel, Liam, along with the remaining Oasis bandmates formed Beady Eye and went on to release two studio albums before parting ways in 2014.

Since then, the ‘As You Were’ singer has gone on to a wildly successful solo career, releasing four critically acclaimed albums and returning to Knebworth Park for two mammoth gigs in front of 160,000 people.

Shortly after exiting Oasis, Noel formed his band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Fast forward to today and the psychedelic rock group have gone on to release four studio albums. Their latest record was ‘Council Skies’, released in 2023.

They will be heading out for several dates this summer, with stops across the UK, and two in Japan and Korea respectively.

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Liam is also soon to be on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ debut album ‘Definitely, Maybe’ this June. The singer has 19 remaining dates this summer, including two festivals and major arena shows across the UK.

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When did Oasis last tour?

Oasis last toured in 2009, when they hit the stage across the globe for their 'Dig Out Your Soul' tour in support of their studio album of the same name.

The highly anticipated tour marked the band's live return after a three-year hiatus and lasted for over six months. They performed at some of the biggest arenas and stadiums around the world including Madison Square Garden in New York, Asia World Arena in Hong Kong, and a massive hometown gig at Heaton Park.

'Dig Out Your Soul' showcased a new direction for the band, with a more experimental sound and the incorporation of electronic and psychedelic elements.

Oasis' live performances on the tour were nothing short of electrifying, with the band delivering high-energy sets featuring classic hits and newer material. However, the tour is mainly known as the tour that ended Oasis.

Why did Oasis split up?

Oasis emphatically split up in 2009 due to ongoing tensions between the Gallagher brothers. The relationship between the two had been strained for years, with both brothers engaging in public feuds and making derogatory remarks about each other in the press.

It all reached boiling point on the 28th of August 2009, when just minutes before they were supposed to walk on stage for their set at the Rock-en-Seine Festival, a fight broke out backstage between Liam and Noel. Shortly after, their manager took to the stage to announce that Oasis had split.

The rest of the tour was cancelled with immediate effect, with Noel stating: “It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer” on the band's website.

Since the breakup, the brothers have been engaged in a public feud, continuously attacking one another in the press and on social media. Fans have been eagerly hoping that the two brothers could reconcile and get the band back together, and finally, it looks like it could be happening.

Oasis reunion news - the latest

Despite Noel naming his brother Liam as the main reason for the band's breakup, the former frontman has never wavered in his desire to bring Oasis back to the stage.

At the Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ premiere, Liam told Sky News, “If it happens tomorrow, I’m ready....If it happens in a year, I’m still ready, if it happens in ten years, I’m still ready.”

Speaking at the 2016 event, Gallagher went on to reiterate that he was more than ready for an Oasis reunion, stating his “bags [were] packed” if Noel ever agreed.

The band's lead vocalist has hinted at a possible reunion on several occasions over the years, but older brother Noel has wanted no part in it. That is, it seems, up until now.

As the 30th anniversary of 'Definitely, Maybe' approaches this August, and next year will be 'What's the Story Morning Glory' 's 30th as well, there seem to have been hints dropped on social media that a reunion is coming.

On the 20th of May 2024, the band's official social media accounts posted a cryptic video of a house in the countryside, that fans have recognised as the studio where they filmed their first album. On the 21st of May, they posted a video of a flickering screen with the band’s logo on it.

These may be small clues to go off, but they are more than fans have had in years and people are getting excited that this might be the time they have been waiting for.

Oasis at Knebworth, August 1966

According to various reports last year, Oasis were set to reunite in June 2025. They reported that the Gallagher brothers were preparing for a string of headline dates at the renowned Knebworth House estate in England. With these new posts, it could be more indication that the reunion is coming!

Oasis at Slane Castle, July 1995

Will there be an Oasis reunion in 2024?

Over the last 16 years, Liam has made it clear that he is open to getting back together with his brother and former bandmates for a blockbuster Oasis reunion. The ball has always been in Noel’s court, and time and time again he has refused to even entertain the possibility.

However, it seems that his opinion slightly changed last year, which sent fans of the band into meltdown as they geared up for the distinct possibility that the ‘Wonderwall’ singers could make their triumphant return.

Everything started to heat up at the end of March when in an interview with France Inter, Noel stated, “He's got my number, he's got my manager's number, call us!" in response to being asked about brother Liam’s tweet about an Oasis reunion.

Things went quiet for a while, and in March 2024 during an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Liam once again denied that the brothers had spoken in recent times and any reunion rumours.

However, based on the social media storm the band created with those posts this May, there is clearly something brewing. With the two both being avid Manchester City supporters, perhaps the Sky Blue’s Premier League title win this season sweetened relations enough for them to sit down and speak again.

A focal point of the bitter feud between the two was the disdain between Noel’s ex-wife, Sara MacDonald and Liam. With the two now divorced, the door between the two brothers could have opened.

How to be at the Oasis 2024 reunion tour

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